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Full text of "Josselyn [family ... : the English ancestry of John Josselyn, the traveller and author of "New-Englands rarities discovered" ... of his brother, Henry Josselyn ... and of their distant kinsman, Thomas Josselyn ... followed by a pedigree ... ]"

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3 1833 01370 7853 


Elizabeth French 

Extract from 
the New England historical 
and genealogical register, 
v,71 , . 

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I'i »v 


Genealogical Research in England 

10 - 

b. 23 Oct. 1S20; d. 22 Feb. 1825. 2. Julm Ann, b. 14 Sept. I'-'i-i.; 
d. G Apr. 18G2; w. 2S Oct. 1S14 John Hmo, b. 23 Feb. 1S17, d. 
1 Aug. 1855. 3. Williaja Awjiislus, b. 5 Apr, 1S25. 

8. David^ Morris {George^- ? Richard^), born 5 Feb. 17Gi, dioJ 
8 ]\Iar. ISIO. He married Mary I'Arthelme, boru 2.-) Oct. 
17GG, died 15 Juno 1853, daughter of Claude, nnd Su?.an 
(Plumb),. He was a sea captain of Derby. 

i. Kd.sick/ b. 17 .Jun^c 1787; m. Abram IIavv'ley. 

ii. Ke-l^., b. 8 Feb. 1790: d. 31 Dec. 1874. 

iii. B-i,.\ D., b. 4 Mar. 1792; d. 10 Oct. ISIS; la. Julja Thomv-^on'. 

iv. Su8.\x. b. 25 J,va. 1795; d. 20 Mar. 1S79; m. in Av4!:. l<".Ji; GroKOE 

Lines of Woodbridae, b. abt. 1702, d. IG May 1852. 
V. Lou:sA, b. 23 Feb. 1797; d. 1 Feb. 183 4. 
vi. Sar.\h, \\ 2S July 1799; d. 9 Sept. 1S04. 
vii. Sak.-ih, b. 2 Aug. ]S00; ra. Gkokge Bkonso!'T. 
viii. Mary Etta, b G June 1801; in. Jeukmiae TiiOm-iS. 
ix. KiTTA ^Vn.v, b. 4 iMav 1803; m. 12 July 1829 Bu'kaiu) J^v^ater. 
X. John Puj.mb, b. 8 Oct. ISOG; d. 20 Sept. 1S07. 

in. iVN' Unplaced P'amily 

"William ]Moepjs of 0::ford v,-as possibly a son of Geor:^-?. Mc-rri? of 
the Milford fainily (5). In 1795 he "svas chosen as guardi.^n by 
Lcvereit Lines of O.^ford, mother is said by dcscend".uts to 
have been i\nna ]Morris. He inarried first, 23 I\Iar. 1792. EltzaeKxH 
Thomas, born about 1772, died in ISO:?, daughter of Ileuben a:td 
Pvhoda, (Clinton); and secondly A.melia ThOiNLvs, boni about 1771, 
died in IS.'jo, sister of his firsr wife. \ 
Children by first Vvdfe: \ 

i. Maria, m. ■ Ransom. \ 

ii. L\.MAK, hapt. 14 Oct. 1794. 

iii. Bx:ts"rv, bapt. 1 Apr. 1707; ni. Ai.ux*.. 

iv. "\YILIJL\^f, of New Haven, b. 6 Mnr. 1799; m. . He hr-.d isii-e. 

V. Sheldon, b. S Apr. ISOl. 

vi. Ei.TiOTT, b. 9 Apr. 1803. 

vii. Ja.~o.v, of Npu' H.sven, b. 3 Alay 1505; d. s.p. 2S Mai. ISiO; ra. 


viii. ADEONi:, b, 9 Oct. ISOG; rn. — Dov.*^■s. 

('hi id by secoJid wife: 
Lv. Amelia Lucrktli, bapt. G Jan. 1S12. 


Contnhutod by M'33 Eliz.vbeth Fp.ench, and comniunicatcJ by tha Co7Ti:n"!:.t?e oa 

Lhglish" Research 

(Coiitimied from vol. 70, prge 3401 

TiiF. foilov.-ing records establish the En<j;lish r-nrestry of John 
•'c'-'^-ylvJi.. 'he well-known traveller and author of "'Xew-Englands 
K.'i'itio- Discovered" and "Au Accoiuit of Two Voyages to Xesv- 
Vu.'.. Lr_>;x. 2 

20 Genealogical Research in England [Jjin. 

England," of his brother, Henry Josselyii, Deputy-Governor of "Maiue 
under the Gorges Patent, and of tlieir distant kinsman, Tiiomas 
Josj-elyn of Plingliam and Lancaster, Ma«s. From tliis Thomas .losse- 
lyn probably all of the surname in America dejive their descen.t. The 
records will be followed by a pedigree exhibiting in genealogical form 
the facts which they disclose. 

The Will of John Josselyn of Hi^ih Rodyng. co. Essex, Esq.. 1 AiL^iii^t 
1524. Mj' manor f;\na once called D;uycs and now Xc.vhail Jo.-:sf-ly]i in 
High Roding. A tenement called Bacon's. TenemciUs in Cunfield and 
jMuch Dumiiowe called ^MajTs and Sanders. Land called Bradbucliopos in 
Ay thorp l-Jodyng held of the Kai 1 of E.-sex as of his manor of A}-thoi-p Rodyn;^. 
Land called Churc]ifhoj)e in Aythorjjc Rodyng. Manor of Pierre--, in I'yllirg- 
ham. iVfanors of Shyngilhalle alias Olives and Mcdiing in Great Dnnmowo. 
Lands in liatficld called I'hilpotts and Robcrds. An annuity out of land; i^i. 
Little Canficld called Hodyngs. Lands in Shcllowe Bowo'ls. Lands in 
Great L)unmowe called Vrallrams. Manors of Keers and Highu.s in co. 
Essex. ALmor of Midehall, co. Herts. !\!essuage and lands called Fit;^ 
Johns in !Moch Waltham and \Yr:ght=; in Lit ell JIalyngbury. ?.fy lease for 
nineteen years of the manor of Much Canficld. My lands to n.y heirs maio. 
and the heirs mrfle of tlieir bodies la Aiully begotten, arid for lack of svich to 
my brother RautTe Josselyn's heh-s male and the heirs mule of their booi;,-.^ 
lawfully be:^otten, and for lack of such to niy cousin Rauffe Jossclyn, son of 
Joli:i Josselyn kite of Shoryug, and the luirs n^ale of liis body lav/fully be- 
gotten, and for lack of such to his brother ]-hilip and the heLfs jnalc of his body 
la%sfuily begotten, and for lack of such, to Gefb'y, brother of the said RautTe. 
and Pliilip, and the heirs njale of his body lav^iully begotten, and for l:^ob of 
such to my right heirs. Plhllip my now \T.ife. Ceceli.a nvy late wife. Tue 
lattcr's fonner marriage to Johi), son of John Fitzherbert. My son Thomas, 
under twenty-four. Ilis marriage to Dorothy Gale, daughter of Gefiry Gat;. , 
Knight, and an indenture regarding the dated 18 June, IC Heejy YjH 
[1524]. My daughter Anne unmarried. My daug};tcr Jane and her hus- 
band. After my wife's death obits are to be said for the repose of the sotiis 
of n)y.self, nry wives, Ceceha and Phihp, my children, luy father and mother, 
Thcmas Biadhury, George Bradbury, Robert luizherbt-rf. and Fli.oabcth his 
vrifc, Thomas Raii\e, aiid all Chiistian souls. Brother-iri-law Thomas Brad- 
bury, late citizen and alderman of London. Isly cousins George Jossclye, 
Gabriel Josselyn, and John Josselyn. Provision is made for George. Jossely.;- 
until ho have a benehce. Sir Roger '\Ventworth, Kt., John, his son. and 
his wife Anne, my cousin. Proved 13 February 1.525 [l.o25/t3]. (P. C. C., 
Porch, 3.) 

The "Will of Raui fe Josselyn of ^.loche Canfeld [co. Essex], the last day 
of May ] 525. To be buried in the churcii of St. Saviour of Canfeild. To the 
motiior church of St. Paule in IvOndoa 12d. To the high altar of the church 
of Canfeld. for my tytlses forgot, a "bl:;k howyd cow."' My wife at her 
leisiu-e to deliver a bullock to keep a light before [the image of] St. Nicholas. 
To e"ery one of my godchildren 4d. To the reparation of the cliurch of 
Canfeild 40s. To my wife Elizabeth all my lands both frceiiold and copy- 
hold, by hcence of the loid [of the mamor], for life; and at her decease my 
fref^hold land to Philyppe my son, with the tenement cailc-l Caldres and 
Coknicmys; and if he die without heirs of his body lawfully begotten, then 
the freehold lajid and trneraeuts to R^mlfe my son; and if h'j diu without heirs 
of hi< body lawfully- br^ntti^n, then to my son Nicholas; ar;d if he die wii.hcut 
heirs of his body lawfully bf^otten, then to luy two daughters Agnes and 
Deny,«e and to their heirs, and for lack of such to the next of my blood. To 

1917] ,. Genealogical Research in England 2J 

my son Rauffe, his heirs and a.^signs, my tenement in Canfeild called "loue- 
doDP." To my sons Philyppe isnd Rauffe £3. Cs. 8d. apiece. To my sou 
Nicholas £3. Gs. 8d. at the age of twentj'-onc years. To my dau?:hter JJenys 
£G. i3s. 4d. at marria<:i;e. To the chinch of Canfeild three beasts to keep a 
yearly obit for my soul, my friends' souLs, and ail Clu'istian souls. Isly wife 
shall pay some honest priest to say {"ixc massc'.-; for my soul. E>:ocnlor,3: 
Klizabctli iTossoIyn iny wife, Philippe Jossclyu and Gcffery JosKclyn my 
broth-.Ts, and John AVysman my sou-iii-law, Su])ervisor: Miistev Thr)m:is 
West. Witnesses: Symond May, Robert Clarke of Wallcs, and John How. 
[No record of probate.] (Commissary Court of London for Essex and Herts 
(Somerset House], 1525, original will.) 

The Will of Philip Josselyn of High Rodyng, co. Essex, -uidow, 15 Octol)cr 
1530. To be buried in the Priory of Kings Hatfeild, in the Chapel of Our 
Blessed Lady, near my late liusbaiid Johu Josselyn. To tlie high altar of tlie 
parish church of High Rodyug, for my tythes and offerings negligently with- 
held, 20s. My executors to spend £10 on my funeral. Tliree trentalls of 
masses to be said for my soul ui the Chapel of Our Blessed Lady in the Priory 
of Kings Hatfield. To a priest to sing at the Priory in the said Chapel for my 
soul and my friends" souls for tvv'elve moutiis 14s. To the reparation of the 
said Priory £10. To the reparation of the parish church of High P.odyng 20s. 
To my daughter Annes tvro gilt salts with di'ops vrith covers, a great gilc 
standing cu]> chased with a cover, my little "hye" pot garnished with silver, 
all gilt, a silver and gilt ])ax, a silver lioly-water stoap, the silver sprinkle to 
the sanie belonging, aud my great silver and gilt iv^-e pot, and also certain 
linen [specified]. To my [torr-] Wentworth my silver candlestick;-, two silver 
cruets, and a silver bell. To Mary Josselyn a gilt cup with a cover aod cer- 
tain linen [specified]. To my son Th.omas Josselyn a gilt cup with a cover, 
my silver basin aud ewer, two great pots of silver, parcel gilt, a table clo^b. 
of mine own spinning, beiiig draught work, and other hnen [specified], velvet 
bed, a damask hanging, sixteen Idiie, a bnil, and all my corn. To 
PetcT-, Henr\', and Clare Wentworth, children of my soti Wentworth, three 
silver goblets ^nth covers. To Jolui, Richard, and Thomas Josselyn three 
silver goblets, parcel gilt, with, covers. To my brother Henry Bradburye of 
I-ondon 100s. To Leonard Josselyn m}' ton of silver, aU gilt. To my dau;',)i- 
ter Anne my best kirtle of black damask, a black clotii gOTvT^ furi-ed with 
shanks not yet made, and household goods [specified]. To my daughter 
Johanne Wentworth my best black chamblet gov.m. To my dacigh'.er-U:-law 
Dcrotliy Joss^dyn another black chamblet gov.a trimmed with black v-.-lvet 
and a bl'.ck satin kirtle. To my cousin EHza.jeth, late the wife of Ralph 
\ Josselyn, a black cloth gown furred with calaber and purRed uitb mink. To 

I my cousin i^nnes, the wife of Johu Wyseraan, my biacic chamblet gown 

\ f'jrred with gray. To Lady Gate a black worsted Idrtlo and a bla-k gown. 

I AV'h'.reas I liold +o farm of the Priory of Hatfeild the lythes of an endward in 

t Hatfeild called l->rounhoc end for divers years yet to come, I give the said tenn 

1 to Thomas Wyseman. To Thomas Hawkyns of ZVluch Canfeild Gs. Sd. To 

I every, of my servants 6s. 8d. The rest of my najjcry to be divided between 

[ my Thomas, Arme, and my daughter Wentworth. To WiUiani 

^ Rrad'jviry the younger, son to n\y cousin William the elder, £10, to find lam 

f towards his learning. To my couain Humfrey Fitzherbert and his wife a 

j black gov\-n each. To the nuller 4v1s. that he owetli me. Executor^ and 

I )'V,^''^^ary^ legatees: my son-in-law Nicholas Wentworth, Esq., my own sou 

I Ijion.a-s Jojjselyn, and John Wyseman, to each of whom I give 40^., they to 

i d!>iHb(, of the residue of my estate for the hf^alth of my soul. \^'itncsses: 

I >ir Iliigli Knokstul.b, priest, and Sir RautTe Wat'.son, jiriest. [No record of 

I ]irtiL.iT.-.j (Commissary Court of London for Essex and Herts [Somerset 

I Huiis j, 1.-j30, origiiud v.ili.) 

22 ''■ ' Genealogical Research in England [Jan. 

The ^\'ill of SiK Thomas Josselyn of Newehale Jossclyn, co. Es.-ex, knight, 
1 October loGl. To be buried hi the chnncel of the parish church of Sa- 
bridgAvorth, co. Herts. To Darac Dorothc Jodcelyn, my wife, all jewels 
belonging to her or myself, all plate, household goods of linen or woolf i*. nt 
my numor hou-^e of Xev, halle Joscelyn, all cattle, and all corn both gathered 
and giov/ing on my lands, she causing me to be wor.'^hipfidly buried ^r.d 
l^a^nng my funeral cxi^eiL^GS. John Gybbe, Thomas Perry, and John Ingolde 
arc my feoilccs of my manor of Highe riOthnij-';c and all my other lands in 
High iloothinge, Eythorpo Rothing, Kings Hatfeldc, and Carifeld, or t!,-e- 
whcre in Essex, as by deed made at Uighe Eothing 30 September loGl. My 
will is that they shall be scLscd of the Hianor from mv decease, to the use of 
my said 'u'iie Dame Dorothe Josselyn and my son John Jossclyn for their 
lives, on condition that they pay all my debts and legacies, and afier the 
decease of my said wue and son John, then to the use of the heirs male of the 
bod}- of niy son liichard Jossclj'n, and for lack of suoli issue to the use of my 
son Thomas Josselyn and tlie hens male of his body, and for lack of such 
issue to the use of my said son John JossckN'n and the heirs m.ale of liis body, 
and for lack of such to the use of my son Henry Josselyn and the heirs male of 
his body, and lor lack of such to the use of my sou Edwarde Josseb.Ti and the 
lieirs male of his body, and for lack of such to the use of my right heirs. To 
my said son Edward the custody, vrardship, and marriage of Mar}- Lambe, 
which I bought of ^^'illiam Gcrrard, Esq., to "wliich marriage if it fortmic the 
said Edward not to be preferred, then he shall jiavc 20 marks a year for life. 
To my son Richard Josselyn all my biOusehold stuff at Hide Hall, co. Herts. 
To iny wife my lease of the tythc of Brounso End with the profits, she j^aying 
to the lord the rent and performing the covenants as speciGcd in on indentme. 
If she die before the lease be expired, reversion to my son Thomas JosselvT, 
on condiiion that, if he die without male heirs, he lo:ive the same to my son 
Eicljard. To Jane Kelton, my daughter, now wife of Richard Kelton, gent., 
£100, to bo paid out of the lands before mentioned, so that the said Richard 
Kelton be assisting to m.y son Henry Jossel}'n and obedient in all tilings 
i-easonabic to my wife after my decease. To John Weiitworth, kn'.ght, and 
to my hidy liis v.'ife, to each a gold ring of the value of 4 marks. To m.}" son 
Glascott and my cousin Matliew Bradbmy a gold ring of the value of 2Gs. 8d. 
and a black govai to each. To Dame Jane ^Ventv^ort.h, my sister, a ^-lold 
ring of the value of 40s. and a black gown. To the poor of, and to the 
marriages of poor maidens in, Sabridgewortli and Hatfeide Brodoke lOs. 
p- pri-jsli. To the san":e in Shcring and Aytliorpo Rouing 20s. a parish. I'o 
eve 3^ one of my yeomen servants daily in my household his whole years 
wages and a black coat, and to every yeon^an servant not daily waiting 20s. 
and a black coat. To every servant of husbandly ISs. 4d. and a black coat. 
To each inaid servant 10.-. apiece ai^d a black gown, and to Joyce. V\'asket 
2'js. and a black gown. To ray son Henry Josscl}'n and Amie, his wife, 40 
mark.^. My v.'ife shall buy against my burial all the black cloth afore given 
and also cloth, for all my clulchx-n, their wives, and children. Executors: rny 
wife Dame Dorothie Josselyn and my son Jolui Josscbn. Suner\isors: my 
friends George Hadiey, fsciuire, and Roger Trigge, gentleman, and to thera 
for tlicir pains £G. los. 4d. and a black gown to each. To "yonge Erie" 40s. 
To Richard Estegate, my boy, £5. To Richard Luca^s £0. los. 4d. and a 
black guwn. Witnesses: John Spryttu, Richard Ciioppin, Robert Vv'asket, 
Jobji Gyl'b, and Roger Triage. Proved IS October 150 i by Darno Dorothie 
Josselyn. (P. C. C., Stevenson, 2S.) 

The \\i\\ of Symo.vd Josslyx of Felstod. -co. E>se-;. y/oman. 1.' M;!rr-h 
1577 [[•377/6!. To be liuried in the church or c!ii:r<hy;irvl (;f iVlsK'd. To 
?.Iarg.:n:tr, mv wife, and Ralfc Josshiin. my son, ah tuo.>e my lands, tene- 
nioTits, leaves, meadows, pa.-.tures, and grounds which I hold t)y copy of court 

11017] Genealogical Research in England 23 

f roll 01 the nip.nor of I'elstod, during my Vvif.-''s widowliood, and from the d;^- 

f cf the remarriage or decease of my said wife \vliolly to remain to ."ly S'>i'. 

i Puitfc Josslyn and his heirs. If my wife remarry, my son Kaffo Fhall i)ay 

\ to her or lier assigns £G. ]3s. 4d., and if ho refuse to pay such sum to his 

I mother, then she shall enjoy one half of the said copyhold lands during hjr 

life. To my son ]\affe Jo-slVu and to the heirs of his body IwvfuU}' begoti.on 
ail my lands, meadows, and pastures lying in Booking, on condition thnt ho 
5 pay to my son Joiui Josslyn £100 vrithin three years after my docoas'o, and 

' for default of such i>ayment or if my son Raffe die without is-ue, said lands 

in Bocking to my son Jolm Josslyn and his heirs for ever. To iriA' son llaffe 
all my lands, meadows, and pastures in RaAiie, to him atid the heirs ex his 
body lav.-fuLly begotten. To m.y son Jellryc Josslyn £."]0 withiii one year 
after my deccavSe. To my daughter Joanc Josslyn £30 at the ago of t\7ei;ty 
years or da}- of mari'iage. Residiiar}- legatees and executors: my Tnfe Mar- 
garett and my son Rati Josslyn. Witnesses: Anthonye J lyde, Jolm J3elci;.am, 
and John Sp'has'ke [Sparhawke]. Proved 3 February 1.578 [J 578/91 by ihe 
executors nau'cd in the will (CommLssary Court of Londo;i for Essex and 
Herts [Somerset House], 1578, original will.) 

The V>'iU of DoRATm:Y Jossf.lyn of Highe Roodmge, co. Essex, widow, 

late v,-ife of Sir Thomas Josselyn, Knight, deceased, [dated] 157V). To be 

buried in Sabbesfordo* cliurch next to my husl^and. To the s£jid chui'ch 

6s. Sd. To the church of High Roodingc 40s. To the poor of Higiie Rood- 

; inge 20s., to be distributed at luy burial. One quarter of wheat to be i>aked 

and g;vei3 to the poor of Highe Roodinge and E;,i:hrope Rcodinge by the 

- churchv.'iirdens of said parislics. To the surveyore of highwtiys and bridges 

of Hi. 'he Roc dirge 20s. To the poor of Hadfeld lirodock 10s. To each of 

; m>- sous and to n:iy datighter Jane Kelton u gold ring of the value of 20s. To 

\ Humphrey Josselji), son to Hemy Josselyn, Esq., £G. 13s. 4d. at the ajjj of 

I twenty-one years. To Richard Lucas, my servant, £6 and alt debts ■ond 

J bills duo to iiim by me. To Jolmi Casse, my servant, a bullock. To my 

I othf r servants their full vrages. and 20s. each to chose with me at my death. 

[ Executor, my brother Heiarie Gate of Seamer, co. York. To my son Edward 

[ Josselyn half my goods. To his daughter Mary Josseb/ii £20 at the age of 

I eighteen years. Su.pervisor: Sir Wilham Cordc.'ll, to v/hom .1 give a gold iing 

\ of the value of 20s. \yitncsse3: Richard I^ucas, Jolm Pirkering, and Hu^he 

I Glave. Proved U Februarj' 1582 [15^2/3j bv Sir Heni-v Gate, the exec.itor 

j named in the will. (P. C. C., Rowe, 10.) 

I The Vv'ili of HEyi^Y Josci:lin of ToiTells Hall, co. Essex, Jvsq., IS August 

i 1587. To my ;.'Ons Fraunces, Hemy, Anthony, and Christopher Jos.-'ciin 

» £300 each at the ago of tueiity-oue years. To my d.angftiers Grace, Vv'ini- 

\ f red, Amie, Elizabeth, and .Katheriu JosceUn £300 each at the age of tv.-eaty- 
I one years or day of marriage. To my bayley Jeffery Tanner 40s. To my 

» b^i^ier Thomas Dennis 20s. I'o Arthtu- and Anne Harris, cliildren of my 

I d'JUght'T ^^i.^arlo. £40 each at the age of twenty-one years. To my servant 

I Rotiert CuUm 20 marks, and I desire m}' wife to grant to liun my windmill at 

I Thurrockes for twenty-ono years, he paying £3 yearly and m.aking r^:pairs, 
' having timber dchvered to him at Brentwood. INIy bayley Gregone Smithe 

i to h.ave his dwelling tit the manor hou:5e of Thurrocks and pastur-" for bix kine 
ar,d twenty s'.eep in the grounds thereof for twenty-one years. To my son 
Thomas Josselin, toward his maintenance, t'ne lease to my brother of the 
manor ox Slade and the rent ro.ien/ed. 1 desire my wife after m.y decease to 
a^su^e all her lands after l\i r decease to my son Joscchn and his heu-s 
? M :U'. f,;>- v.-o.rit of .-uch to my son Henry Joscelin and his heirs jnale, and 
J for •/.•:;:•,- .,f >;ieh to my s(ki /in' iiony .lu-ctliu ar.d his heirs male, and for want 

I ATi L^iio.cut name for .?a\vbvid::.'"woi<b, co. Herts. 

24 Genealogical Research in England [Jan. 

of sucli to my son Christojihor Joscelin nnd liio heirs male. ExccutrLv: my 
wife. Proved 25 January loS7 [15S7/8] by Anne Joscelin, relict, and executrLx 
named in the will. (P. C C, Rutland, 5.) 

Administration on the goods of Anne Josset^yn, -widow, of \'/illin'gale 
Dooc, CO. Essex, was granted 23 April 1591 to Thomas Jossch-n, her t',on. 
(P. C. C, Administration Act Book, 1591, fo. 172.) 

Adni'ni.^lration on tlie pxoods of Hf.nry Jossklyn l-..te of Torrcll.s Hall in 
the Parit-:h of Williugale Doe, et^quirc, left unadmiiiistered by the v/idcv Anne, 
his executrix, was granted 30 April 1591 to his son Thomas. (P. C. C, 
Administration Act Book, 1591, fo. 173.) 

The Will of Jhox Joslin of Pvcvenalt^ [Rivcnhall], co. Essex, husbandman, 
7 Feliruary, 39 Elizabeth [159G/7]. To the pc,.or of KevvynUalle 10s. ^Miere- 
as Jlioa Josheliae, my fatlicr, by his last will" gave rao £100, to be paid mc 
within four \'ears after my mother's decease out of one messuage called 
boiling haychc, and the amiual rent of £3. Gs. Sd. daring said time, my will is 
that my faithful and well beloved brother Tiiomas Jo.sline of i'ochforde, co. 
Essex, shall take the said £100 and the said annual rent, to the vise and behoof 
of Jhon Joslein, my son, the said Thomas entering into a bond to Thomas Cave, 
my f;;f }icr-in-lav, ct JNJ'arie Joslin, my wife, to pay the same vrhen m^'son Jhon. 
shall arri\ e at the age of t wenty- one. If !io die before that time, reversion t o ni.y 
daughter IMarye Josliin at tlie age of twcr'ty or da.y of marriage; and if she dia 
before said times, reversion to my ^^■i^c Mary. To niy daiigliter Mary £20 at 
age of t\>'enty or day of marriage; and if slie die before said tinies. reversion to 
my SOP. Jhon JiV'rlin at the ago of twenty-one. I make my v.ife j\Iar\"e JosUn 
my executrix and give her the residue of my goods for the better bringing U[) 
of my cliildren. Witnesses: Thomas A.ltile, Thomas Gvee, Jhon Lrittel- 
berj-e, and Jhon Hvte. Proved 17 March 159G [1596/7]. (Commissary 
Com't of London for Essex and Herts [Somerset House], 159G, original -will.) 

The Will of John of Mountnessinge, co. E^sex,, 21 April- 
1602. To jny son John Jo.^hmne, th.e elder of that name, £100 which is in the 
hands of my brother Ksife Joslynne of Koxwell, to be paid at the. age of 
tv.-enly-on" 3'eart and to lemain for six years in the hands of my said brother 
Rafc, he entering into a bond of £300 to John Brathwaite of Eitie Bas*f.r-do 
and John Dod of Chehnsford to pay th.e said sum at the said time and £G a 
year for the use of the same, tu be paid to the said John Brathwaite and John 
Doc, v.hicli said sum sh.all be paid by tiicm at the end of the said sLx years to 
my daughter Joajie Joslynne, and if she die before her legacy bo due, revrrsiou 
to my executor. To my son Jolm Josslynne the younger £100 at the age of 
tv/eniy-OQC years, to be made up as follows: £10 in the hands of my brociier 
Rrie Joslyiuie of Ro.vweil. £20 in the hands of John Peisevell of RoKweli, £22 
ii. tie hiijds cf Thomas Bright of Rettingdon (as appears by a bond in the 
hands of John Boulton of r^iounthcs.-mg), and £C of th.e £10 my landlady, 
Mistress Traughton, owes me. The said legacy is to be paid to John Dod of 
Cliolmsfford, v, ho ?hall bring up, mainlairi, aiid educate my son for tho 
use of the said £100, ho entering into a bond of £200 to my brother Thomas 
Josslj'un of Rochford for the payment of the said sum. If either of my son.i 
John the older or Jolm the younger die before the age of t\\enty-oiic yeai-s, 
revcrsiot,. to the survivor, and if both die, reversion to so many of the rest of 
my children as shall be then living, equally divided. To my daughter Marie 
£1*^0, of v.hich £00 shall be paid wiiliin one year after my decease and £40 
v.'ithin two years after niy decease, a featherbed, bolster and covering, tv,-o 

* Thi.j ■^•ill is no longer to bo foiiii<], as tlio oxt.tnr, {•'"•onl- if tin" I'l'-nhir ("■-r;rt of 
Writ;'.c wi»h lloxwi'll, w.'iicli are kept :i!. S')i..'.isot Ihi:i>o, Lm.-i.J ■;:. 'j:,n li.c.-k Oiily a.s fur 
it.-< It.) is. 

1917] Genealogical Research in England 


gowns, a box, and a table. To my son John the younger two Dairs of flaxmi 
sheets. The rest of my linen and my pewter shall be equally divided among 
m}' son John the elder and my daugiiters Mary and Joanc, !Mary to hwVO the 
first choice. My hutehc.3 to be equally dividr'rl amonu; ;i)l my children. To 
John Braithwaitf^ of L.Ule Bursteede £4 of the £10 which Alistrcss Trauf^liton 
owes mc. To my godson Thomas Clarke a colt avid a lamb. To my man 
Richard a colt. My daughter Mfuie to be ^'overncd in the choice of her 
marrlac^e by my brothers Thomas and Rafe Joslymi, and if she will not be 
ruled by tliem, th'--n she shall have but £00. Residuary legatee and cxeovitor: 
my son Ifenrie Josslynue. Overseers: my brother Thomas Josslynn of Hi ch- 
ford and John Bratliwaite of litle Bursteede. I entreat my brcthc!- >Siruon 
Joslynn to be assisting to my son Jlcnrie Joslj'nn in husbanding of this my 
farm (wheiein I now dwell) three or four years after my death. Wiincssi^s: 
[ Richard ]ia\iie Ins mark and John Bratliwaite. Administration v/as i!;rantcd 
I 8 June 1602 tc Thomas Joslynn, uncle on the father's side of John Josslyn.u, a 
I minor and executor, during the mh\ority of the latter.* (Archdeaconry of 
I ICssex [Somerset House], Register Steplsen, fo. 350.) 

I The Will of John' Jocjilyne of the parish of Ilighe Rodinge, co. Essex, 

! Escjuier, 1 9 July 1G02. "I doe first of all thanlce god who ha\duo;e compas- ion 

on liie v.hom he created & placed in this worlde hath made me- to iyve the 

most p'te of my hfe in the hght of the gospell bc>rnc aboute the cnde of tlio yere 

of the lorde 3529 when I was drowned accordingc to that my fir^fc bringingo 

vp in most deepo darknes of sup'sticion and Idolatry beingv^ taught to piay 

to roods stccks & stones only in the latyn tonge aswell publicliel}' as pry- 

va!cly v/hereof I vnderstoode no worde, and this v>as then the coaion vsage 

of eu'y mau & woman in those dales but praised be god that hathe made the 

gospx^ll so to sprede it self fnrrc & ncre eu'y where iii the lande for thies fiftie 

j-cres from his first bcgj'nnynge (except fyve suf>'sticioas yercs of Queenc 

^Maries reigne) that ther is none w<='' hath lyved wti'iri this tyme but might 

liave i)leniiful]y haide thereof." To be buried in the chancel of High Roduig 

j church before the church, where I was wont to sit, arid v\dth a stone laid over 

I me. To "Queenes CoUedge iu Cambridge where in the yere of the lorde 1549 

I I was i^ade feliowe of the howse by Docto^" Cramner late Arclicbushop of 

I Cannterbury the clucfe \'isiter of the uniu'sity in Kinge Edwardes daius" 

f £100, to purchase therewith lands for the maintenani^e of an Hebrev, lector 

yearly for ever iu the said College, wishing no one man to be reader above two 

years, but that some other do succeed, that divers thereby n\ay grow learned 

' in the sanie tongue. To my nci)hews Richard Jocelyric, Esq., and John 

I Jocelyne, gent., his brother, sons of my uoph.ew liicliard Jocelyne, Esq., 

J deceased, £5 apiece. To my nephew Thomas Jorplyne, Esq., eldest son of 

I my brother Herjy Jocelyne, Esq., deceased, and to my nephews France, 

j Henry, and Anthony, bretheren of the said Thomas, £5 apiece. To my god- 

) son Joscelyue, son of my said nephew Thomas Jocelyne, and to my 

I goddaughter , daugiiter of my nephevv' iCobert Lee, I'^sq.. and -Mary 

f lus wife, £10 apiece. To my niece V/enefride Jocelyne, daughter of n\y 
I brother Henry Joceljme, £10, and to her sisters Ehzabeth Jocelyne au(i 
I Kathiyne Jocelyne £5 apiece. To my bailin Dennys Goodday £5 and my 
j ruling cloak. To my servant Henry N'eweli £5. To my servant old Xewcll, 
I the looker unto my cattle and ground, 40s. To my pli>-,\-men their quarters 
w;!g,'s and 20s. apiece. To my godson and nephew Chrir^topher Jocelj'nc, one 
j of the younger sons of my brotlier Henry Jocelyne, £10. To my servant John 
; Aha in i'5. To my old frientl Henry r^ia.\mard. Es(|., a frokl ring of the value 

of i:;. !::«cf;!,.. J '•Christus niihi vita." I will to !>.* u\\ ah the rings I give. 

I ,* ^ '■} i!>'' ^vill distinctly raakcs the oo:i Hoary t'xi.-cutor, iu\d hr w;is livint: ■wii.-u this 
• Hdii ii!i.'tr:iti'jn Wis rrranted. If he reaou'ind hi.s c.-i(.'cutor.~!ii'.;, iliTo i.- uo rcc(jrd oi 
i bucli rcini:ui:itii.!i. 

. 26 Genealogical Research in England [Jan, 

To Mistress Alaynard, his, wife, a gold j-iug of the value of 30s. To lay 

cou.siiii Francis liradbury, Esq., John Wi.'^cniau, Esq., and Richard Fraucke, 

Esq., my sistiT Mary, wife of my brother Edward Jocelync, Esq., my nephew 

Eobert Lee and my niece ]Mary, his wife, my niece Grace Ball, being another 

daurrhtcr of my broti?cr HcTiry Jocelyae, my nephew Roger Iligham, J'lsq., 

and my niece Ann, liis wife, my nephew Edmonde Allen, E.=q., my cousin 

Geffrey Gate, Esq., and my familiar friend iNIathewe Salwey, gent.,' to eacii 

j a cold i-Jng of Uie value of 20s. To my fricj)d William Towse, Esq., a gold 

ring of the value of 40s. To Eobert CuUyn, wlio hath been a true and old 

; servant to our name, a gold ring of the value of 10s. To the poor of High 

i lloding, £5 lo b'.? di.-_4ributed at my funeral. Kesiduar}' legatee and execmor: 

i my brotlier Edwarde Jocelyne. [Signed] John Jocelvne. Vutnesscs: Ed- 

! mund Aleyn and I'vlat. SaUvey. Proved 19 January' 1G03 [1603/4 J by x\\q 

; executor named in the ^^ill. Inventory, £13G8. 5s. 2:1., whereof £780 was in 

i gold and silver. (Commissar}- Court of London for I^ssex and Herts [Somer- 

j. set J louse], 1603, original will.) 

I The Will of Tuo>r.AS Josltn of Rocheforde, co. Essex, yeoman, 5 March 

! 1004 [] GO i/o]. To be buried in the churchyard of Rocheforde. I give a piece 

j of land called Lytle Snares, containing 15 acres, in the parish of Hoclcy, co. 

I Essex, end in the occupation of William Wells, lying in Grene Street and 

I abbutting upon the Iving's Highway leading from Canewdon to Ra} leigii upon 

1 the north, to the u^e of the poor of Rocheforde for ever, the yeaily }>;'ofit to be 

i employed for buyirig wood, providing houses, and relieving the necessities of 

i the ni-ost poor, aged, and distressed persons, and not to be employed in br'ng- 

ing WY) bastiirdt nor for any other intent than is above specified. The minister, 

1 two churchwardens, and four most substantial men of the parish of Roekford 

1 shall have the letting of said land and the distribuiion of the yearly rent. 

! And the minister, tvv-o churchwardens, and four of the most substantia.! men 

I of the parish of Pr^'tlewell, once even,' year, shall call said parishioners of 

Rocliiord to an recount to see whether they have pcrfonned the same as 

abovesaid. And, in, 10s. yearly cut of said rent shall be given 

them Xo be distributed to the poor of Pryttlev/ell. And if the parish of Roch- 

; ford s'lall not enij^loy tiie same as abo^•e specified, then, the said laud shall go 

i to the poor of Pryttlewell to be employed as al>ovesaid. And if it shall not 

be employed by them as above mentioned, the said laiid shall go to the use of 

' poor peojile of the j.tarish of Hoeley, and if thc}^ shall also fail to employ the 

■, same as before declared, theii it shall remahi to my heirs. If the said land 

5omG to the poor of Pryttlev,-(:11 or of Hoeley, my hehs, v.ith adviee of any 

*' other thicy shall approve, shall yearly call them to accouiit. If it sliail 

I contiime to the pocre of Rcchford, my said heirs and assistants shad! call the 

said parisliioriers of Pryttlev.ell to an account once in five years. To JvJ- 

," monde Thorneton thelder of much Stambridge, my kuvsman Ediuonde 

Thometon of Shopland, and .John Freeborne azici Christofer Pake of Prytile- 

) well £40, to be distributed to the most distressed and religious ministers and 

' other godly aiid other religious persons hi iteed. To Mr. Culvci-well of Much 

Stambridg, Mr. Roger thtlder, the preacher (of WeaLherslield), and Mr. 

: Xeagoose of j^ec 20 nobles apiece. To Mr. Joshugo,* my kinsman, the 

preacher of Goodeastcr, £G. To Mr. Catlyn c:>f Bron.tield, i.Mr. Andrewes of 

P.arling, j\lr. Ji)ykes, a preacher which is in prison, and Mr. Derrick of Little 

; Stambridge .Co apiece. To E/.echias and Sa^niuell Lorkm £5 apiece, to be 

paid unto XhAi mother within three months after my deceai^c and to be paid 

th(>m ;',t ages of twenty-one. To my sister Eli?abethe Suuiner £20, and to 

her cl'.ildren £20. To my sister Jone Lee £20, to be paid into the hinds of 

Johvi Elhoit of Little Stauil.-riv'.gt' to remain to her use, no part t<> be delivcad 

to her husli:'.rd. To my uin.-wt.nri'i Jor.e Thornton £20. To my kinsv.-onuiu 

* Kcv. Jiirv'.-y Jorilyu. 

[ 1917] Genealogical Research in England 27 

ILyddia Lee £10. To my kiii.swoman Rose Ellyott £20. To my sister 
Phillip Gcocldy £10. To my wife's IdiLswomau Margery BacLiler £J0 at tlie 
I age of tv\Tnty-one or inarriage. To my brother Uafe JosUa's cliiJclrca of 
I Rox'ucll, v.l'ich he hath now born, £150, to be. equally divided amongst them 
I to be paid to them as they sh:d] accomplish their several ages of twentv-one! 
I To llrnrye ,To?l^^l of Moncsinge my land called Thistledous, of 40 acres, to 
f \im\ and his hc'n., tbe third onlj- excf prerl, vrhich 1 give to Margaret, v\v n'ife 
I diirhig iicr hfe. All residue of houses and lands to Margaret, my wife for 
I hf'^, an i tlic ic'-ersion of one hou;:c with appurtenances in Rocliford called 
I A\'atering, with two yards called lleynes and Culverhouse-havve, now in ibe 
I occupation of Edward Canewdon, to Wilham Taynter and his lawful j-;sue 

I and for want of such issue to James Xuttali, my wife's second son. and to his 
heirs. The remainder of my houses and lands to John Jcslynn, son of my 
brother John Joslvji thelder, and to liis hehs. My lease of the Wickhouse 
giTiunde in Childerditcli and We-ttliornedon to Margarett, my wife, anr] John 
j Josliu, son of my brother John Joslynge the younger, during their liv^s, with 
1 reversion after my ^vife's death to the said John and his lawful is.suc, and for 
I want of such i.-?suc reversion to the youngest son of my elder brother John 
( Joi-lm and to his lav»-ful issue. liafe Joslin and Simon Joslin to be gu.'irdians 
j to the said John Joshn, to receive such rent until he be of the age ol twenty- 
one and then to account and pa}^ to him the said rent. To the poor of Chih 
j derdi+ch 10s. a year out of the lease of the Yvickhousc crouml. To John 
I Alyor and James Edgiott £5 apiece. To !\Iarie Eve of llocheford and Thomas 
( Eve, her son, £.5 apiece, and to Suzan Eve and Anne Eve her dau"-! 

my sons-in-law Charles Niittall and .James Xuttali £20 apiece. Also 
said James £80 \\hie}i the Lady Penellope Rich, wiU- to the Right lioi 

to the 
Roljcrt, now lorde Rich, owcfh me. To Thomas Nuttall, son of James 
Nuttall, £.5. To Charles Xuttali's three children and to James Xuttali and 
Mary Xuttali, cliildren to James Xuttali, 20s. apiece. To JeiTerye Joslyn 
the cleht he oweth me. To Vv'ilHam Hudson of Rochford lOo. To Lay sister 
Bayllic's three younger children £5 apiece at Vi\Q ago of twenty- one ot at 
marriage. To be distributed to tlie poor at my funeral £o. To all my ser- 
vants except Margerie B?tclnler and John iillior lOs. apiece. The reversion 
of the lease of L^oggetts to Vvilham Taynter after my wife's decease, and ii he 
die without issue before the lease expire, the residue of said vears tc be 
disijoscd of by my wife. Residuary legatee and executrix: Margaret, my 
wife. V.itnesscs: Tiicmas Burnett, Tobias Ilu^'son his mark, and Tboinas 
Woode. Proved 12 December 1000 by Margaret, relict and cxecutrb: named 
in the v.iU. (P. C. C, Stafforde, 92.) 

[This will was contested by Ralph Joshne and Simon Josline, bi others of 
i the te-tator, and by Henjy Josline, nephew of the testator; but the vaiiditv 
I of the ■^^ili was upheld by sentence pronounced 17 June 1607. (P C C 
j Buddlestonc, GO).] ' "' 

[ The Will of Christopher Joceline of High Rothing. co. Essex, gentleman 

j 5 April, .3 James I [1605]. To be buried "in the chancel of High Rothing 
\ ciairch and a stone to be laid over me. To my uncle Edward Joceline £29 
which I owe him, and to my aunt, his v/ife, a gold ring of the value of iO.i. 
To ray cousin Henry JoccUne a gelding. To my cousin Jane Jocehne £5. To 
niy cousin Mary Lee £0. 6s. 8d. To my cousins Dorotliie Joceline, Anne 
Joceline, tmd Elizabeth Joceline 50s. apiece. To my brother Authonie 
Jocehne £20 and my goshawk. Tc my sister Winefrid-; £5 ihat she owes me. 
lo my >-isters Ehzabeth Joceline and Katherine Joceline £5 apiece. To my 
old ac(jn:ii!it;(nce Pi-bert Culleu my falcon. To Elizabeth Dunmorc, servant 




i ■ ;■;■• " • 

ji 28 ' Genealogical Research in England [Jan, 

' to my uncle Edward Jocclinc, '2i)s.. To Thomas Mason, my man, 20s. I\c- 
i eiduary legatee and executri:;: r^Iarie Jocclinc, oldest dauglitor to my uncle 
' Edward J<)Coline. [Signed] Christof/lrer Joccly[n]. Witnesses: Henry Joce- 
, lin, John IMonke, John Allan, and Williani Jinncr. [No re'?ord of probate.] 
' (Commi:.^ary Court of London for E:>scx and Herts [Somerset House], IGOo, 
: original will.) 

The Vrili of Henry Jcsline of Mouutnasing, co. Essex, ycornun, 16 July 

1611. To the poor of IM-mutnasing 20s. Towards a new bell for t'lc church. 

of Mountnasing lOs. To my brother John Joseline the elder and liis heir.; 

I for ever all my lands in Vt"rittle, Rockswell, Shelloe alias Shelley, Wiliingall. 

j or elsewhere in the County of I'lssex. To John Josscliue the younger, my 

; brother, £10 at the age of twenty-one. To my sister Mary .Josehne alias 

Dane £00, and to Richard Dane, her son, £10. To Mary Dane and Sarah 

Dane, her daughters, £5 apiece. To Arthur Hunt and Elizabeth Barton, 

i both of Mount nasijig, 10s. apiece. Residuary legatee and executor: Richard 

f Dane, my brotlicr-in-law, and he is to deUvcr £300 to John Joseline th.e elder, 

I my brother. Overseer: John Gooday of Ro::wcll, my uncle, to whom I give 

I 40s. Witnesses: William Simons, Jeremy Felix, Arthur Hunt, Elizabeth 

' Clarke, and Ehzabeth Barton. Proved 30 July IGll by Richard Dane, the 

i execi'tor named in the will. (Ai-chdcaconry of Essex [Somerset House], 

I R,egister Blunt, fo. 72.) 

I Administration on the goods of Francis Joselyn late of Crundon Parke 
in the parish of St. Orset, co. Esse.x, was granted 9 IMarch ICIS [lGlS/19] to 
his brother, Anthony Joselyn. (P. C. C, Administration Act Book, 1619- 

I The Will of Makgaket Josia'N of Rochefordc, co. Essex, v.idow, 11 October 
: 1619. To James NutcaU, my son, £40 at twenty -one. To Eh^iabeth Nuttali, 
daughter of Charles Xuttall (iOy son). £40 three montlis after my death. To 
Mars' Xuttall, daughter of Charles Nuttall (my sen), £20 at'tvrenty. To 
Susarme Nuttall, daughier of Charles Nuttall (my son), £20 at twenty-one. 
If any of these children die, reversion to the sur\-iM:'.rs, in equ;d parts. To 
Anne Niittall, daughier to Charles, £20 to be paid at tv.avnty-oiie, on condi- 
tion that her mother sliali dchver to my executor %^-ithia one yea'- after v.\y 
decease a>l bonds as I stand bound with my son CharL.-s for the pa>inerii of 
any money which shall be due to the children of her foj^nier husband. To 
Thomas Nuttall, son of James Nuttall (my son), £20 three m-oni:hi^ after my 
decease, and to him and hi.; heirs one cottage in Rocheforde, late in the tenuj.-o 
of Richaui Perryman. To John Nuttali and Charles Nuttall, sans of 
Nuttall (my son), £10 apiece at twenty-one. To WilUaTU Taynter, son of 
William Taynter (my son), £10 at twenty-ono, and if he die before, his father 
is to d^•.po?e of it. To James Nuttall, my so)\, my lease of liiat part of Dog- 
getts which I have. Residuary legatees and e:s.eeutors : my son Nuttall 
and my son William Taynter. To tiie jioor at my funeral iJ2. To Charles 
Nuttall, son of Charles Nuttall (my son), a colt. Witnesses: John Wilson 
and Rol)eri Brathv/aite. ISly sons to have their chili-en's portions iri tlieir 
own haiids and answer the same. Proved S February 1619 [1619/20] by 
James Nuttall and \\'illiani TajTiter, the executors named in the will. (P. C. 
C, Soame, 19.) 

The V.'ill of Ralpu Jossi:ltn of Roxwell, co. Essex, yeoman, dated 4 August 
1626 and si.gned 3 September 162S. To my vrife Dorothy an annuity ot £20 
. for life, in recompense of her dower right.-> in all my lands and tenements. 
Whereas 1 desire th;tt njy wife shall dwell and abide wi^h my two sojis Ralph 
JosschT. and S3-mcn Josselyn in the house "herein I now dwfU, she shall liave 
couverierit lod^ung there, vrith free ingress an^l egrest. of the said iiouse or 


j 1917] Genealogical Research in England 29 

I farm called Bollinghatch, with sufficient moat, drink, apparel, washing, and 
1^ attendance, to bo provided by my executors, and they shall j;ay to my snid 
f wife 2.33. quarterly duriiu-'; her life, in recompeiii^e of both said £20 and her 
I dower. And if she shall leave my sons' ho\ise, then they shall pay her ths 
\ said £20 a year and also give to her for her own use six pairs of the best sheets, 
f two do^eu napkins, three tablecloths, and four towels. To my brother Syraon 
f Jossclyn, iu recompense of his brotherly love tov/ui-d mc and his care of my 
\ children, an annuity of £25 for life and the use of the upper chamber over tlie 
; pai'lor of my said house wherein he now lives, A\'it!i the bedding iu the same 
and all necessary im]>lements of household. i\Iy executors shall allow him 
for hfc the use of one good gelding or nag with a srtddle and furniture. Where- 
as I have given to my eldest son John his portion of my lands anrl otlicr estate 
amounting to £S00, nevertheless my executors shall pay him £10 within ten 
years after the decease of my wife and my broiher Symon, if he be living, and 
if he be dead, then the £10 shall be paid to his son Ralph Josselyn. I'o my 
son Thomas uvA my daughter r\lar3^ £.5 apiece, to be paid within the said Lcii 
years. To my daughter Anna £10, to be paid within the said fen years. To 
my son Kichard £200 for his portion and in recompense of £15 given 1dm by 
the will of my brotlier Tizonias Josselyn. deceased, to be paid \vithin one year 
after the deatii of my wiic and my brother Symon; and if they both die before 
me, then it shall be paid within four yeais after my decease. And if my 
executors make defauli. of jjayvneut of tlic said £200, tlicn I bequeath to my 
son Richard 20 acres of land c: tiled High field, in Roxvy-ell, and n;iy said farm 
called 3^>olliighatch, to him and his heirs for ever, v/it!i a foot-, horse-, and 
cartwa3', for himself, servants, etc., thx-ough a field called the field before the 
gate, parcel of said farm, to be directly leading next the hedge against Nyne 
acres, pareel of the lands called Foudchers, from the King's higliway into said 
Highfield. To my son Jo.^eph £160 for liis portion and in recompense of £15 
given him by the v.dll of my brother Thomas Jossel^yn, rleceascd, to be paid 
witliin two years after the death of my wife and my brother Symon; o)- if 
they both die before me, then within five years after my decease. And if niy 
I executors make default of payment of the i^ai4'£l60, then I Itequeath to my 
\ son Jose])h and to his heirs for ever all those parcels of wood and land culled 
\ Woodfeilds, Spicers Crofts, and BoUinghatch Grove, with a part of Motts- 
I hott next to the lane leading to hunbridge end, and to be di%dded at tho path 
1 leading from VVcodjeild to Fowchers, all of which said closes before devLsed 
I to my son Joseph are parcels of my said farm. To my son Nathaniell £100 
for his portion and in recompense of £15 given him by the v/il! of nw brother 
I'liomas Josselyn, deceased, to be paid vrithin tlire^ years after the decc-a<=;e 
j of niy \>Lfc and my brother Symon; and if they bo h die before me, then to 
i bo paid within six years after my decease. My executors shall allow my 
I daughter Elizabeth sufficient meat, drink, and apporel, and al' other tilings 
j necessary for licr maintenance for life; and if she sh.all survive them, they shall 
i provide for her niaintenance during her life. To the ])Oor of Roxwell 20s. 
{ Th.e rest of my goods unbequcjithed and all my said farms, lands, etc., called 
P BoUinghatch, with all the, edifices, buildings, yards, gardens, orcliards, 
'• etc., belonging thereto, and all closes, pastures, and wood growing belonging 
I thereto, and all the ways, waters, etc., lying in Xcwland, Roxwell, and 
I Writtle, or elsewhere in the said County of Essex, to my sons Ralph Josselyn 
j and Symon Josselyn and the heirs of their bodies lawfully begotten. If my 
j son Symon die without issue, reversion of his portion to my son Nathaniell 
, and his heirs for ever; and if my son Ralph die without issue, reversion of his 
I portitMi to my son John and ins heirs for ever. If my sons Ralph and Symon 
! do not p;.y th(» said sums to my sons Richard and Joseph, then this devtse to 
I my sons Ihdph and Symon of the said several closes to my said sons Richard 
I ami .J( w...;h nrovisionalU' formerly de^^sed shall cease, and the said closes shall 
ri'inain to Ivichard and Joseph according to my former devise. Executors: 

30 Genealogical Research in England [Jan. 

my sons Rnlph JotsJclyn and Synion Josselyu. Overseer: my son Nath;niiell]\ii. Witnesses: Jila: IJridses, William llocheU his mark, 'William 
Smitli, and Cha; Srnyth. Proved 4 ]\Iay 1G32 by Rali)li Josliu and Simon 
JosHd, sons of tlic deceased. (P. C. C, Audley, 57.) 

The Will of JosErn Joslyn of Cranham, co. E:^3ex, yeoman, 7 Xovvniber 
1G42. ^Vhc^e^■5 Ralph Joslyn of Ro:-:\vcll, co. Ivvh'X, yeoman, n)y late father, 
did give unto his son SAnnon Jorlyn, my elder brsjiher, four parcels of land ia 
Eo.vwell, called Woodfield, the. Wood, Spiccr's Croft, r.nd tho lower end of the 
Moteshott, upon con.-iition that he, the said Syrnon Joslyn, my brother, 
should pay to me £1G0, I do give said sum (if it be paid by said Symon) as 
follows: to Richard Joslyn, my brother, £40; to Nathaniel Joshm and 
Thomas Joshii, my brothers, £10 apiece; to Daniel Hudson, my brother-in- 
law, £20; to Anne Hudson, niy sister, £5 and also £15 more parr, of the said 
£1C0 wliich was given to me V;y Tliomas Josl}^, my uncle, and paid into the 
hands of Ralph Joslvn, my f:'ther; to my cousin Mary Gill, wife of Thomas 
Gill of Cranham, £20 of the said £1C0; to the four children of Daniel Hud- 
son, namely, Daniel, S\Tnoa, William, and EUzabeth, £5 apiece; to John 
Hudson, my cousin, son of JJaniel Hudson, £10; to the three daughters of 
John Joslyn, nw eldest brothi.'r, £o, namely, to Dorotliy and Anne 40s. 
apiece and to ISIary 20s; to John Owting of CraTiham £4 and a pair of sheets, 
Tf ray brother Symon shall nc^t pay the said sum of £1G0, according to Ralph 
Joslyn's v.'ill, then Richard Joslyn and Daniel Hudson, my brothers, shall 
enter upon four parcels of land and hold them for ever, paying my 
legacies. To Ralph and Symou Joslyn, Uiy brothers, a pair of gloves apiece. 
Ex*^cutors and residuary legatees: Richard Joslyn and Daniel Hudson. 
Witnesses. Jie'uy Nevill and George Stondon. Proved 6 December 1G45 
by the executors named in the will. (Archdeacomy of Essex [Somciser 
House], Register Wliiteheade, fo. 161.) 

The Will of Sy:',ion Jocelii-;e of East Hanningfield, co. Essex, yeoman. 
28 September "'649. To my eldest son Symon Joceline my messuage called 
Bouleinghatch, Ijing in the parishes of Roxwell and Newland Fee, co. Essex, 
and lands called Flax Hoppett or Willow Lease, land called Brickhill Mea'd, 
Badhams, Asponfield, Chalke, Pearecrofte, Leather Leise, Hoj^pet, and also 
so much, of Moatcshott whereof no use is limited by deed of the division of 
t-\\o parts of tlie fann called Bouleinghatch made betvvTcn Ralph Joceline of 
Ro:cwell. co. Essex, yeoman, Thomas Joceline of Barham, co. Suf'oll-:, yeo- 
.man, arid Rebecca liis v.-ife, and me, the said Symon Jocelhie, on the cue part, 
a-xd Aroji Ronton and John Pare y of London, gent., on the other part. Also 
t' my son Syn.on part of the maasiori house purchased by me from my 
brother Pailph Jocolyue and the land calked Hoppett Croft es and so much of 
Moate.sliott whereof no use is limited by deed to my brother Joseph Joceline. 
To i-ay son ]'otcr Joceline lands in Rettingclon, co. Essex. To my three 
dr,uglt .IS Anne, Sarah, and Grace Jocelmc £100 apiece as well as the follow- 
ing sums bouueathed to them and my son Peter by my late father-in-law 
Peter As'ecrofte, viz: to Peter £20 at twenty-one, £20 to Anne at twenty-one 
or marriage, and to Sarah and Grace £5 apiece at twcnt„v-one or marriage. 
My said daughters to be paid my £lCO at the sam.c times. If any of my 
daughters die, the sur\-ivors to be her heirs. To the poor of Roxu-ell los. 
E.xocutor and residuary legatee: my son Syinon .Joceline. Overseers: my 
brothers Xathaniel Jocehne and Richard Joceline. Witnesses: Tiromas 
Luncher an.d George Solme. I'roved G Febru;uy 1G55 (IG55/G] by Symon 
Joceline, sou of tliC testator and the executor named in the will. (P. C. C., 
Berkk y, 54.) 

Th.e \\''iil of Ralph Jos-!;i.'n- uf Cianham Ihiil, co. E-^.-x, yecm;in. 27 Xo- 
vembcr 105G. To my daughter Doiothy £100 owiii!^ to mo by Mr. Ford, 

1 017] ■ Genealogical Research in England 31 

minister of Great Warcly, upon bond, she paying £20 to my daughter Grace, 
and my said daughters Grace and Dorothy paying between them to ray 
ncphcv: lialph Jocchn, mini-stci- of Earlcs Colne, £G as testimony of my love 
(o hini, Dorothy paying £4. IGo. aiid Grace £1. -js. I bcqucalh all my bilb;, 
ifnts, goods [etc.], to my dtiughter Elizabeth, provided she shall not marry 
without the con.scnt of Dorothy and Grace and of my cousin Ralph Jc-^.-'olin. 
Mv executors sh;ill talro into their bonds tho money and goods given to 
lillizabeth and allow her tlis yearly profits thereof, and u])on h^-r marriage !:iy 
I it out in hinds, and settle them upon her and her heirs for ovjr. And if she 
' marry without said consent, then my executors shall rdlow to her and her 
^ children at their discretion the yearly profits of aforesaid goods, and dispose 
of the priricipal estate to her children who shall best deserve the same. If 
' .^aid Elizabeth die without heirs or before marriage, the goods shall be equally 
I divided between Grace and Dorothy, provided they pay my said cousin 
1 rtalnh Jossi^lin £20. Executors: Ralph Jo>?el.yn and my daughters Grace 

I and Dorothy. Witnesses: R,ichard Joslin and Ann Hnmpson. 
Nuncupative codicil, 21 ]March 1G56 [1G5G/7J. To Grace Johnson, my 
daughter, v.ife of Roliert Johnson, £20 nov,- in the hands of Gaptaiui ] 

I St racy. Witufjses: Mariyn Gurtis and ^Vnn Howard. (P. C. C., Ruthen, 
i 511.) Proved 23 December 1657 bv Ralph Jossehn, cousin and sole executor. 
[ (P. C. C, Probate Act Book, 1G57.) 

j The V. ill of Ralph Jossklfn- of Earles Colne, co. Es.-cx, clerk, 1 June 10S3. 

t To m.y only wife Jane, the wife of my youth, my freehold laud caUeJ Springs 

r. ?>l;irsh and my copyhold land cuUed Stulps for life, with reversion at her 

J decease to my daughter Elizabeth, wife of I\[r. Gilbert Smith of the parish of 

I St. IMartins in the Eields [Lonalon], colourma]i. Also to my wife for hfe 

I Stoncbridge meadow, being freehold, together with t.ho bridge to be made. 

I To mj' wife for her better maintenance all her wearing apf)arel, the silver and 

I gold I have given her, certain furnitme, brass, plate, pewter, iron, steel, 

s hnen, and all things needful to furnish three or four rooms in ray said man- 

\ tion. To my daughter ?vlistre?s Mary Josselin, th.e wh'e of iMr. Edword Day 

r of Great St. IVlartins in the Fields [London], £100; and to her and her heirs 

i rny freehold tenement on Colne Green wherein I now dw(?ll, with the orehf.rd, 

f barns, stables, and all other btiildings thereto belonging, contahung half an 

I acre, the copyhold lands called Upper Coes, contahn_ng 20 acres, abutting on 

I tlic tenement of one Mole, now in the occupation of Henry "^Viseman. the 

I Green, the road leading off Colne Green towajds Colne Eng:une, Power Goes, 

i hinds called Bayleys, belonging to Robert Harris, und land belonging to ^vir. 

! Sibley. A quiirent (jf 20s. yearly to be j)aid to trie lords of tiip manor of 

I Colne Prycry. 1 '' liiy .^aid dauglit er _Mar\- die without issue, the said property 

i- to Mr. Edward Du.y for life. If they have issue and desire to sell the property, 

\ tliey shall offer it to my heirs for a sum not exceeding £400. To my daughter 

I ^'.jstress Jane Woodthorpe £40. To my v.ife Jar.e my two lov\-er broom 

\ iieiiis colled Goes, abutting on lands belonging to one Prucknett and 

[ lands^v/iiich I bought of Mr. Fletcher in Colne. To my daught'^s Mistress 

I lJi/:aboth Smith and MislrcsS Rebecca Spicer 10s. apiece to buy them rings. 

\ My \vife to be c.xecatrLx, and to ha^-e my stock and corn. To my only son 

; John Josselin all my hiiids unbequeatlicd, from the 29th of September next 

I after my decease, togetlier with Inhanas Heme luys and love Ian<l that 1 

I boiichr of Mr. Fletcher and his wife, on condition that he suffer his mother to 

j la>- m wlKit corn and hay she pleases in the boardeil barn and one end of ths 

I b:irn at Ushers, and dispose of tiie cattle and corn growing on my lands until 
f'l" -^::!d d:'te. This condition being performed, his mother shall give to him 

i ;■■>' -:••"•'■ i'j'nens, n;y six horses, and the young stone colt, and all the 

•j -■....I.' .■>.-. W'^iuui, ploughs, tumbreils, and appiutenances. My library as it 

•: -.lids I leave to one or tv,-o of my grandchildren who shall first enter the 

I n:nnst:y. My hoas«.'huid <\oof\s I leave to my executrix's pleasure, to be 

32 Genealogical Research in England [Jan. 

divided into five parts to be chosen by them* accordii'.g to their flgp?. Vih- 
ncsses: Jo: Lud,a;ater, Rt Potter, and Ilunipfrcy Rugfls. Proved 5 Xo\ em- 
ber 1GS3 by tlie'executrix. (Archdeaconry of Colchester [Somersec Jic/aset, 
Register Collin, fo. 144.) 

Fbom the Pakish Registers of Bishop8-Stohtford, co. Herts 

1619 Tliomas son of Simond ond Ann Joblyne ba])ti/.ed 11 July. 

K)lfl Marv daiuditer of John Joylyne and Anno his wile baptized 12 October. 
1624 Rebecca daughter of John and Anne Joslyn baptized 2S November. 

1624 Ann wife of John Joslyn malster bnried 29 November. 

1620 Geofcry son of Symon and Anna Joslyn baptized 10 April. 

1625 Sarah dauiihter of Simoii and Ann Joslyn Ijaptized 2 July. 

1630 Margaret dau'^hter of Symon and Anne Jocelyn baptizi^d 28 September. 
1G?.0 liebcoca daucrhtcr of Jolm and Helen Jcsselyn baptized 20 January 

163S A.gnes daughter of Sjinon and Islary Jocelyn baptized 7 July. 

From the Parish Registers op Boijbingworth,! co. E>sex 

1626 Ptaph Josceliii of Roxwell and Grace I^ggate mairied 29 Novemlier. 
■. s From the Paiush Registers of Chklmsfoed, co. Essex 

Man 'Vff^c.s J 
1593 John ^TosscKm and Joan Goodeu 30 September. 
1600 Richard Beli and Joane Joslin 25 ]May. 
1633 James Josb'n and Ann Allsap 30 April. 
1657 Roberc Lukyn single and Elizabeth Joc(.^lyn single, both of Roxeffcild, 

23 October. 
1062 Jolm Neule and Elizabeth Joslyn v,ido\v of Little ^^^^Jtllam 2S April. 
1069 S\raon Joslyn and Abigail l^acon 1 Jime. 

JossEL-i-N Entries in the Parish Registers of Infield, § co. Essex, 
• . 1.53S-1050 

1546 Helcnora Joi^lin daughter of John Joslyn born and baptiz«;d 1 February 

1546 Ralph son of Simon Joslvn born and baptized 5 December. 
1550 Ahce Joiclyn baptized 13 January [1549/50]. 

Marriages ■ ■ • . ^ 

1544 John Turnishe and Agnes Joselyn 14 Septcnibcr. 
1544 Simonc JosUm and mgaret Poole 12 October. 
1541 John Joslyn' and Alice Novell Widow 15 January [1544/5!. 

158-5 Thomas Joselin servant of Robert Alite 15 October. 

Jcsselyn Entries in the Parish Registers of Moreto\,|1 
CO. Essex, 1558-1650 

1630 Ralph Jocelin son of Ralph Joslin baptized 14 December. 

* Thi3 pronoiui probably refers to the fUiughtcrs of the tostator. 

t The registers of this parish, 15.".S-178o, were printed by Frederick Arthur Onsp xn 

T The iL-urrin^es in the registers of this parish. 1539-1S37, aie printed in PhiUimore 
i.".;d Bluy;g'3 Efs^'x Parish Re^istois, Marria^'oy, vols. 2 and 3. These reg!sr,.:r3 
r.c-'. bren sc;irchod for Jo::.-:i.iyn biiptisnis iind huriiil.s. x^ , . , , , ^• 

§ The rcgiaterd of tUa parish, l.'(oS-1700, were printed by Fredonck .\rtaur (^nsp il'. 

'l Thi- rrjri^t'Ts of thi-- pnrish, 155S- 17o'"*, were printed by Frederick .'-rihur Crisplin 

1917] Inscriptions from Gravestones at Plainfield, Conn. 33 

1G30 Iliilph son of Rnlpli Jocclin buried 15 December. 

1G31 Samuel son of Ralph Joslin baptized 19 March [1631/2]. , , 

JossELYX Entries in the Parish Registers of Roxwell, 
\ CO. Essex, 1558-1649 

i Baptisms* 

I 1501 SiTiion Joslin;j; 12 October. ' ' 

r 15G3 Jclm Joslinc 27 November, 

f loGu Phillip Joseline 21 

35SG -vlarie Joslin 4 Se])tcmbcr. ' . 

15SS Agnes Joslin 25 Auscu'it. 

1590 Rnlj^h Joslin 8 July. 

lijOO Joseph son of Ralpli Joselin 6 June. 

1602 N;ithaniell Joselin 29 Septenibor. 

\ 1604 Elizabeth Josehn 23 September. 

IlGll M;trie daugliter of Johr. Joselin 30 June. 

1616 llrAph son of John Joslin IS Feljruary [1616/17]. 

1633 Ainic daughter of Rolph Joscelyn 9 Aufcust. 

1^ 1637 Francis son of Richnrd Josoline 14 October. 

I 1643 TliCba daughter of liichard Joscline 3 October. 

j Marriagesj 

i J 560 Peter Saul and Ahce Joslin 29 November. 

^- 1576 Itobcrt Lees and Johne Joshn S Jul}". 

V 1579 JohTi Joslin nnd Joa]ie "Weld 13 Seotember. 

r 15S3 Ralfe Joslin aud 'Marie Bricdit 21 :\Iav. 

: 1616 Samuel Hutt and Mmn Joslin 30 January [1616/17]. 

j 1629 Simon Josselin and Anne Ecroft 2 February [1629/301. 

f BurialsX 

r 157S John Josha IS February [157S/9]. 
[ 1579 Richard Joshn 21 December. 
[ 16U0 Wi;lo\v Joslin 31 January [1600/1]. 

1606 ]:iorotJiie JosseUn 17 January [1606 '7]. 

1631 JicAph JoscrJvi, 19 March [1631/2]. 
[. 1634 'vv'idoT,' Joscelyn 16 October. 

\ 1634 son of Ralph Josc-I.^ti 20 February [1634/5]. 

! 1635 An infant of Ralph Joscelyn 7 .\pril. 

[ 1639 Anne v,-i.i'c of Richard Josceline 12 November. 

r [The rcrt of the JosieVvai material will be published in the Regtstep. of April 

« li< 7. -- Kditou.j 

^ ■ [To be contmued] 



j(. Copied and comiuunica-tcd by Judge Jons Ebek Pbior of Moo5up, Conn. 

I '. 1'"^^ foiio^^^ng in.scriplions have beei> copied from gravestones 

I tound in numerous small cemeteries and burial lots at Plainfield. 

i Conn. These graveyard:= have been classified according; to tho S':')iOol 

5 4 v*^ baptisrri9 are found on record from 1G21 to Juno lC,-2:i. 

f. ; ^."^ mJirnagos are found on ncord for the vcar:? 1571-1.375. lOil. and ICio. 

I J iSfj ouruu.s are found on record from -V.jril 1021 to December 1022. 

34 Inscriptions from Gravestones at Flainficldj Conn. ~ [Jan. \ 

districts in which they arc situated. All the inscriptions legible in a | 
given lot have iK'Cn copied, although not all the lots have as yet been. \ 
exMniiuod. The punctuation is that of the copxist, the punctu:it;on • 

on the gravestones h'eing in manv cases illegible. \ 

Black Hill School Distkict I 

BeXxVkti- BuiiYiNG Ghound I 

Stephen Bennett, died Juno 12, 1S7S, :iged S4 yotiri;, 9 niontli.?, & 7 days. \ 

Emily Bennett, v.ifo of Stephen Bennett, died ilarch 30, 1900, aged 8i [veJirs, j: 

7 months, & IG days. j. 

George C., sou of Stephen & Eniilv Jjemictt, died Jrai. 6, 1839, aged 1' yt;ar t 

& 3 months. ^ ' | 

; Edwin D., son of Stephen & Emily Bennett, died Get. 6, 1S41, need 4 yr^. \, 

[ & 1 nio, I 

I Joseph L., sou of Stephen & Emily Bennett, died Oct. 11, 1S47, aged 4 vrs. r 

j &Gmos. * " \ 

Benjamin, son of Stephen & Emilv Bennett, died Apr. 1, 1848, aged G mos. i 

I Steplien N. Bennett, born March'l4, 1S32, died Mfrrch 24, 1893. _ \ 

Loren ^Y. Bennett, died Oct. 27, 18'"'0, aged 3C years. ^ 

X Da^iiel C. Bennett, d'ed July 6, 1800. a?ed 27 yrs. I 

Olive Bennett, wife of Darnis C. Herrick, born Apr. 6, 18^5, died D-e. 14, j 

I 1905. Daughter of Stephen & Emily Bemiett. I 


I N^n^^ Cornell, died July 24, 1839, .E. 31. ... I 

! Sacred to the memory' of Mr. William Cornell, who dejiarted this hic Oct. 16, f 

I ISIO, in the 49th year of his age. i 

I In memory of >\Irs. Huldah Cornell, wife of Mr. William Cornell, who de- \ 

\ parted this life April 2G, 1833, in the Goth year of her age. \ 

Mtson Cornell, son of William Cornell, passed to the spirit land 19. | 

1841, aged 39 yrs. 5 mos. & 4 days. _ ;' 

Philenia Munro, wife of Mason Cornell, passed to sphit land Au.p;. IQ, 1S7S, 

£;'.cd 81 jTs. 8 mos. & 19 days. \ 

Infant daughter of Mason & Hilcna A. Cornell, born Dee. 14. 1S2.J' \ 

Nancy, infant daughter of ]Mason &: Philena Cornell, died Oct. 25, 1S34, M. \ 

9 months. 
William Cornell, son of ]Mason & Philena A. Cornell, was born in Plainfield, 
Cotiu., July 7, 1S32, and died in San Franiisco, Call., Mai'cli 23, 1852, 
jE. 19 years a;.d S mos. 
Anna Cornell, daughter of Mason & Philena A. Cornell, Passed from thi^' to 

a higher sphere Alay 10, 1855, aged 25 years. 
T'.Iason, son of Alason & Philena A. CorneU, passed to spirit land April 2S, 

1884, aged 45 M'S. 11 mos. 
Li raemory of ]Miss i\Iary Cornell, who departed this life Oct. 20, 1834, in the 

29th year of her age. 
Clarissa, v/ifc of Hezekiah Crandah and daughter of William and Iluldah 

Cornell, died 7th mo., 21st. 1^38, aged 38 yrs. 3 mos. 19 ds. 
Erected Jan., 1850, In memory of Gideon Cornell, who was horn in Swanzey, 
Mass., Oct. 25th, 1728, "O. S., and died in Plamfield, Conn., Dec. 25, 
1817, M. 89. 
TJephi^ibah Cornell, his ^\-ife, who was born in Swanzey, iNlass., Jan. 14, 
1733. 0. S., and dhd in Plaintleld, Conn., July IG, 1814. 
In memory of Mi-s Xancv, dauahter of Mr. Gid.eon Cornoll, who departed 

this life April 21, A.D. 17(t;,i, aged 31 years. 
Hephzebah Coriicll v.-as bi)rn \]n-il 10, 1774, dicil April 30, 1847, agid 73. 



1917] ■ Genealogical Research in Englayui 227 


[Continued from page 176] ^'/r *? ^r'i^'- ' 'v 

JOSSELYN, CONCLUDED* ■ "' • • f'-' 

Contributed by M133 ELiZABKTn Frkvtch, and ca.-ua2umr..itfid by the Committes oa 

English Ki^search 

From tiii: Parish Registers of Barham, co. vSuffolk, 1502-1G53 

1633 I\I;\r>' dauc^htcr of Thomas Josline and Rebecca his v/ifo baplizcc) 
IG March [1G33/4]. 

From M-^jiriage Licences Granted ei' the Bishop of London 

1590, ]5 October. An Act lemoviug Sentence of Excommunicatioi! a'iain.--t 
ThoLuas Jo:^selyn, of Wiiliugale Doe, co. E-.-^ex, Gent., & Dorothy 
Lis wife, widow of George Scott, of Hatfield Broad Oak, s'^ co., doc', 
the}' having' been married clandestinely at the bouse of her father 
John Francke i:; Hatfield Broadoai-: afs'-^.f 

PV^Oi'vT Lay Subsidies for co. EsscxJ 

I Second Pa>TneEt of a Sub.v'dy granted 5 Henry VIII [I5i3-14j. 
* Hundred of Harlow. 

Hahatgi)ury Bovvscr. Rio Jo.^selyn for his moveabylls xviij d. 
Scheryng. Jeffrey Josselyn for his mo'.'eabylls x s. vj d. 

(Lay Subsidies, iOS/14L) 
Fourth Payment of a Subsidy granted 14-15 Henry VIH [1522-L524] on ■, 
goiids of the value of £50 and upwariis, and delivered 25 r\Iav, 19 Heia v 
VUI [1527]. 

Hundred of Dunniow. Phylep Jostleyn of highe Rodyng v.ydov/ in 

goods [valued at] c li. iiij a. [tax] Ixvj s. 
%Tij d. 

(76., lOS/lSO.) ■ 
14-15 He"-y VHI [1522-1524]. ■,..,.: 

Hundred of H'rirlow. 

Little Halyngbury, Rio Jos.-elyne in good=! [valued at] vij li. 

[tax] iij s. vi d. 
Sheryng. Gefferey Jossolj-n in goods [valued al] \:v-- 

li. [tax] XXV s. 

• • - . '" ' John Josselyn in goods [valued at] xx s. 

ftaxl li'i d. 

(lb., lOS/203.) 
12 -Tjnuarv, L5 Henrv VIII [1523/4], delivered by John Jojselyu annigcr • 
G J-oivj, IG Up.v.iy Vin [1524]. 
Hundred of Dunrnow. 
Muche Canfeld. Raufe Josselyn in goods [valued at] "cxvj L. 

[tax] xx-\j s. 
Hygh Rodyug. John Josselyn E-'quyer in londes and fee [of 

the yearly value of] cxx h. [ta.v] v U. 
(lb., 10S/16L) 

• The f*arlier part of the article on the Jos-?elvn family was publiiihed in the Rsgistkb 
of J;\n;;;ir> I'li? ,-,;). iJl-x.j). 

t i'ri:.:. 1 i;; r'!'.'!;c.uioTii 0^ th- ITar!-;a:i .-oci.^v, vol. 25, p. Ib.S (.illegatioa^ for 
M.-tTiu. •;• L' '.Ticci ic-iwjxl by the Bishor- of LoDdon. 1520 to lolO). 
t Pr. --rrvei in -the Public Record Otiice, London. 

vou '.X_\-T. 15 

;< .T .,- f 

J A rvf 

228 G€n€ Research in England U^y 

IG Ilcnrj- \m [1524^-5], dclivertd by John Jo.-^sclyn 10 T^Iay, 17 Henry VIII 


Hundred of Duumow. • ,• r^. i 

Mutchc Canf eld. R:t,uf e Josselyn xx\'j h. [taxj xxv ] s 

■RifTh Ilodviic Jolm Josselyn Esciuyer c h. [tax c s, 
in ^g*^ itoayiii,. ^j^^^ 108/202.) 

12 Jamiar\', IG Henry VIII 11524/5]. 

^Br^^^"^"'^' PI.elyp Josselyn m goods [valued at] xsiiij 

b. [tax]xx.ujs. ^^^^^^^^^^^ 

34-35 Henry VIll [1542-1544]. 

^ Conk4df A^a^r" EUzabeth Josselyn vid. in lands [of the yearly 

value of] xl s. [Lax] luj d. 
mnnrnoAve 1 Thomas Josselcyne ICO.s. [tax] lOd. 

lUui)rD0,ve.j ^j^^ 1C9/2G9). 

34-35 Hem-v VlII [1.342-lt.^4]. Anticipation of Subsidy. _ ,„rno 

^nthin- Mta Thomas Josselyn esquicr m lands [of the 

(/6., 109/2S6.) 

12 November, 35 Henry VIII [1513]. 

Hundred of Dunmow. . „„j .oou i--1 

[Great] Dunmow. Thomaa Jossel':yn m goods ano. cattle [.ui- 

. ^ ucdat]xls. [tax] nil d. . 

Huche Ci'vifeld. PhUlipus Josseleyn in goods [valued at^ x h. 

[tax] vj s. viij d. . 

Elizabeth Josseleyn vid. m lands {'.i lac 
yearly value of] :d s. [tax] vuj d. 
(76., lOS/240.) 

16 June, 3S Henry VIII [1546], 

For the Entire County. , . , , r r .i o,, 

Canfeld Magna. Elysabethe Josselyn m lands [of tlie yearly 

value of] xl s. [taxj vnj d. 
-R cxlvn" -Vita Thomas Josselyn m lan.ds [of the yeiu ly v.^Uue 

^^ " • of]cU. [tax] x:-ndij s. iiij d. 

py£l^e Syrnond Josselyn in goods [valuea at] x^: h. 

[tax] iij s. iiij d. , , .. r 

John Jossel>m in goods [valued atj xx h. 
[tax] iij s. iiij d. 

{lb., 110/230.) 

31 March, 1 Edward VI [1547]. . 

Hundred of Dunmow. , , • i ^ • i i r^r +'■ ~ 

Kodyng alia. S' Thomas Josselyn kmght m b.nds [of t... 

yearly value of] c h. [taxj x ii. 
Canfeld Magna. [No Josselyns in the ^^^^^^^^^^ ^^f|;j 

20April,l Edward VI [1547]. , : 

Hundred of Chehnsford. . i r i j „+i .=- i; 

Chickeriliall Smethely.* John Jos.selyn m goo^ls [valued at] x U. 

[tax] X s. 
^ (76., 109/305.) 

• A Nery email phce. funushinr only three names for the subsidy rolla. 


J ..\'."). . V - 

1917] . Genealogical Research in England ' 229 

IG Ivlarch, 5 Edward VI [1550/1]. 
Hundred of Chelmsford. 
Chicknell Snicly. John Jossehug [tax] x s. 

{lb., llO/Sof).) 
20 February, 6 Edward VI [1551/2]. 
Hundred of Chelmsford. 

Cliicknale Smolye. • John Joa-;ehn [tax] x s. 

{lb., 130/374.) 
2 Maich, 9 EUzabeth [1568/7]. 
Hundred of Chclnisford, 

RoxwclL John Josselyn, sessor, in goods [valued at] 

xiii li. [tax] xiij s. 

{lb., 110/422.) 
29 September, 14 Elizabeth [1572]. 
Hundred of Chehntford. 

Rox'%TeU. John Josselyn in goods [valued at] xJij li. 

[tax] xiij d. 

(76., 111/447.) 
8 September, 40 Elizabeth [1.59S]. 
Hundred of Chelmsford. 

Rox^vell. JosseljTi ^•id. in lands [of the yearly 

:.- . value of] xl s, [tax] viij s. 

• , - Ilaphe Josselyn in goods [valued at] iv li. 

■ ' [tax] X s. viij d. 

{lb., 111/501.) 
22 :^farch, 6 Jarnes I [160S/9]. 

Hundred of Hiuckford. ■ 

Felsted, Ralph Joslin in goods [v?vlued at] v h. [tax] 

\iij s. iv d, 
Raine. John Joslin in goods [valued at] iij li. [tax] 

V s. 

(76., 111/573.) 
20 October 1017. 

Jlunched of Chelmsford. 
Chelmsford. Thomas Jocelyn in lands [of the yearly value 

of] >zx s. [tax] iiij s. 
RoxweU. _ ■ ■ Ralphe Josselin, sessor, in goods [valued at] 

"■ iiij li. [tax] \-iii d. 

(76., 112/604.) 
20 October, IS James I [1C20]. 
Hundred of Hinckiord. 
Rayne. John Josselyn in goods [valued at] iij li, 

[tax] \'iij s, 
. Feistcd. Raphe Joslyn iii lands [of the yearly viilue of] 

iiij li. [tax] x s. \"iij d. 

(76., 112/606.) 
IS October, 22 James I [1024]. 
Hundred of Dunmow. 
Caniield Magna. William Joslein in goods [valued at] iij li. 

[tax] viij s. 

(76., 112/605.) 
13 Augiist, 4 Charles I [162S]. 

HuiKlred of Chelmsford, 
lioxwell and Newiand Ralph Jos-suhn, assessor, in goods [valued at] 
Fee. iij li. [tax] viij s. 

(16., 112/630.) 

'/.* :■: 

1. 230 . Genealogical Research vi England [July 

\. 27 April, 5 Charles I [1629]. ,: . ,.;..<■ '-...'■ 

i Hundred of Chelmsford. 

Chelmsford. Thomas JoiCclliu in lands [of the yearly 

value cuj ,\x s. [tax] iv d. 
(76., 112/62S.) 

1 Fkom Chanceuy P:;oci;i:dings* , , 

30 April 1646. Complaint of Daniel Hi'DSOn of Eppiag, co. Essex, 
j clothier, and Richard Joslyn of the same, yeoman, e.xeeulors of the will of 

Joseph Joslyu, deceased, brother of said IJichard Joslyn, that one Thomas 
Joslyn, uncle of Richard and Jo-Tph Jos'yn, a!jout years ago 
made his will, and made his vnfe his sole executrix; and about four or five 
i years after making his will said Thomas Joslyn died, and his "(vidow pro'/ed 

I the will, wherein said Thomas bequeathc'd h) said Josojih Jr).-lyn, deceased, 

a certain sura of money, which by the death of his sister Dorothy amounted 
I to £lo, to be paid to him at his age of twenty-one years. The widow, before 

1 Joseph Joslyn attained the age of twenty-one, paid said sum to Ralph Joslyn, 

I father of said Joreph and Richard Joslyn and Itrother of Thomas Joslyn, and 

I said Ralph held said £15 all his life, notwitlistandiiig that Joseph Joslyu 

j attained the age of twenty-one more than tvrenty-fouj' years ago. Said 

[ Ralpli and his brother yimou purchased to themselves arid their heirs a 

! messuage cal'ed Bollinghatch, with appurtenances, lying m Roxwell, Nev/- 

I land Fee, aiid Vv'rittle, valued at £70 per annum, Simon atterwards relia- 

1 quishing his share to Ralph arid his heirs. Said Ralph, having tlds estate and 

I also corn and cattle to the value of £400, made his will on 1 August 1G20, 

: ap{)ointing his jouj'ger sons, Rali)h Joslyn of Cranham, eo. Essex, and 

i Symo)i Joslyn of East Han"\i!l, co. Essex, executors. Said Ralph Joslyn the 

j father died about fifteen jxars ago, and tiie will was jvoved by said executor^, 

j In said v.ill Ralph Joslyn bequeathed £200 to said Richard Jorlyr. in recorn- 

I pence of £15 given him by the ^vill of saic'.Tlioma.s Josiyn, to be paid within 

one year after the deaths of his wife and his brother Simou Joslyu; and he 
■- appointf d that u\ default of payment Richajd Joslyn should have a piece of 

i ^ land called Kighfield, containing twenty acres, parcel of said fariu, to liip'} 
j and his heu-s for ever. Also said Ralph Joslyn b}' said \Wil gave to his son 

i Joseph Joslyn £100 in recompense of £13 given him by tlie will of said 

f Thomas Joslyn, to be paid within two years after the deaths of his wife atid 

I' his brother Simon Joslyn; and he appointed that in default of pa>Tnent 

? Joseph Jos'yn should have wood an.d land called W'oodfield, Spicercroft, and 

; I'oUinghiitch Grove, and a. part of Mottsiiold, next the lane leading to Fam- 

bridge Eiid, io \)q divided by the path leading through th.e same from Wood- 
field to Fuichers, parcel of said farm, to Joseph and his heirs for ever. Said 
Ralph made his sons liis residuary legatees and executors, whereby they held 
i ■ said farm called RoUinghatch and lands in Xe'w land, Roxv;ell. anrl Writtle, 

\ CO. E>scx, on the Cv>nditions aforesaid. Said Ralph the father died about 

I four years after making his will, and said Ralph and Simon |<roved said will 

i and entered into said premises, taking the rents and profits of said farm, etc., 

(and they have dix-ided the same between tlvmselves. Ralph took the land 
devised to your orator, Riehard Josljm, and his heirs for the better securing 
[ of said £200, and has since paid to comi)lainant said £200; and Simon took 

I the laud devised to Joseph and his heirs for tlie better securing of said £160, 

and has agreed in writing with Ralph to pay the same. Dorothy Joslyn, tho 
mother, died about — years ago, and Simon, brother of the testator, survived 
her and died two years and a quarter ago. About Nowiuber 1642 said 
Jos'.'ph Joslyn tn.-'do Jus will, appointiug your orator his executor, and died 
in I>(C'.iu!i<.T L:i\- pa^t. bequeathing to his brother Richard Joslyn, your 
orator, £10 of =aid £i'.0. to hi? brother Nathaniel Josljni £10 of said £160, 
• Pr.;: .;ivo.i ;;: tlii Fi^bU'; il:\n.\ Oiii ^^ London. 

f able to 

1917] ,-. Genealogical Research in England 231 

to his brother-in-law Daoiel Hudson £20 of said £160, to his sister Anne,, 
wife of said Daniel Hudson, £5 of said £1G0 and also £15 given hiin by Ins 
unci.- Thomas Joslyn, to his cousin IVInry, wife of Thomas Gill, £20 of said 
£100, to the four childfcn oL his brother-in-law Daniel Hudson, mr>'.tiy, 
Daniel, Simon, William, nnd Elizabeth, £5 apiece of said £1C0, to Dorothy 
and Anne, daughters of his eldest brother John Joslyn, 40s. apiece of si.' id 
£100, to ivlarv, da!iL'ht<-r of said John, 20s. of said £160, and to John Owting 
of Cranham £S of said £160. And he desired that, if said Shnon did not pay 
the same, youx orators, Ricliard Joslyn and Daniel Hudson, should enter into 
the lands aforesaid and pay said legacies out of the same; and he made tiicm 
his residuary leijatees and executors. The residue was so small that it was 
not siiii^icient to burv him, much less to pay his debts. After piol)ate of the 
will was taken on 20 February last past, two years having elapsed since the 
death of Sirnon Joslyn the uncle, your orators have repeatedly demanded the 
£1G0 from Simon Joslyn the brother and Ralph Joslyn, wdio are both charge- 
able to pay the same, but in vain; and said Simon,- having !;;:ot said lands into 
his possession, has made great waste cf tlie same. Your orators therefore 
pray that a writ of subpoena may be directed to said Simon Joslyn and Ralph 
[ Joslyn, directing them to appear in court and shov; cause why they should 

j^ not pay the £100 or give up the lands. 

L 22 May 1046. Answer of Simon Joscetin, one of the defendants to the 

I bill of complaint of Daniel Hudson and Richard Joslyn. He aj^ecs with the 

[ bill as to the wills o'i Thomas Jo=lyn and Ralph Josivn, but says tliat^ R'alnlx 

[ Joslyn his father and Simon Joslyn his uncle bought the said farm of Boiimg- 

hatch and lands jointly, nnd that it became his uncle Simon's by ridit of 

I i ur\ivorship. His father Ralph Jos1\ti died possessed of a personal estcite oi 

I £300, and the mve.ntopy' of his goods overvalued his goods and comprised 

\ many desperate debts, so that he and his brother Ralph had paid more v\ 

I legacies than theu- father had died possessed of. And after then- faUier's 

I death, by permission of their uncle Simon, the surviving joint tenant, JUlph 

I and the defendant Simon entered into the lands and made a partition thrTeor. 

and paid their mother Dorothy £20 a year during her life and their uncie 

Siirion Joslyn £25 a year dming his life. But said Simon denies that he ever 

midertook to pay said money to said Joseph or that he is liable to^pay ihe 

» £.arne to the complainants, Joseph having died before the same v/as due, .'md 

j he alleges that Joseph had therefore no power to dispose of the same, Com- 

{ plainant is v.iiling to stand trial concerning the same at the common jaw. 

\ He denies ever n^akhig any waste of the propcrtv. (Chancery Procectungs, 

[ Charles I, Bills in.d .\nswers, Bundle H. 1, no. S.) 

j 26 November 1046. Complaint of Daniel Hudson of Epping. co. Essex, 

[ clothier, and RiCHAnn Joslyn of the same, yeornan. [Complaint opens as m 

\ the former- suit.] Simon Joscelyn, brother of the complainant, being asked 

I fo: the money due lo Joseph Joscelyn, now deceased, refuses to pay, »orao- 

I times afhrmiiig that their father, Ralph Joscelyn, v.-as not solely seised of said 

I premises, but was jointly seised with Simon his brother, although he weij 

I knov 


them and by indentures thereupon made and sealed by them, settled by 
mutual cou.-?ent for the pavment of said monev. Your orator, Richard 
Josceh-n, beas that his brothers Ralph and Simon mav set forth the annual 
value of the lands, one year with another, and alleges that his father left few 
debts and much p'Tsonal cr-tate. Said Simon of late has contrived and set 
on foot another title to said lands unto one Ralph Joslyn, clerk,* son and 

• This- R.".U"'h Jc.slvn, clerk, was nephew of the complainant Kichard and of the 
dcfo',.dri:.t- Sii!iii:i ••itid R-.i1i.h. a.;.] %v:i~ xhc ujit-ruf th-.' di:ir.v from wh.fb exuacts are 
giver. l'--k'... lu iln.' i tdieTtt- f.llowc the rciords he is numbered 21, in. 

232 Genealogical Research in England [July 

heir of Jolui Joslyn, son and heir of said testator Ralph, as heir at law to the 
landa by the death of said Joseph, and has oiTered to give him £100 for his 
title to tj\e lands; and Ralph, the nephew, now afhrms that he has the best 
rights to the lands and will spend lar2;e sums of money in suits for the recovery 
thereof. Compl-.v.nnnts beg thnt Ralph, the nephew, may set forth what 
title he has to said lands .s,nd show cause v.div the complainants should not 
be paid said £160, and thoi subpoena may be directed to said Simon Joslyn 
aiid Ralph Josh'n, as ex. cutors of tiieir father's will, and also to Ralph Joslyn, 
their nephew, sou and heir of John Joslyn, deceased, to appear before the 
Court of Chancery to ansv.'cr unto said premises.' (Chancery Proceedings, 
Charles I, Bills and Answers, Bundle II. 72, no. -15.) 

From Chancery Depo&itions* 

9 May 1622. Mr. Scot: We, Ralfc Joslin thelder of Roxwell, co. Essex, 
and Jolm Benton, husband of Alary, late widow of Thomas Searle late of 
NortliTv-eakl Basset in said county and daughter of me the said Rolfe, do 
consent and yield to the dismisision of the cause of rne the said Rafe and my 
said daughter IVIary against Samuel Searle, Clerk, and do yield up unto said 
Samuel all the deeds, writmgs, and evidences that are at th'js time in the 
custody of the ofhcer at the Rolls. [Signed] The mark of Rad. Josselin and 
John Benton. Witness: 'ihomas Burton of Stapleford Tawney, yeoman. 
(Chancery Depositions, Elizabeth — Charles I, 1622.) 

Feom Feet of Fines* 

Fi];al ConC'^rd made at Westminster on the Morrow of the Feast of St. 
John the Bapiist, 6 Henry VIII [25 June 1513], between John Josselyu 
Esquire, Thomas Josselyn Esquire, John Colt Esquire, and William Barley 
Esquire, cjuerents, and George Jossehm Esquire, deforciant, of the manor of 
Hydehall: four messuages, four hundred acres of land, forty acres of meadow, 
one hundred acres of pasture, and -twenty acres of v/ood in Sabricheworth imcl 
Little Halyngbury in co. Herts, and of sixty acres of laud, ten acres of meadow, 
and ten acres of pasture in Little Halyngbury in co. Essex. Plea of covenant. 
George has aclcncwledged tlic manor and tenements to be the right of John 
Josselyn, and ha,s granted for hunself and his heirs the manor and tenementa 
which Katherine Josselyn holds for lite of the heirs of the aforesaid George the 
day on vdiich this concord was m.ade, and which after the death of Katherine 
ought to revert to George and his heirs; but after the death of Katherine they 
sha'l remain wholly to Jolm, Thomas, Jolm, and William, and the heirs of 
John Josselyn, to hold of the chief lords of that fee by the services which t-o 
the manor and tenements belong for ever. And George and liLs hoii-;i wiU 
wan-ant to John, Thomas, John, and WiUiam, and the heu-s of John Joss:'l.}-n 
the manor and tenements against all men for ever. And for this John, 
Thcma^, Join, and Will.':uri have given to George 100 marks. t (Feet o/ 
Fines, Hertford-Essex, Triniiy Term, 5 Henry VHI, 51/360, no. 6.) 

Final Concord made in tlie Queen's Court at Westminster on the ISIorrow 
of the Feast of the Ascension, 15 Elizabeth [1 May 1573], and afterwards ou 
the Morrow of the Feast of the Holy Trinity, 15 Elizabeth [IS May 1573], 
betv/een John Josseljii, querent, and William Water, gent., deforciant, of 
one me'^suage, cue garden, one orchard, one hundred and forty acres of land, 
tea acres of meadow, ten acres of pasture, and ten acres of wood, with, appur- 
tenances, in Roxwell and Newlonde, called Bolinghatch. Plea of covenant. 
Wilham has acknowledged the beforesaid premises with appur'euatices to be 
the right of John, as those which John ha.^ of the gifr "f \Viliiam, and iic h.^3 

• Pr".-)orv..'d in t]<-i Public Record 0':i'-.:> Loniiri, 
t TriMi-^lr'.rc'i i ■ an r.iie Lntiii. 

1917] Genealogical Research in England 233 

quitclaimed them from himself and his heins to John ond hLs heirs, for evci'. 
And, moreover, "William has granted for himself and his heirs that ho vriU 
warrant to John and his heirs the aforesaid promises against William and iii.^ 
heirs for ever.* (Feet of Fines, Essex, Easter Tenn, 15 Elizabeth.) 

From iNviTjisixioNS Post MoutemI 

V.'rit of ?>r.'!ndamus, dated at Westminster 27 Fet^ruary, 22 Elizabefa 

Inquisition indented, talcen at Stratford Langherne, co. Essex, 9 Mny, 
22 Ehzabeth [loSO], before Thomas Grymsdytehe esq,, escheator, after the 
death of Joax Josselitn' of Ptoxev/ell, county aforesaid, yeoman, deceased, 
by the oath of Thomas Spyke, Thonias PoUarde, ILichard Movie, Tliom;i.s 
riunte, Nicholas A\."gar, William ^Mortimer, Martin Jircwstcr, Richard 
Stanos, William Maples, William Browne, John Jeffcrye, Thomas St.oddarde, 
John Francke, and Anthou}' Brooke, v.iiO say that John Josseljni long before 
his death was seised in his demesne as of fee of and in one messuage or tenement 
in lloxewell called Scarles and of and in all lands, meadows, feedings, and 
pastures to the same belonging, and of and in one messuage or tenement in 
Roxev/cll %uthiu the hamlet of Newlande called Boll3'ngQatche, with all lands, 
meadows, feedings, pastures, and other iicreditaments to the same belonging, 
and of and in certain parcels of land called Thystcll downes lying and being 
in the pai'ishes of Skello^vbowells and Willingalic. And that John Jooselyu, 
so thereof being seised of such liis estate, died thereof seised 20 February last 
past before the taking of thi^ inquisition, and that Thomas Josseh'n is his 
son and next heir and was aged at the time of tlie death of John thirty years 
and mr-re. And they fm'ther say that tlie messuage or tenement called 
Searles and the other premises t-o the sanio belonguig are lield of the Queen 
in chief by the hundredth part of one knight's fee, and that they are v.'orth 
by the year beyond reprises £6. 3s. 4d. And that one little grove and a 
parcel of land, parcel of the messuage called BoUynghatche, is lield of the 
manor of Fanibridge Endc in free socage by fealty and rent of 2s. yearly. 
And that the residue of the or farm and other premlios ^called 
BoUynghatche are held of Edward Elliott esq.' and Jane his wife as of their 
manor of lla.ull, in free socage by fealty and suit of court and by 
the rent of 45., and that it is worth by the j'ear beyond reprises £0. iOs. 
And the parcels of land called Thisteldownes are worth 40s. yeajly, and are 

held of Henry Josseljui esq. and his wife as of their manor of Torrells 

HauUe, in free socage by fealty and rent of 4s. yearlj'. And that John 
Jossclyn at the tijne of hi^ death neither had nor held any other or more i:;nfis 
or tenem.ents In demesne, reversion, or service in the county aforesaid^, be- 
sides that which i3 above named. Delivered into Court 10 July, 22 Eliza- 
beth [loSO].* (Inquisitions Post Mortem, Chancery Series 2, vol. 189, no. 43.) 

Fi^oM THE Diary of PlEV. Ralph Josselin, Vicar of Earl's Colxu, 

CO. EssExJ 

[UVA, 1 September.] "... I hoard my Cosiu Abrahams sonne was dead 
..." (Diary, p. 15.) 

• Translated from the Ljitin. 

t I'resorved iii tt'.> rublic Ilv.cord Office, London. 

t Kev. Ilalph Josieliu, born 20 Jan. 1616/17, W23 vicar of Earl's Colne, co. Es^^i, 
fiorri 16 .0/1 to 1GS3, and in the pedigree that follow.^ th'?5r> records is numbered as 27. 
iii. Extracts from his nianuocript di^iry of ISo pi^?e3 were published in London La 
VMS under the title: "The Diary of the liev. Ralnh Josselin, 1616-lGS.?." It was 
edited f.yi tl.o KoyBl Historical Society bv K. llockiitit-, M. A., in Camd >n Thir 1 .-= ■ri^'i. 
vol. \v. The compiliT of this arr/clc is indt'^b'cd to Charles l".d.v;ird Bank-, ^l. D., of 
the U. S. Public n<-alih Sorvico. for callinu; rxtt^ntiou to the importance of this print«<J 
dii^ry iVir the i.'xz:'.\d',-rs of tbo Josselj-u family. 


234 Genealogical Research in England [July ^ 

il " ' I 

■' [lC4-t/5, 6, 7, 8 March.] "JNIy Cousin Abroham Josscliu came to us fiora j 
New I'lipijiid, about by ye Canarycs, after a fad long jorney & one tecUou;i ', 

fight v.ith a Kings i)yratt: heard by liim of y^ wcllfarc of y^ plantacuu for { 

whicli Cod bee praised; thi-; siinuner N. E. hr.>^ divers losses at sea, and searcc I 

any before: wee rid to my Cousin Bentons ..." {Jb., p. 25.) j 

flG-lO, 4 AuiTust.] "Eid towards Chelmsford . . . I lay v.ell accomodated I 

at my Cc.'^in Eogers. . ." (7^., }i. 34.) ! 

[1G46, 33 August.] "Mv Cosen Jossclins opinion wa? I had a right to I 

Josephs land." (/?>., p. 3'1.) 

[1046, 31 August.] "Tliis Monday my wife & I rod to Havingfeild: I j 

from thence, Sep: 1: to Cranham; found my uncles well, & fajTe respect in | 

the business of my imclc Joscplis land." Oh., p. 34.) j 

[1646,7 September.] "Rid to Colchester . . . ; rny Cosin Josselin told j 

mcc my cause in the busines of Jose])hs land was good, & he wished raec to ; 

proceed therin." {lb., p. 34.) I 

[1646, S September.] "Sent by Mr Toby Cressener letters to both in}' I 
Uncles, the executor? of my gi-andfathers vvill to acquaint thera with my | 

cl.iyme & intent to stand by niy title unto the land . . ." {lb., pp. 31-35.) I 

[1646, 23 SeplcDiber.] "... I found my uncle Simon at home, I made a 
demand of the land before tliree witnesses, Vv'ch is in ye box with my writings I 

of Mallories; ray imcle seemed perswaded & convinced of my right, & to * 

delivr up ye land to mee v.tijout any suite or trouble . . ." {ib., p. 35.) | 

[1646, 27 Septonber.] "1 received a letter from my uncles; the Lord ■ 

direct rny spirit what to doe . . ." {Ib., p. 35.) I 

[1646, 2S September.] "Writt to my Uncles to meele at Chelmsford | 

Octob: £. v,"jth either of us a freind to make a finall end & eonchasion in our ; 

busines ii possible." {Ib., p. 36.) i 

[1646, 8 October.] "Rid to Chelmsford; . . , my uncles mett, not only j 

Simon; v>ee resolved to goe over to Josephs execut" . . ." {Jb., p. 'Mj."^ \ 

[1&46, 14, 15 October'.] "Rod to my Uncle Hudsons; . . .My Uncle j 

Simon D'ctt not, my other Uncles are -very confident they shall irvjoy the ; 

estate, which if they justly doe 1 am content; wee agreed that our Counsel] ! 

should discourse in the businesse." {lb., p. 36.) I 

[1646, 12 I\o\ember.] ". . .at night I -was subpenad into the Chancery | 

b V my Uncle Hudson, & Ri : Josselin : it was in the busmesse of Josephs land.'' I 

{lb., p. 37.) ! 

[1646/7, 29 January.] "I ara now preparing for London to answer the I 

suites of my Uncles about Josephs land; my resolucon is tliis (by Gods grace) j 

to repaire to learned Counccli, & if they say the "ight is mine, to endeavor an 
arbitracon, and make an end of the controversie peaceably if possible, and to I 

Etacd to the end of the arbitrators wtsoever; if I have no right I vail no way ' 

molest or trouble, but endeavor that those thai have right may iniov it." 
(lb., p. 40.) 

[lG:!6/7, 2 February.] "Rid safe to London, well entertained at Mr 
Oessenei.'-, but very weary of my jorney; I spake with both the seargeauLs 
in oar suites; gave seargeant Turner a peice for iiis advice in both my causes; 
he declared to mee the way of my Cousin Josselin's opinion, the issue I leave 
to providence." (Ib., p. 40.) 

[1646/7, 3 February.] "Went downe to Westminster, spake with both ye 
Ecargeams, concluded a meeting to end our businesse, March. 3. at London; 
. . . returnd safe, to Cranham, praised bee God, but very weary & sore . . ." 
(76., p. 40.) 

[1 <i4t) 7, 27 i'V'bruary.] "Received notice by letter to bee at London March 
11. to vi.<\ (lur suite, al! p-irli(s \vi!li?ig . . ." {Ib., p. 40.) 

[ltV}tj 7, 11 M:trcli.] "Ivid lo Ldiidon safe, melt my uncle Simon, went 
downe to ."^.'.rg'-r-iii Turners; he eotild iiot attend to rv.d our businesse; went 
downe to WestuiinsTcr; . . . as returned into London, I mett my uncle Ri: 

1917] Genealogical Research .in EnglarLd 235 

and Hu(l.--on ; woe went togitlicr, lay togithcr, and that night &: next morning, 
wee conchjdcd our business, I to injoy the land, and to pay to them an lOOL; 
came s;tfc to Crardiam." {lb., p. 41.) 

[164u:/7, ]3 March.] "Came i^afc praised bee Cod to Colue; . . . my 
charges besides jornej-es came to \l. 10'.. & no more; the Lord bee praised for 
this tomfortable, contentfull end, the Lord blesse them & theirs with y^- 
inoTiy, &: mee & mine with the lands." {Ih., p. 4L) 

[1C47, 1^0 April.] '"j'his day rid to Bollmghatch; all my uncles met and 
gave mee free &: peaceable possession of those jt; reels of land given to Joseph; 
I payd the executors of Joseph 20Z, gave them bond for 80/, recei wd 11. ids of 
the niony of my uncle Simon for rent due: God good in his providence towards 
US; outwards, and homewards; this laud part of our antient inheritance; now 
I have about 20/. per annum in land, besides my wives land, and my stocke, 
but I owe in all about one hundred pounds." {Ih., p. 42.) 

[Great anticjuity has been claimed for the Jossclyn or Jocelyn family.* 
Lodge, in his peerage of Ireland, vol. 3, p. 259, of the revised edition of 17S9, 
asserts that "the family derives its descent from Carolus Magnus, King of 
France, with more certainly tlau^ the houses of Loraine or Guise, who so 
liighly boast of it." In vol. 1 of the Visitations of Essex {Puhlicaiions of the 
Ilarleion Society, vol. 13) tliree Josselyn pedigrees arc given, one of wliich, in 
the Visitation of 1012, begins with GiJbcrtus Joselinus, who is called by I^odge, 
loc. cii., Sir Gilbert Joeelyne, and is said to have accompanied 'Willinm the 
Conqueror in his expedition to Enguind, while the other two, in the Visita- 
tions of ]o5S and 1G12 respectively, begin with James Josselyn of Essex, 
gentleman, who ao> ording to the pedigi-ee mentioned above was fourth in 
descent fiom the Gilbert v/ho came with the Conqueror. Pedigrees of some 
of the later genprations arc found in the Visitation of Essex of 1634 {Pvblica- 
tiuns of the Uarkian Society, vol. 13, p. 430), in the Visitations of Ilertford- 
fchire, pp. 14, 09 (io., vol. 22), and in the Visitation of London, vol. 2, p. 22 
07,., vol. 17). 

Frojn ti.ese ptdigre;-3 in the Visitations, corrected and expanded from_ other 
statements in manuscripts or printed booL-«,t from the records given in the 
preceding part of this article, from other English records hereinafier men- 
tioned, aid frori various records in New England, it has been po:-sible to 
compile the following pedigree of the Josselyn family and to shov,- tliC descent 
of tiie Josselyns of Xe^v• England from the founder of the family in England 
in the days of the Conqueror. No attempt, however, has been made in this 
' arti';le to give the genealogy of the famil.v prior to the ?Torman Conciucst. cr 
I to s 'paratc truih from falseliood in what is alleged to be the earher huiory of 
I the Josselyns on the Continent. | 

I* Among the nuii:cro;is forms of tlje name are Joceliiie, Jocelyn, Joscelinc, Joslin, 
JoEJyne, Josselin, a .'id uorselyn. ^ _ 

1 Araccie tl e priuU-d hooks consulted, in addition to tlie Puhlicaiions of the Harldan 
Soci'J.y moiitiohcd .;l;'<ivc, aro Hose Graham's Si.. Gilbert of Sempringiiam aud t!.c Gil- 
bcr',ia<.?, Netvruaii'^ Lives of tlio Enalisn iSaints, E. G. S. Rciliy's Histoiio-il Anccd. .to3 
(t'ubiish^^d in 1S;{9 for the Earl of Koden, a Jocelyn by birtli), Moranf s History o( 
K.'-sex, Chaanoy's Antiquiti^'S of Hertfordshire, the Victoria County History of Hert- 
f<r<i.-inre, Hasted's Uiatoiy of Kent, Jloaven's Aldermen of London, Crisp's Visitation 
of LnpJaad arid \v'ales. Notes, vol. 4, Ncwcourt's Kepertoriuni, Cambridtie ^L'■l^ricula- 
tic'ri-, Weever's Ancient Funeral Monuments of Great Britaiue, Ireland and the Ilanda 
Adjacent, and various volumes of British Archives, published by the British Govern- 

i The aims of Josselyn. a.<= given in the Visitation of London, 1633-4 (PiihUraiion<i 
oj tl:v H'lrhtiiK Sodfti/, vol. 17, i>. 22) are: Quarterly of ei;;ht. 1. AKure, a circular 
^vri.'th .-ir.-rnt und sable, with four hawks' bells affixed thereto in quadrangle or. [Jos- 
selyn ] 2. .\-;.'i-!ir. a denii-liiiii rampant f^able, ducally crowned or. [Josselyn.) 3. 
Azuri-. a h— - r.r. i( "ha^telin.] 4. Giil'.s, a trritiin si-;;v(.ant within a bordurc engrailed or. 
IB;ut<l!.! .". Cull.', an ine.-euleh'i.n arcenr within an orl<> of martlets or. [Enfield.) 
C. Gi.!' -, en a s,;it)re eritriailed or live t(. rtcaux of the field, a chief errcino. [Hide]. 

2. G' 

230 Genealogical Research in England U^^y 

1. Sir Gi/.bert' Jocelyn, a wealthy Nonnaii knight, came into Fr..?^and, 
it is said, witli the Conquercr, and married t!ie daughter of a Saxori thaue. 
He .-;citlcd in LincoLushire, where he held of Gilbert of Gaunt the lord.ships 
of Serapcriiighain and Tyrrington.* 

i. GiMtKra',- h. at Semperingham, co. Lincoln, in 10S3 or KiH'}; d, 4 
Feb. 11S9; bur. in his abbey churoh at Soinpericgbaui, between 
the altsrs of .St,. Mar>- und St. Andrew. IJe was f-ducated in 
France, and, to Seini^cringhain, devoted hiinsolf to 
works of charity, and instructed in rehgion and hte/iiture the 
youiv^ people of the neighborhooa. lie became a prie.-it, and held 
the hviugs of ScinperiTigham and TyningLoo. He was clerk to the 
Bishop of Linr'ohi, but rofusod to accept the office of Archdcacoa 
of Lineoln. He founded at Senij)enngham aTi order for iiionlia 
Slid nuns which, v/as later known as the Gilbcriinc Order. Many 
in'T:icles are rsuid to hnve been wrought for [hoiP. who piayed at 
Ids tomb, au'.! in 1202 he wa.5 cauonized V^y Pope Inucceut 111 as 
8t. Gilbert cf Sempcringhan'i, i Feb. bemg his comrjeinoration 

2. ii. Gkoffuky, b. abt. 1091. 

3r.o^'FnEY' JocKiYN, boru tiboui 1091, ir.hcrited his father's lauds, bis 

elder brother having taken holy orders. lie married db 

Bjs'sr.r, daughter of ,Toim. 

3. i. WiLi.iAM;' heir of his father. 

3. '' Jo!:!;lyn nmrried Oswalda Goushall, daughter of Sir 

Robert, Kniglit. 

4. i, RoBi:uT,^ heir of his father. 

4. JloiJKRT' JocLLTN' luarned Flemixg, daughter of John. 

6. i. Jamie ^.^ heir of i.i3 father. 

5. Ja>-K5=' Joc^LYi;, of CO. Esse.x, married Joan Thheckknuolm or 

TanooKixGKOLDEN, daughter of Henry. 
6. i. nKiN-nY," heir of his father. 

7. Arscnt, three o.-outchoon'^. t o.o .'<nd one, jrulesi. [Patmor.] 8. G'.ilos, trroi cLcvrona 
arf.tnt. [Br-wd-;.! Od fesa point c- crescent for ditTereaco. Crest of Joi-seb-n: A falcon's 
leg belled cr, the thirh erased gales 

Th?--e arms were' allowed or confirr.!Pd at the Visitation of London, Io3':i-4, to 
'ibom;.s Jc-cri-a of Loudon, geiitleu:;in. 1G34, ftiid thf) pedigree s.coornpanyir.K the arrc3 
elicvs llie desc^at of this Thomn- from John " Josu.-liii (IS). ( Vide ir.frc, 13, iii, 1.) In 
19C0 pedicn.e;? of descoi'ts ircru the li.'St-n.'cntion'^d Thoir:.ii (of London, 16:34) were 
recorded at the ColJ^ge of .Ajin'.s, and the arms and crmrtericg-: described abovo vero 

into iinsk-.tid in tbo reij^a of Edw.ird the Cnniesior, about 1045. Th.'. sen, ?t Odbcrt. 
l)oru r.ppaTenti.v iii ragiand, v,vnr. into Normaiidy uad r.-turned po Ei);:.Jnd viith tha 
Ccno-.'.eror, Evidence to •oro^ e these stateuirats seirus to tie lackiuR. — L/.non. ^ 

t Cf. Rose Grnhura's Si. (iilbcrt of S.niprinKhai]i .and tl;.- f iilN-rtincs. >'■;:« -gra- 
ham t.hlnk.s tiiat rl.e ■x:','y Eriven for ?r. ( "iLili-^rt .it lu.s de:iili — \\»'> :■'' ir>-_ — -^h-. i .: t-e IM 
yc-iir.s. the L.-iTin word »vicj-. "old." ii.-iviii« beeu pro'o;'.blv r;,..-'L.:.': h f.vr '...•' l.\t':; Ji'-r. 
"sLt." .a life nf .^t. Giib'Tt was «vTittea b.\ ;\ coalutUHorury. o:»<' oi \'\s own cr 1 r, ;it tbo 
rofn.'.r.?.ncl ri St. Giibfrt's .••'ve.>.-..T, Alitrjr H"';<t. Cf. alio Dictioaary ol Natioa-U 
L;i<'.;ru-,.l.y. ■•■i' :e.'' i<ie GUb-.rc r.i .•^n.ipna;;:iaiii. 


1917] Genealogical Research in England 237 

6. Hexrv* Jocelyn man'icd Jane Chastelin, daughter and heiress of 

WiLliam and Joiiu (Suliiard).* 
Child: ■• . ■ - 

7. i. K'VLPH,'' heir of his father. 

7. Kalph^ Jocelyn, living in 1201-2, married BEATracE . He held 

lands in F.aston, co. Xorthanipton, in the reign of King Jol'.n.f 

8. i. Jcnx,^ heir of his father. 

8. JoHN^ Jocelyn, living in 1225-6, married K\therine Battell. d.aujili- 

ter and coheiress of Sir l^homas, Knight, bj' liis v.'ife Elizabeth (dft 
Enfeild), who was daughter and heiress of Sir Richard de EnfoilJ, 
Kniyht.l: John Jocelyn held Innds in Easton and Appletree, co. 
XorTlsnmpton, which he gave to the Prior and Canons of Bradeiistok.S 

'.'. i. THO.^TAb.' 

9 TaoMAb' Jocelyn, who died after 1277, married, about 121 S, ivIadd 
Hide, daughter and coheiress of Sir John Hide of the Hide, Sa^-- 
bridgeworth, co. lierts, Ivnight, by his wife Elizabeth (Sudley), who 
was daughter of John, Lord Sudley, of co. Gloucester.j! I\Iaud 
(Hide) Jocelyn survived her hu'sband, and m.arricd i^econdly Nichola.? 
de Villiers. By the marriage of Thomas Jocelyn with Maud Hide the 
manor of the Hide, or Hide Hali, as it was later ealled, passed into tbo 
possession of the Josseiyn family, who held it for olmost six hundred 
rnd fifty ye.irs. urail, in 1S97, it passed by will to Sopliia, widow of the 
fifih Earl of Roden, a nobleman ^vho had died without m.ale iisue. A 
charter of "Tlioma.s son of John" is still presen-ed in the lamil}'. 
10. I. Thomas, '0 b. abt. 1249. 

10. Tiiomas^° Jocelyn, of Hide Hall, Sawbridgeworth, co. Herts, born about 
1249, died about 12S4. He married first Alice Liston, daughter of 
\Villiam; and secondly Joan Blount, daughter of John. Joan 
(Bl.)unt) JorclvTi survived her husband, and married secondly, about 

12S5. do la Le; and as Joan de la Le, late v,ife of Thomas'jTi the Elder, she released, by deed undated but enrolled in 
Trinity Term, 13 Edward I [May — ^June 12S5], her rights of dov/er in 
h-r kre hnrKiond's lands to .*.dam de Strattou, clerk, during the 
niL'iority of the ivirs of Thomas, son of Thomas Jocelyn. *[ She mar- 
ried ihirdl}' Thomas Marshall. 

Children by first wife: 
i. THOiU,s," b. abt. 1273; f<ucceeded to his father'.-; lands on the death 
of thf. 1:.; ter abt. 12S4, when the Earl of Hereford and_ E^sex 
ii;r>;ntrJ i!io rnnt of Hide Hall to Sir Adam de Stratton daring th; 
minority of the heir.** 

* Anns of Cliastolin: A/ure, a fe;-3 or. They form the third ciuartering of th^ 
Josvjyn shield described above I'p. i.i"-, footnote). For pedigree of this family rfie 
Vii>:r.i.t:,on of Essex of 1612 (Pi.blirijtlons of th-- Harleian Sociei'j, vol. 13, p. 226). 

t riMleian MS. 4f^l-i, in lb-:- J-!ritiah Mu?cum. 

♦ l'"'.' pfrdi^ecs of thjio f.imiUos .see PuJjlicalic/ns of the Hnrh-km Society, vol. 13, p. 
-27. lor ar::is vide supra, p. 235, footnote (the fourth aud fifth quarterings of the 
Jos.=;':lyn arras'). 

§ Cii:u-t' r Rolls, 1226-1257, p. 101 (published by the BntL?h Government). 
!; '■' ' t:;-/ Hide arms vide supni, p. 2o.'i, footnote (the sixth quurterinj; of the Josseiyn 
arr.:- . 

*. vV""'*''^ l^eeds, vol. 3, no. .^.tL'W vpiihlisbod bj' the British Governmea',). 
' i [. v.-i. .1, liQ. Aolll. Thia Thoiuss is omitted in the pedis^re.-j in th;» VL^iti- 
tjorri ol h-r"..'!. 

T T 

.0^ ^ 



Genealogical Research in England [July 

11 ii Ralph b. at the nip-iior of Shellow-Eowcls in the parish. of V^W- 

lingale-Dce, co. Ey?ox, 13 Dec. 1275. 
R^LPH" JocTLYN, o{ Hide Hall, Sawbridseworth co. Herts, and of tbc 
manor of Shellow-Bowck* in the P^rislYof \Vi Imsale-Doe co E^ 
bom at SheHo\v-Bowels 13 Dec. 1275, died after lol2-13 ^^^^d bofo.o 
1323. He married first Ann.: Sanpvs, eldest <l;^^^g^^^^^^ Yt t' ! 
rnd secondly IMaud Button, daughter of Sir Jo,m,t Knight, ^s..o 
married f:econd!y Iloger do lV>rner.s and died m l->^--^- , , , 

Ralph Jocehn succeeded his brother ifioims f.bout 12.M, a.icl haU 
livcr>' of his father's lands in Oct. 1297,J havinRproved his ^^f •§ J^ 
his deposition on this occasion Ralph de^iork ci ^^"^^thing ^;^ J.s^ 
ared forty years, stated that Ralph Joceivn, son of lhon.^s, was 
?^-entv-one years of a-c en the Feast of St. Lucy the Virgm ]|rcviotLs 
thari^ was born at ShcUo^. and was baptized in the parish chnrch of 
^Yillineale-Uoe on the fourth day after his birth, and mat be, tL. Ue- 
ponenf, held him at the font and gave lum nis n-me 

R.iph .TocPlvn held court at Shcllow-Bosvels m 129b. 0^,S/kt. 
130f he held one and a half Icnight's fees in ^^^^^'^'o^'-f ^^.fr;^;;f,^Se- 
worth.ll In 13U9 he was a commis^^ioner to collect a tax m ller or J- 
s}>ire, for the war vnth Scotland.lj He was living 2-i leb. lol^/ lo. 
Child by second wife: 
12. i. Jeffrky.i^ 

Jeffreti^ Jocelyn, of Hide Hall in Sawbrid-eworth., co Herts, and of 
• Se manor of Shellow-Bowels or Shello.;Jocelyn in ^'Vilhns;.le-Doc 
CO Essex, died between 1360 and 1373. He married A akgarkt 
ROKRLL daughter of Rubert. On 28 Dec. 133S he leased tne manor 
of Shellow-Jocelvn to Robert le Marshall of >iorthwe|a ana ^^^^ 
his wife durin- their lives, subject to a reut charyc ot £G ^ Y^t auung 
{^ life of b^ AjclTrey's) mother. Tlais ^-'-M>^^^^" .J^^^ j^ 
selyn family into the possession of ilic 1 orre.i jam ly t;e.n<, c.. ea 
Torreir:^ Kail or Shellow-Torreil : but it came agam mvO ti.o rH.-s^es.ion 
of the Josselyns some two hundred years later {mne vnjn^, -.i/. 
13. i. Ralph." 
13. Ralph^^ Jocelyn, of Hide Hall in Sawbridgewortli, co. Her 1^, succeeded 
w his father's lands not later than 13/3 and uic.d about iob3. .ie 
ma T^d mI^^garkt dk Fatmek, daugl ter and h-^ncss or coheiress c 
S:;; this John de being son o. John and Sara oe Pata|er and 
c^aiidsou of Philip de Palmer of Patmcr liall ana his Tv_Je,^^sh-.. v..-s 
daucrhter and heiress of John Bawde of Somerby, co._ Lracojm,! la 
1373 Ralph Jocelyn held liflli a bught's fee m feawbridgcworth. 

"^'^rcXd-ir of Chancery luquisiticns Post Morte... vol. 1. no. 1S70 (puWkh.d by 
''Vc3SS^o"i>arSllo!l.. 1307-1.13. p. 1S4 (published by the BrniO,] Govern- 



;' i- •; 1^0 KlmS'p.-ii.r... soo I.^lUrations of the H.rlc^an Society, vol. 13, pp 2^- 
^i' iV.r tho .;!rm3 of thi- f:unily and of the Baw-le f;..n.ny vute sup^a. p. 2.i... U-Otnotc 
(tho ft'.inth and cii;hlh quartcriagti oi ihe Josselyn anui-;. 


if .ir 

1917] Genealogical Research in England 289 

i. Thomas/* d. s.p. after 1407, whoa he graated Hide Hall to hia 
brother Jen'rcy;* m. Maud df Bkaixtrkk, dautihter and heiress 
of Adam, who probably brought to her husband as her n'i:irria.?c 
portion the proijerty called Braintrces in Hathcld-Broad-Oak, co. 

14. ii. JnrtKKY. 

14. Jfffkey-' Jdlelyn, of Hide Hall in Sawbricigeworth, co. Herts, died in 

l-I^o."' Perhaps lic married first Ka.tpikkine , daughter of 

Thomas, Lord Bray;t and tie married, perhaps secondly, Joan 

— , who is said to have been daughter of Thomas Bcrrie. On 17 

Oct. 1394 he is recorded as about to go into Ireland in the King's ser- 
vice, with Thomas de Percy, steward of the King's household. J Py 
his will of 1-12-i, which is now missing, lie left Hide Hall to his son and 
heir Thomas, subject to the dower of las wife Joan.* 
Children by first wife: 

15. i. TKOM-it^.i-' 
ii. Makourt or Makcaret. ' • . 

iij. EuZATJr.TH. 

16. iv. Jeffrkt. 
V. William, a priest, d. s.p. 
vi. SiK Ralph, Knight, b. at Sa\s"bridgeworth, co. Herts; d. s.p. 25 

Oct. ]47S;_u). (1) I\1akc;fky ;§ m. (2) Phili^pa Malpas, 

who \.-.\.s livio.'.r 2S .Jan. 1450/1, when her Imsbatid bought the manor 
of /\spen(]en iraii. co. Herts, dau. of Philip, Lord Mayor of London 
in 144S; in. (3j Elizaseth Baklev, dau. of William or Heitry 
of .■\'^pea;Irn, co. Herts. EIi.'<:abeth (Barley) Jocelyn m. (li) Sij 
Rol-ert ChiToid of Brakenborou^^h, Knight, third s.'of Lord Clif- 
ford, and d. between I May 1525 and 20 July 1526.!! The church 
at Ijong Melford, co. Sufi'olk, contains a fine, old/ stained-glass 
window rei)iesenting Sir liobert Chfford, his wife Eiizabetb, and her 

1 first husband, Sir Ralph Jocels'n. Sir Ralph is of record in 

1433, as of Aspenden, being mentioned as one able to spend .£lO, 
jicrhap^ iu anticipation of a royal loan. He was a member o^ the 
i Company oi Drapers of London' was elected aldern:au from Cora- 

hill Wa'.d 29 Nov. 145G, was master of tlie Company of Drapers 
in 1457-S, sheriiT iu 145S-9, auditor in 14t)l, lord mavor hi 1464-5, 
. and was ciootc d a Kni.^ht of the Bath by Edward iV at th*" c-iro- 

\ ' ' nation of his queen, Elizabeth Woodviile, 24 May 1455. Be wa,d 

1a member ^of Parliament for London in 14G7, and was agaia 
elected lord mayor in 1470.^1 In his mayoralty Sir Rahili bad t'\e 
■vvul! of Loridun repaired between Aldsate and Alderssate and the 
[ I'leet Ditch cleaned. He also corrected the abuses of the bakers 

I • IlLiiloiaa MS. 4941, in the British Miisuum. 

[ t KaiKerino, daughter of Thomas, Lord Bray, may have b'^en the lir::t vriii of Jef- 

I froy'd sou JetYrey (vidr infra. H)). 

t v..alei.dar of Patem ilolb, 1.391-1396, p. 494 (published by the British Govera- 
> § Hitherto all WTitors have agreed in assiszuing to f^ir Ralph Jocelyn but two v^ivos, 

; . rhilippti and Elizuij'.th; but (Jeoilrey Chittock, citizoa and draper of London, in hi.-j 
^'■■•.ll f!atr;d IG July 147n, endows a chantry iu the church of St. Sv.ii hin, Loudoii Stoa'\ 
and direcT,.j -chat tho chautvy priest shall praj- for thy souls of Tho' Ayleshv, luce 
^ dnipc- Qf Lom],;,,j^ John and Joan, par.juts of the s;iid Thoma.s, RuId!; J^jioelyn. Kiiis^ht, 

I al'K-nuan and draper, Mari,'ory und Phillip, late vrive.-? of tho ^aid Ralph, and Elizabeth, 

I Lis prcneut wife [and others], this endowr.ieat botu<; made at the instance and request of 

j tiic .-ud llalph. (Wills in the Court of Uustiu^^.-^. vol. 1. p. oSi.) Perhaps Margery, 

\\ Y "•' '^^' Ralph Jof-elyn, was identical with the Margery, widow of Thomas 
I .Vvli;-! y. \vi*h whoni and witli uf h-TS. executors of the will of tho said Thomas, Sir llulph 

i '.'"'''■•■•. '•" 1 ! ^1 :iiid 1 !m; s-;.'d the cr. .hior.^ ..t th^' e>r-it.- of th- .■^;dd Thonius. iCalea- 

j '•■■■r "i y.i- ::f K,4N. lUl-M \>\. pp. 21:,. :i>7.) Or p.rhaps Mir^-erv. the first wife of 

j Mr U:i ; h, ^' us a d.ur.:h:. r of 'Ihomu^ .\yir.-^},y. 

I y ''..^^''" '^ on r.'.-ord at Soiue.-.s.-t ilou-e, it, P.C.C., Poreii. 9. 

' „ Li. ii._'.v>.a"y Aliicrajexi of the Vi'.v ol Lond'.«a. 


240 •' Genealogical Research in Eiujland [July 

and victuallers. In 1471, in the Wars of the Roses, when the 
Kentish levies under Thomas Neville, the Bastard of FauC<)n- 
bridge, attacked Bishopp^ate and Aldj^ate, l/ondon, in an c^^tt^-mpt 
to rescue Henry VI fi-uni his imprisonment in the Tower, Sir J\a!ph 
raised forces and, sallying forth, defeated Neville and hi.-, laeu. 
From the point of viev>- uf public service he w:is certainly the mo?'t 
pronjinent man of the family-. He v/as bur. in St. .Sv»i'hiii"s 
Church, London, of which he was a benefactor, in "a fair tc>;iji'," 
which was destroyed in the Great Fire in 1605.* A nieruOii'I 
brass, no longer in existeace, v.'as erected to hi.-, memory in the 
chin-ch at Sawbridge worth, co. Herts, bearing the foilowiii? Li- 
Ecription: "Orate pro anima Radulphi Joslyne quondam militis 
et bis Maioratus Ciuitatis London qui obiit .xxv. Octob. i\L ccec. 
lxx^-iii."t Because of this brass some writ'^rs have stated that 
he was bur. in tlie Sav.bridgeworih church. The inqui'-ition 
po.=5t mortem on his estate shows that he thed seLsed of the manors 
of Lynclehacie and Southcotein co. Bucks; the manor of Cha.dewell 
in Chadewell, Thurrock, East Tilbury, and West Tillnirj,', the 
manor of Bursted, and lands aiid tenements in West Ham, all 
in CO. Essex; and the inaiior of Aspenden Hall in the parishes of 
Bvmtingford, Layston, Throcldn^, V*'.yddial, VN'akelcy, and West- 
roiU, and the manor of Austey, all in co. Herts; and that Lis heii' 
was George Jossclyn, aged 50 years ux\6. more at the death of the 
said Ralph., s. of biti brotlier Thomas. J 

15. TEOitAS^^ JoscKLYN {J cffrey^^), cA Hide Hall iu Sswbridgevvorth, co. 

Herts, died before 147S, He married, about 1426, Alici: LVcKij, 
daughter of Levvis of ]3ukes, co., by bi.s wife Anna, daughter 
rnd heiress of John Cotton, Esq. 

17. i. Geokgs,i« b. in 1428. 

16. Jzftrey" Joss-Blyn (Jejfrci/*) died 2 Jan. 1-170/1. Ho married first, 

KATHEriXE ;§ and secondly Joan . A memorial brass 

in the church at Sawbridgeworth, co. Herts, where tbey arc biLricdj is 
inscribed: "Hie iacent Galfredus lo^lj-ne & Kalherino, ac Joanna 
xxov cius, qui obiit ii Janunr M ccce bkX."ii 
Child by fir^t wife: 

18. i. John." 

• Stow's Survey of London, 1598. 

t Weever's Ancient Funeral Monuments of Great Britaiue, Ireland and the Hands 
Adiacent: p. o-tO. 

t Inqa:3ltior..s Pest Mortf^m, Ed-s^ard IV, file 66, no. 28. Sir Kearj' C!i;ruQey, h: hii 
Bis'x.ricai Antiquities of iierlfordshire, published ii 1700, ni.ilcos a mistake v,-bich bi3 
been repeaxed by all later biof,raphers of Sir Ealph Jocelyn. This is his ycateouent that. 
Bir .F.p.Jph had a son .Richard, of Fidlers iu Writtle, co. Ks-ex, wliose dauiiater Beatrice 
msiried Joh.'i Brovme. Aocording to the Visitation of E?>;ex of 1812 (l'tiblicaiio'\s of 
the Har'.r.ian Socirti/, \o\. 13, p. 163) John Bro-^vne married BoAtrix, dauRht^r to ilich^.rd 
J'.^eeljn of lidclcr? in c::)imty Essex, son and beir to "Alderraan Jo;=^elyn Vyhoe I,''';th 
buryed at St. Mary at ll^il." (A later hand, perhaps Chauncy's, has changed the place 
of burial to St. S'vithin's. Loudon Stone.) Now chis statement, as it Etood orif;irnlly, 
vas correct. Kichard Oosselyn, iroumon=;or and alderman of London, in hi3 vill dated 
20 Apr. 1428, requests that his body be buried in the church of St. i\Iary at liill and 
ir.ent'ons his vrifo Beatrice and, anions; cnher children, his son Richard. (Wills in the 
Court of iiustings, vol. 1, p. 4tj3.) lie in ohvious-ly rot identical with Si'- K;siph J-;oc- 
lyn, nor did he belon;; to the family with which this article is concorLied. Moreover, 
the inQ"ji.=ition post re.ortt'ni, meutioncd above, slates that the heir of Sir Ralph was 
George .Iooscl>n, son of Ralph's brother Thoniiis. 

§ As Lss been stated above (p. 239, footnote), Katherine, daughter of Thora-us, 
Lord Brav, icav have been the Tvife of JeiTrey (1(3) rather than the wife of his father 

Ij "'A tvvsr's \2C'ie7:t FuDoral Monuments of Great Britaine, Ir<-land and the Hands 
Adja.^-^t, p. ioO. t^ouiR authoritiiL- .-^ay that the rcadiui: in the inscription is "xx 
Januar." not "ii .Tanuar.'' This brass ba.s been wtod^'Iv uivril'-.d to the father of this 
inaj\ J^'Jrvv J .cu'yu (.14). 


1917] Genealogical Research in England 241 

17. George^' Josselyn {Thomas^^, Jcffrcif*), of Hide Hall in Sawbrij;-,-^. 
worth, CO. Herts, aud of Sheorinf!^, co. Essex, born in 142S, died ;i.ft(r 
14S0, the yenr in which he settled Hide Hall on his son Ralph.* H,-. 
married JsIaud Bai'DOLPH, daughter and heir of Edmund. He ]c 
said to have been called " Jocelyn the Courtier." He was heir of hi<^ 

[ ^ uncle, Sir Ralph (.14, vi), and at the death of the latter in 147S was 

taid to be lifty vcars and more of aco.j 
' Children: 

i. Ralph," b. abt. 14.55; d. in 1504; m. abt. 14S0t IvATUKmNE Mar- 
tin, living; iu 1513, dau. and coheiress of Richard of ^'^avt-rc^hain, 
: CO. Kent. Ralfth Josselyn was collector of the ali<H-! subsidy for 

■ CO. Ilerts in 14SS/1>, comiaissiouer of gaol deliveries iu HOft, 1,503, 
and 1504, and ju-stice of the peace iVoin 1486 uutil his death. 
Children: 1. Geuige,^^^ a priest, b. abt. 1400:* d. s.p. afti-r 1.j24; 
he sold Hide Hall to his unde, John Jo?3e!>Ti (19), in 1513. j 2. 
Gabriel, b. alii. 1492; d. s.p. after 1524; hi 15T3 he releaeed his 
rights in Hide HaU to his uncle, John Josselyn. 3. John. b. abt. 

1494; d. in 1.553; la. Anne ; IMargaret, his dau. and heires^i, 

m. John Foxlev- 

19. ii. John, b. al)t. 14G0. 
iii. Fbilip, a priest, b. abt. 1462; d. abt. 1509. He v/as inducted as 

vicar of Savvbridgeworth, co. Herts, 22 Dee. 1487, and later wai 
vicar of High Rodmg, co. Essex, holdixie; this living until ws deaf h. 
His successor vras inducted there 23 Juno 1509. 
iv, Elizabtl'ih, d. l;o:ore 1524; m. Roe>:rt FitzKerbeut, who d. Ijefon; 
1524. Child: 1. Anne, m. John Bottenham. 

18. Jom-:^" Josselyn {Jeffrey,^^ Jcffrey^^), of Sheering, co. E&sex, died before 
Aug. 1524. He married Anke . 

Cliildren: ' ' ' 

20. i. Rali-ii,!- b. abt. 1475. 
ii. Piuuv, b. abt. 1477; on a subsidy hst at Braintree, co. Essex, in 

. . 1624/5; m. Agnes Da-vtces, dau. of Pcobert. Child: 1. Philip,-^ 

of Little Leigbs, co. Essex, d. abt. 1552;§ m. Auue Brooirs; Y,-ho 
survived him, dau. of John; his dau. Susan m. Thoroas \Yil3on of 
Jenkins in Sti-ted, co. Essex. 
' ili. Jeffrey, b. abl. 1479; hvin2;iu 1525; on a subsidy list at Sl'.eerina;, 
CO. Essex, in 1513-14. Child: 1. Thomas,^^ d. 6 July 1552; m. 
Elizabeth Hadleigh, who d. 17 Apr. 15S7, diiu. of Xicaoks; hiS .'-. 
Thomas d. 17 Sept. 1611, and to the latter's s. Thomas the 
ancient arms of the JosseI>TLs were aliov/ed or confirmed at the 
Visitation of London of 1G33-4.!! 
iv. Agnes or Ax^^rB, b. abt. 14S1; m. iHor.tAS Poole. 

I'J. JoH>?" JossEi,YN {George,^'' Thoraas,^^ Jejjrei/^), of Nev/hall Jo.sseljti iu 
High Roduig, CO. Essex, and of Hide Hnli in Sawbridgeworth, co. 
Herts, the testator of 1524, born about 1 160, died 14 July 1525. *^[ He 
roian'if.d fust, before 1492/3, Cicely (AIolineux) Fia'zHEKBfjnT, 
who died 7 July 1502, the inquisition post mortem being taken 12 Feb. 
1503/4, dau::)itcr of John IMolineux of Chipping Campdeu, co. 
Gloucester, and wi{low of Henry Fit:'.Berbert; and secondly PniLiPPA 
(]iRAD2Li.iY) BAKLEi', the testatnx of 1530, who died after 14 Oct. 

• Exch!:Qc.:r Inquisitions Post Mortem, file 29.5, no. 6. (Public Eeoord OiTice, Lon- 

t Vvic ynipra, p. 210. 

4 Jc-ct, 01 Finns, Hertfofd.-:bh-e, lYinlty Term, 5 Henry VIII. (Public Revord 
OiSce. L^jiidon.) 

i Ili.s Cfi-.":;::!!! -w-il!, dated the l.Tsi of Julv 15.">'2, is in the Commissary Court of Iaie- 
doij f' r i:-:-v .'ari Horts [Somerset Houicj'; lju2. 
Ii \ t..'v y-ii'i-/i, p. 2Zj, foutnolo. 

1 l;..i:ii;iuoiJs Post Mortem, Chancery Series 2, vol. io, no. 9. (Public Record 
t Oujcc, Lc'udiiiU.' 


'O .^t 

242 Genealogical Research in England [July j 


1530. daughter of Willinrn and Jauo (fit/AVillianis) Bradbury of 1 

i Littkbury nnd Wicken-lionlniut, co. Essex,* and widow of John liar- J 

ley of SUi{)leford-Ahbolt^, co. Kssex. j 

Jolin Joasclyu bought of his nephew, George Josselvti (17, i, 1), th.e ! 

ancestral estate of Hide Ilallin 1513. f i k'sidcs the two estates abovf; [ 

mentioned he had others in High Roding, Great Dunrnow, Avthori:'e- i 

' ■ Rodmg, n^illingh.aiii, King's llatiiclfl ov llatfielddk-oad-Oak, !>hpllov/- \ 

Bowel?, Great "\\'althaui, Little Hallingbury, Little Canhelcl, and | 

Much or Great Canficld, all in co. Es.^cx. lie and his wife were buried in i 

the priory of King's llatiiekl, and in the chancel of the ancestral church i 

in Sawbridgeworth was erected a stateK tomb, with rccurab-ait fijiu'-es ; 
(carved in stone but now much defaced) of hiiu and his wife Phihppa. 
Above L: a marble tablet, Ijearing the inscription: "lleare Lyetli John 
Jocclyn Esqr., and Pliilipiia his ^^^fc \\-hich Jclm Dyed Ao Dom ]52.>." 
It seems probable that, when the priory jit King's Hatfield vras de- 
stroyed at tlie dissolution of the monasteries in 1533, their bodies were 
removed to Sav.bridge worth. . , . 
Children by first wiie:j 

i. PnrLir,'* d. young. 

ii. Nicholas, b. in i498; d. between Feb. 1503/4 and 1524. 

Cliildren by second wife: . ■ ■ " :, 

21. iii. Thomas, b. abt. 1507. 

iv. Janu or Joan, d. in 15G0; bur. in the church at Burnharn, co. 

Bucks; m. Siu Nicholas 'Wkntwortu of Liilingstone-LoveH, co. { • 

Bucks, Knight, K. of Hciif}' and .Jcian (FitzSyinonds). Children: | 

1. Peter, h. before lo-SO. ' 2. Henry, b. before 1530. 3. Cl'ire, j 

b. in or before 1530. 4. Paul. I 

V. Anxe, ni. after 1530 John* Bagott or Bagsuott of BioRcld, co. ' 

Norfolk, Esq. ! 

20. Ralph" Josselyn {John,'^^ Jcffrcy,'^^ JeJJrcy^^), of Much or Great Can- j 

field, CO. Essex, the testator of 1525. born about 1475, died after 30 j 
May 1-525. He married Elizabetu CoKxisn, daughter and coheiress 
of Vriiliam, who survived hira, and, with her daughter Agnes, was a 

legatee in the will of PhiUppa Josselyn, widow of John (19) of High • 

Roding, CO. Essex, dated 15 Oct. 1530. Ralph Josselyn was heir in i 

reversion to the lauds of thLs Jolm of High Roding, his second cousin, | 

in case of the death of John's sons and nephews without male issue. \ 

He was taxed on goods valued at £26 in 1523/4 and 1524-5; and bio 5 

widow was taxed on lands valued at 40s. a year from 15-12 lo 1546. i 

after which no i'ccord of her has been found. He probably held his j 
lands in Great Canfield of John Josselyn (19). 

Children: i 

j, A'^x-is,'^ b. abt. 149^; d. after 155S; rn. Sjf. John" \Visf,ma:n of I 

Canfield, lo. F;s3e:<, Kuig;ht, who d. 17 Aug. 155S, s. of sVilliain 1 

and Mary (Glascock). He was one of the auditors to King Htury ! 

VIII. ar.;] bought Great Cauticld I'ark, -svith land- Ivin:; in Grc.xt: j 
and Lit tie CauQfid, Takeley, and King's Hatt^.eid "(or Hutfield- 

Bro2.d-0;ik), CO. Essex, lie and his wife are Iniried in the churca | 
of Great Canfiehl. Children: 1. Johp, ni. Mars-'cry \V.aId(\griive, 

dau. of Sir William of co. Suffolk, Knight; four ciiiidreu. 2. j 

'iVuliatn, d. s.p. 3. A son, d. s.p. 4. Rvbtrt, gent!em;'-n pen- | 

eioner to Queen Elizabeth, d. s.y.; m. five times. 5. Thornaj, i 

d. in July 1503; l)ur. at Chelm.-ford, co. Essex. 0. Philippa, ni. j 

(1) Wiiiiara Gia.-'cock of Minchins in Great Dunmow, co.; j 

in. (2) after 155S Andi-cw Pascall; six children by tir^t huibaud. I 

' Th'Py wert! ancestors of Thomas Bradbury, the emigrant to New England. 

t ViiJy safjra, p. 241. i 

X The 'J'.n-:al'Aji^t, Nesv Series, vol. 3, pp. 141-11-2. j 

1917] Genealogical Research in England 243 

7. Margaret, m. (1) Everard; m. (2) Church. 8. 

Margery, m. (1) John Pascall of Great Baddow, co. Esspx, m. (2) 

Readc. 9. Clemcnce, m. Richard Everard of 'Waltham, 

CO. Essox, s. of Richard and Mary (Wood); eix chilJrevi. 10. 
Katharine, m. Thomas Yoang; of Yoimga Newland in Kcwvell; co. 

Essex, s. of Thomaa and (Stcvt-ps).* 11. Anne, iri. (I) 

Jcba I.inddcll: m. (2) alter 155S John Glascock of Eoxvvcli, co. 

ii. Philip, of Much or Great. Canfield, co. Essex, b, abt, 1501; heir to 
his f:ithcr':^ freehold lands and to the tenoment called Caldrci; and 
Cokmemys; taxed in 154:3 for goods valued at £10. 
22. iii. Ralph, b. abt. 1503. 

iv. Nicholas, b. abt. loOG; under twenty-one years of age '.vhea his 
father made his will in 1525. 

V. Dknys (dau.), b. abt. 150S; Uving iinm. iu 1525. 

21. Sm THO.\rA_sis Josselyx {John .i" George}^ Tho7nas,^= Jeffrey^*) , of Hide Hal 1 
in Sawbridgeworth, co. Herts, and of Ncwhall Josselj'n iu High Roding, 
CO. Essex, }vnip;ht, the testator of 16G1, v/as born about 1507, being 
eighteen ycara of age at the time of his father's death,| and died 24 Oct. 
1562. Be married, in 1524, Dorothy Gatks, the testatrix of .1.579, 
who died before 11 leb. 15S2/3, daughtcj; of Sir Jeffrey of ffiah 
lioding, CO. Essex, Knight, by liis T^^fc Eb'zabetli Clopcon, dauKhttr'ot 
Sir William of Iventv/ell, co. Suffolk, Knight. Sir John Gates, Kaigld,. 
brother of Dorothy (Gates) oosselyUj was captain of the Guard of 
Ec".vard Yl, chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster, and u member of 
the Pri\^' Coancil. Sir I'honias, after the suppression of the monas- 
teries, bouglit of Henry Vlll, 2S Apr. 1540, the manor of Covrickbury 
it; Sheering, CO. Essex, for £314. 4s. 4d. Tlds he sold in 1656. In 
1540 he received from the Ivijig a grant of the nmnor of Bromeshobury 
in Hatlicld-Broad-Osk, co. Essex, He bought the manor of High 
Roding in 1553-4. He also had lands in Aytborpe-Roding and Caa- 
field, CO. Essex, and m Sawbridgewovth, co. Herts, ho had the ance.s- 
tral estate of Hide Hall. He v/as created Knight of the 7>ath at the 
coronation of Edward VI., 20 Feb. 35-47/8. He and his wife 'ie 
buried in the Sawbridgeworth chm'clu 
Child r€ a: 

i. Maky,'* b. abt. 1525; li-ang iu 15G1; m. (1) John Keble; m. (2) 

before 150 J. .John Glascock of Notley anr^ of Powers Hiili, 

\Vithani, CO. Essex, s. of Richard and Grace (Musgrave). Child 

■ by Keond husband; 1. Mr.riha, m. Edmoud Aleyne of Ha-.heid- 

Pcverel, co. Essex, b. of John and E i/'abeih (AiabastoT). 

ii. KTCiL\r:r>, of Hide Hall in Sawbridjrawcrth, go. "Her-.3, sad of New- 

hall_JossehTi in ilij.'h Roding, co. E-^scx, b. abt. lo2r>-7; d. in SepL 

.. . 1575;+ ID. (1) A/.:cE SiinLTON, dau. of Sir John, Kni;-hc, and 

MaVfZiaret (Parkrr); m. (2) Axne Ltucas, dau. of Thomas, Esq.. 

and Mary (Jeruij-n) of Bury St. Ed:nund3 and Lii^tle Il(*nun<2;- 

shoatli, c<.. Sufl^olk. Anne ni. (2) Higham, d. at Hide Hall 

in Apr. ICOl, and was bur. in the cboncel of the Sawbild^cworib 
church. Children by second wife: 1. Jg;;^ or /ocr^-o (twia), b. in 
1561; m. abt. 15S7§ ]?'ranci3 Reeve of Hubbard HaU in Harlow, co. 

• Thomas YoaD?, eon of Thomas and Katherine CvVi.seraan) (20, i, 10), iiiarrkV. 
FarncU iiurnvick, dai;t;hter and coheiress of WilHam; and Thomas Youxiet, soa of 
ThcTDas CLd Parucll (iiimwick), rnarnod Elizabeth Elliot, daughter and Leireaa of 
Edward and Jano (God;.re) of Xewlandb Hall in Roxwcll. The father and grandfather 
ot .I'noTTias J?sselj-n (2S), the emigrant to New England, hoid their land.s iu Roxwcli 
Oi tlu' Edward Elliot. 

t lnQ-iMh"on-i Post Mortem, Chancen,- Series 2, vol. 45, no. 9. (Public Record 
Ulli'-o, Lni: V):i.1 

I r^J^ iuqnlsiWju-c Po:;t Mortem, ^Vard5.*^j►d Liveries, vol. 17, no. 47. (Public Record 

j Office, Lond-.i'.) 

{ § Cban'-.;ry I..ieyosition3, Eli/rab-jth to Chvrl^a I. J. 5/3. (Public Record Offic3, 

t IXMi'ion.) 

\ VOL. IXXl. 10 

.»•: A 

'244 Genealogical Research in England [July 

Essex, I), abt. 1501, living in 16:^>7,* s. of William and Rose (Arrcy- 
gcr)i.'^o ic^sue. 2. Mary (twin), b. in loGl, in. Thomas rellctt 
, of Bigiior, CO. Sussex; two child'vn. 3. hicharr/, h. in loG4;t 
bur. at Sawbridcowovth in Oct. 1G05;* m. at St. Dunstan's in the 
West, Lond'u;, lo J^ily ]5no. Joyrc Atkinson, dau. of Robert of- 
the Inner Teinph% Lontion, by his wife Joyce (.A^^Lfield) ; shr, 
survived nim and m. (2) WiUi.-im Bciinett; three children, the 
eldci^t s., Robert,-' beirr.- riiice^*or of the carl.i of Rodcn, whose 
family name is Jocelyn, 4. Winifjcd, b. in 1571; in. Sylvester 
Dodswori.h. 5. Keytc, b. at)t. loTU; d. younc;. G. Johtt-, h. abt. 
1575; d. in 1613/14 ;t m. abt. 15!i9 Elizabeth Wiseman, who d. 
in 1629, § dim. of Wilham and Mary (Cooke) of Mayland, co. 
Essex; lie matriculated at Emmanuel College, Cambridge, in the 
autunm of 15S0; v\as of Hide Jlall, Sawbridgeworth, which he had 
leased of his brother Richard, and of Gray's Inn, London; five 
children. j! 
iii. Tiio.M.\s, b. abt. 1528; d. s.p. after 1561; matriculated at Queen's 

Colleij?, Cambridge, in the autumn of 1545. 
iv. John, the testator of 19 July 1602; b. abt. the end'of 1529 [1529/30]; 
d. 2S Dec. 1003; b'ox. in the church of High Roding, co. E.ssex, 
where a monument with a very laudatory iiiscrintion was erected 
to bis memory. He matriculated at Queen's College, Cambridge, 
in the autumn of 1545, took his degree of B.A. in 1548/9, was made 
a felio^' of his college in 1549, nnd took his degree of TvI.A. in 1552. 
He was loctorer in Latin at Que^-n's in 1551-2, lectvn-or in Greek 
in 1551-2 :ind in 1555-G, dean of philosuphj- in 1552, and bursar 
in 1555-1557. He resigned his fcllonslup in 1557, and in 1558 
became Latin secretary to Archbishop Pa^-ker, under whose 
direction he collected the material for ''De Antiquitate Britan- 
nicae Ecclesiae, '' published by that prelate in 1572. Ke was one 
of tlie earliest students of Anglo-Sa.von, and in conjunction with 
the Archiiishop's f-on, John, compiled an Anglo-Saxon and Latin 
Dictionars . He also wrote the "Lives of the Archbishops" and 
the "History of Corpus Christi College, Cambridge." in 1560 
the Archbis]io0 made him a prebend of Hereford Cathedral, an 
office which he resigned in 1577, vrhen tlie Archbishop gave him 
the living of llollingbourne, co. Kent. In his v^-iil he bequeathed 
£100 for the founding of a Hebrew lectureship at Queen's College, 
and placed on record his disUke of the Church of iiome.^ 
V. LeonaI'.d, b. in 1530; d. s.p. before 1561. 

vi. Jan'e, b. abt. 1-532; d. before 1602; m. (1) RiCKAno Kelto.v: m. 
(2), as his third wife, Roger Haiii>.\kenden'** of EarPs Coine, co. 

* C!liHnorry Depositionr, EhV.abcth to Charles I, J. 5/.3. (Public Record OJSco.) 

t Juqi',isi-.i-)r;3 Pust M<>ri'^m, ChaTicery Scries 2, vI. 173, no. 43. fPuhlio Record 
Office, London.) 

1 iiis original will is in tliC Conmiisiury Court of London for Esdn: and Hoii,3 
(Sorj-itr.<^et Houso ], 1614. ' 

§ .VI or orirrinal will is iii i'n. Coiirfc of the Archdeaconry of Colchester [Someriet 
Hous^;, lo2'j/30, no. 22. 

i! The. five children v/ero: 1. John,-- born at Rawbridgeworth in 1602; died in 
1070; nj'..iTied Mary Aieic, d-niclifer of Kathai.iel of Siurmer, co. lu>.-(,'."v, and had is-^ae; 
he matiicuiated at K.nmiariu-l C'ollefce, Caaibrid'-'o. in the spring of l'J2_', and n-yidL-d at 
FecrLu:;. co. Essex ; in his will (P.C.C., Pi-na, IGo) he .states that Ijc, his father, and his 
60U Nathaniel were all educated at Emmanuel Coileicc, Canibridue, montious tiio found- 
iiig of a Hebrew locturoshiti by his great-uncle a'ld godfather, John Jot^selyn (21, iv), 
and ciakc5 Rev. liulcih Jo^^>-'jlin, the diarist (27, iii), a of his charities. 2. 
Thomas, died in 1639; ir.ntriculated at Eniinanuel CoUet^e, Canihrid;::e. in the .spring of 
1519: A.L!., 1622/3: A.M., 1026; vioar of Mayliad, co". Essex. 3. Edward, of Col- 
chester, CO. Essex, living in ir.72; married and had issue. 4» Rol'crt, of Colchester, 
CO. Essex, died in 164'J; cither ho or his brother Edward was probably the "Cosin 
Jo3?e]in" mentioned by Rev. R.-^.tph Jo.-^selin in hi.s di;iry under date of 7 Sept. 164G 
(ciV/V f^rnrj, p. 2.)4t. -j. M'\rff;a, ri;arried William Pennoyer and had issue; for the 
v.iWr' i.f W iJiiini Pfiiuioy. r uid Murtha, liis widow, r;</'; Rtinsri'.i;, vol. 15, pp. l.j^-100, 
or V.''it.'i--"s l,l-n<-ai>)L-ie;il Gle;minKS iii En;.iiand, vol. 1, pp. 504-506. 
*ii <'i'. •.?!•■ -'.. It'll <j! hi.-i life in the L>ic*ion,'irv of National Hio>;r.>[)hy. 
*• (".-:i:>i]!. ''icr '.r Rojrer Harliikenden, of M-abel, wife of Gov. John Haynes, and of 
D?rt!l:y, •■Mil; '..f Dcj.'Uty-Gov. SainutJ Symonds, all enngrauLs to New England. 

1917] .-Genealogical Researdi in England 245 

Essca, and of co. Kent, who d. in 1G02, s. of John and Joan 
23. vii. Henry, ]>. n< Willingalc-Doe, co. Essex, abt. 1540. 

viii. Edward, of Loddington, co. Northamiiton, b. abt. 154S and bapt. 
by Archbi-hop Cranmer,' Kiuii Ed\sard VI being "his godiath^'r; 
d. 15 Apr. 1627;* m. MAKYLAMbu, who d. 22 Feb. 1614/ ir,j 
dau. and heiress of John of co. Middlesex. Children: 1. 
Mar-y,-'^ m, Peter Gates of London; had if&uo. 2. Ktinxj., of 
Oakington, co. Cambridge, d. s.p. between 1G53/4 and 1057. t 
3. John, d. yoiip.;::. 4. Thomas, d. s.p. 5. Winifred, v\. John 
Syday of Bures-Mount, co. Essex; had issue. 6. Jane, d. c'lt. 
1G37, administration on her estate being granted to iier brother 
Henry 4 Nov. 1637. 7. Dorothy, living in 1653/4; m. (1) Richard 

Stubbins; ni. (2) Martin; hadiisvie. 8. Ati,ne,n\. 

Lovett; had issu^. S. EUza^idh, living unm. 11 June 1657, 
when she proved her brother Henry's will. 

22. Ralph^* Josselyx (llalph,^'' Jchn,'^^ Jeffrey,-^ Jcfjrcif^), of iMuch or 
Great Canfleld, co. Essex, and later probably of Fyfield, co. Essex, 
born about 1^/03, probably died before 1546, as hi.s nanie is not found 
in the very coi-iplete subsidy for that year, altlloup;]) the names of his 
mother and his sons appear. No will or administration of his estate 
is now (:X{Rv.i. The na'Jie of his wife i.s unknown. 

i. SiMC.N-,-3 i]^r. te?tat:nr of 1577/8, b. abt. 1523; d. between 15 Mar. 
1577/S and 3 Feb. 157S/0; m. at Fyfield, co. Esse.x, 12 Oct. 1544, 
MARGARF/r Poole, v.:ho sur"vnved him. He was taxed in F>'ficld 
in the subsidy for 1646 on good" valued at £20, and shortly ilic-re- 
aftcr inoved to Felstead, "co. Essex, abt. t^n miles nortli frora 
Fyfieid, Children: 1. Ralph,^^ heir to hi.s father's lands, b. and 
bapt. 6 Dec. 1546; in the subsidies for Felstead I'S Ivte as 1620. 
2. John, b. abt. 1550; living in 1577/8. 3. Jtffraj, h. abt. 
1555; living in 1576/7, when he was mentioned in the will of hi.s 
father, and in 1604/5, when he was niontioncd iu the will of his first 
cousie, Thoions Jossel\^l (24, ii) of Rochford, co. Essex, v/ho re- 
I mitted a debt owed by liim. 

i 24. ii. JoHX, b. abt. 152.5. 

\ ill Agnes, 1). abt. 1527; rn. at FySeld, co, Essex, 14 Sept. 1544, JojiN 

I 23. 

heiress_of Humphrey and Alice (Le\-enthorpj of Ton-ell's Hall in 
West ■Jhurroek 'iMiflTorr ell's Hall or Shcllow-Torreli in the parish of 
V;;llingak-Doe, co. Essex. This latter property was formerly cahed 
vSiicllo'.v-Jocclyn, and was at one time held by Jeffrey Josselyn (12). 

,Children : 
i. HuMPHRKY,"!^ b, abt. 1563; d. s.p. between 1579, when he was meii- 
tion-xl in his gTandmothei^s wiU, and 1537J when he was not 
mentioned in his fatht-r's will. 
ii. Mary, b. abt. 1.565: m. (i), by licence dated 18 June 1583, EmvAR.T) 
Harris of Southminscer, co. Essex, s. of William and Anne 
(liutter); in. (2) Sir Roi-ert Lku.h of Chhigford, co. Essex, 
Knight, b. abt. 1567, d. IS June 1622, s. of Pcobert; m. (3) Sir 

* Hi? will. pTovf.fJ 'JG Apt. 1027. i.s iu V.C.C, Skinucr. 42. 

1 His \Mli. i.r.A-,-.:i 11 Juiir- Jt>.">7, i>. in P.C.C., Putlicri. 2 It-. 

I Jn(jijisitio!i:- i'l.ijr \iori,<'iii. CIi:ii':Cir:v S:>rics 2, vol. 70, (». S2. 

§_//'., vol. 22}. >.('. 44. \'i'l'. .vu/;r<», ■]«"•:» 1, fiir fM-ord of a'i.;;ir>;si7;ition on her estato 

i 'I'J 1 . 

1 25 





246 Genealogical Research in England ; [July 

Ralpfi Cantrell of nomingi5tone and Bury St. Edmunds, co. 
Suffolk, Kiiijiht, s. of Ralph anrl Anne (SiilL^dor). Childroc by 
fii-st husband: 1. Anne. 2. ArUiur, d. in ISS'J. Children by 
second husband: 3. Robert. 4. Thomas. 5. Edward. G. ^fGry. 
7. ElizahcCn. S. Grafc. 0. .1 dnvjhtcr. 
Thomas, b. aht. li>C,7. 

GitACE, b. abt. loG'J; livinc; in 1002; m. Wii.mam Ball of Cam- 
bridge. Childjvn: 1. 'Jhinims. 2. Edward, living', in 1653/4.* 
3. Dudhij, u\. Cwrgo Evelyn. 4. Aim,-, m. llalr-Iifle Todd of 
Stunner, co. Esocx; living, with her husband and dau. Anne, 
in 1653/4.* 
Anne, b. abt. 1571; living in 1G53/4; d. .<!.p.; m. Rogkr IIigham of 

Cowhd^.e near Newmarket, co. C.-anbrid^i!. 
Francis, b. abt. 1.573; d., probably s.p., before 9 Mar. 1G18/19, 
v.hen administration on liis estate wa.s prantcd to hin brother 
Anthony; m. after 1G04 I^.-vdy Maugaket (Ttkrkll) (Daniel) 
Fitch, who was bur. at ChiKUal St. .Iainc3, co. F/-;ox, 27 Dec. 
IGlo, dau. and coheiress of lOdmund Tyrrell of the lieeche-S in 
Kawrcth, co. Essex, and widow uf Juhn Daniel of Sir Francis 
Fitch, Knight (v>ho d. 2 Oct. 1001). ]-'r.;ncir. Jo.^r-olyn matricu- 
lated at Jesus Coilejt^c, Car'}bridt';e, at Christmp.s 15vi2. Jle wo;? 
of Crundoa Fark, Orsett, co. Essex, at tlie time of his death. 

vii. IIe.ntiy, b. abt. 1575; d. s.v. in lOOo; matriculated at Jesus College, 
Cambrid-.-, at Clxristmas 1502; B.A. 1505/G; M.A. 1599; a 
fellow of the Co!!.-2:e. 

viii. WiNiFr.;jD, b. abt. 1577; hvioii in lGl)o, when she wr>3 mentioned in 
her brother Christopher d wili; m. after 1602 THOiiA:-< or Ricul^rd 
ScoTr. Child: 1. Mary. 

ix. Anthoxy, b. abt. 1579; d. in IGIS; livinc; unm. in 1627. 

X. ELiz,, b. abt. 15S1; m. after J 005 John Yakdley. 

xi. CnRiSTOPHEH, of Hiiiih Koding, co. Es.^ex, gentleman, the testator 
of IGOo, b. abt. 15S3; d. s.y. abt. 1G05. 

xii. ICateerine, b. abt. 15S5; m. after 1C05 John Han.^ox. Child: 1. 

24. JoriN^9 JossELYN {Ralph,'' i7ub,^<," JoJoi.'^JoJycy,'^ Jc£'re>/'), oi F}-ueld, 
CIiA2;nal-Smealv, ri7id lioxwell, co. E.s.iox, born about 1o2o, \va^ buried 
at RoxNv ell IS Fel). 157S/9. lie married at Fyfield, 15 Jan. 1514/5, 
Alick Nevitll, Vvidow, probably the Widow Jcslia who was buried at 
Eoxwel! 31 Jan. ] 600/1. 

Joljn Jo.=^el\3i is first of record at Fyfield , where he lived for a year i^.nd. 
a half, at least, after his mamage. Between 16 June 154o, when he 
is taxed at Fyfield, and 20 Apr. !.>i7, when he is ta.xed at Chignal- 
Smealy. lie moved to tlic Litter parish, six iniU\s northeast fro.ri Fyti-.''ld, 
although one of his children was later baptized in the latter place, proi>- 
ably having been bora there while her mother v.'as \'isiting relatives. 
At some time between 1551/2 and 1561 he moved to Koxwell, which 
li'f-s bctveen Fyllcld t.iid Cldsual-Sinealy, and there h.e lived the rest of 
• his life. A glance at the map of Essex shows how close to tlie old an- 
cestral seats of the fKUiiiy this branch of it remained. Fyfield Is six 
miles from Great Carifield, seven miles from Newhall Josselyn in 
Hii';h Eoding (both j)ar;she3 being in co, Essex), five miles from Hide 
Ilall iu Sawbridcoworth, co. Herts, and two miles from TorroU s 
Hall, anciently c;.Hed Shellow-Jocch'n, in Willingale-Doe, co. L-ssex. 
liox^vell is six miles from Newhall Josselyn, ten miles from Hide HsU, 
two nul'.'5 from TorrcU's Hall, seven miles from Great Canficld, and 
five miles from Fyfield. By a fine dated 1 and IS Mav 1573 John 
Jossoivnaeqinredcf \Viili:im\Va:'Tthi^ITi)pi.rty call, d l{olliu.';Ijar.:ii in 
Newlaud hamlet in the parL-h of lloxw.-M, con-Lsting of ;i hot^j, gir- 

• Y.'i'A of li nry .IdSociya, a cwu-sin. li"'''i I. (I'.''.'"., rt'uli. n. 210.) 

1917] Genealogical Research in England 2-17 

den, orchard, one hiindred and forty acres of land, ten acres of meadow, 
ten acres of pasture, and ten acres of wood. This property, now 
called Bokliii.c^Iiatch, lies about two miles northeast from the church at 
Roxwell and abont hah' a mile from Good Easter, co. E.-sex, where in 
tlie next generation a kinsman of John Jossoh'n, Rev. Jeffrey Jossiyn,* 
held the living for fifty years. John Josselyn held Bollin.diatch of the 
manor of Nc\s"laiid Hall, tb.e lord of the manor, l^.dwaid Elhot, beiny a 
connection by marriage, his daughter Elizabeth having married 
Thomas Young, third cousin of John Josseiyn.f Afthc tune of his 
death John Josselyn also held of the Queen a house and land called 
Searlcs in Eoxwch, v.-ith other land in EoxTivell held of the m;!nor of 
Eambridge End and land cahed Tliistleduwns in Shellow-Bowel.> and 
T\'iUingale-Du(' held of Henry Josselyn (23) as of his manor of I'orrcli's 
Children : 

i. HnixNOKA,-^^ b. and bapt. at Fyfield, co. Essex, 1 Feb. 1545/6. 

ii. Tho\l'>s, of Rochford, co. Essex, yeoman, the testator of IGOl 'u, b. 
abt. 154S; d. s.ji. between 5 Mar. 1604/5 and 12 De.;. JG(i5; ra. 

(1) S.\Mi,s, widow of Henry of TothfiTn, co. J:::-^ex; m. (21 

Makgaret ( ) (Taynter) Nutt'all, widow of Taintcr 

and Nut tall. She was the testatrix of 1619, and d. be- 
tween 11 Oct. 1G19 and S Feb. 1619/20. Thomas Josselyn was 
heir to bis fstber's lands, and it is to bis v/ill that we owe our 
knowledge of hb. father's family. He was a staunch Puritan, an 
his bequests to Puritau ministers ejiow. 

iii. Alici;, bapt. at Fyfield, co. Essex, 13 .Jan. 1519/50; probably d. 
s.p. before IGOi/o: m. at Roxwell, co. Essex, 29 Nov. l.:.!")^, 
Petkk SAiTn. 

iv. Richard, b. probably at Chignal-Smealy, co. Essex, abt. 1552; d. 
s.p.; bur. nt Roxwell, co. Essex, 21 Dec. 1579. 

V. Jonx THK Elder, of Mcuntnessing, co. Essex, yeoman, the te.-.l;,tor 
of 21 Apr. 1602, b. probably at Chignal-Smealj', co. Esscx,_ abt. 
1554; d. between 21 Apr. and 8 June 1602; m. at Roxsvell. co. 
Essex, 13 Sept. 1579, Joan Weld,, who d. before him. Cliih'ren: 
1. Mary,^'- m. Richard Dane; mentioned with her husband and 
three children in the vnll of her brother llee.r}' in 1611: three 
cliildren. 2. Henry, the testator of 1611, d. s.v. between 16 and 
30 July 1611. -3. John the Elder, living in 1620/l.t 4. Joan, 
probably d. before 1611. 5. John ihcYoungcr, citizen and nier- 
chant tailor of London on 30 Jan. 1620/1, when he was plaintiii 
in a chancery siiit.| 
» 2r;. vi. Ram'u, b.. probably at Chignal-Smecly, co. Es.>ex, abt. 1556. 

vii. Joan, b. probably at Chign; J-Smealj , co. Essex, abt. 155S; hvii!g 
in 16n4/5;5 m. at Rox-AveU, co. Essex, S July 1576, Rom:HT Lr.n 
or Lees, who wiis living in 1604/5. § Children: 1. Joan (prob- 
ably dan. of 24, \-ii), m. Ediuund Thornton of Shopland, co. 
Essex; both were living in 1 604/5. § 2. Roie (probably dau. of 
24, vh), m. John EUiott of Little Stambrid^ie, co. Plssex; botb 
were living iu 1604/5. § 3. Lydia, living in 1604/5. § 
viii. Elizaueth, b., probably at Chigual-S.oiealy, co. Essex, abt. 1559-60; 
living in lG04/5;§ m. Suiin'ek. They had issue. § 

.. * This Puritan clcrp-man is called "kinsman" in the will of Thomas Jofiselyn (24, 
u), but the relationship between the two irion is not quite clear. The clersymau 
inr;y possihly have bceu the son JefTrey mentioned in the will of Simon, son of ilUph 
('■■'■'-), Of tie may have been one of the descendants of JctTrcy, sou of John (IS). If he 
V-U.-1 xh': sf.n of Siuion, who wa-^ the .JctTcrye Jor^lyu to whom Thomas (2t, ii) remitted a 
cii'bt n. li.s wUl'.' Hev. .Jof^'ny Jos.-ilyu entered Je.sus College, Cambridiie. at Easter 
l.w 1, wa.s riiade b.A. in lo74/j a:id ^i..A.. in 137S, wa.s \-icar of Shellow-oowels, 1-581 - 
xobo, iiw. of C.o.-.d Easter, 1565-1635, both in co. Essex, and died in 16:35. 

t Vule fUfra. p. 243, footnote. 

i Cbatirerj' Proceedin'^a, James I, Bundle I. 1, ro. 4.3. (Public Record OfSce, 

§ Mentioned ir. the will of Thomas Josselyn (24, ii), dated 5 Mar. 1G04/.5. 

218 Genealogical Research in England [J^-ily 

ix. Simon, biipt. at Rox'well, co. Essex, 12 Oct. loGl; d. s.v. abt. Jia. 

X John tiie Youngek, of Rivciihal!, co. Es.^ox, husb:uidm:ia,^ tb^ 
testatoi- of 159G/7, bapt. at lloxwcll, co. Essex, 27 Nov. Ipb.y, d 
between 7 Feb. and 17 Mar. 15'.if3/7; u\. Mary Cave, who survived 
bim, dau. of Thoma.'^. Children: 1. Juhn;-\hvinii, m ]bO-l/o, 
when 1k; i-< mentioned in his UTicle Thoinas's wiU. 2. ^if^rg- . 

xi J'urLivi-A. bapt. et Ro.well. co. Es^cx, 21 Aug. 1566; livuip; la 
1G04/:., vvhen she is mentioned in the wiU of her brother ihornaa; 
m JoHX Goouw, who wa.s Uvrag in ir.U, when he 13 npuieo. a3 
overseer of the will of Henry Jostielyn (24, v, 2) , his wife's nephe',v 

\ii. A DAUGUTKR, lu. B.vYi.i.iK. She and her three yonn^'or and 

minor ch.ildrcn are mentioned m thu will of her brother >. nomas 
in 1604/5. 

2.5 Sir Thom\s-o Jo?,selyn (Ff/iry/^ Sir Thomas,'^ Jokn,^'' George,'^ 
Thomas^^ Jefrcy-^), of Torn-ll's llvAl in \\ illingalc-Doe, co. hssex, 
Iviji"ht 'v.-i-s born about 1567.* The date of his death has not beea 
discovered. He married tirst, at Hatfield-liroad-Oak, co. Essex, m 
Apr 15S9 Dorothy (Frank) Scott, who died 17 May 1G02, daugater 
of John and Cicelv Frank (.-f Hatfield-Iiroad-Oak and widow of George 
Scott bv whom she had two daughters; and secondly, about iG'jS, 
Tiii-.ODok\ (Cooiir.) Beke, who was buried at Bexley, co. Kent, 13 
i^,uf^ 11)35, daughter of Edmund Cooke of Lesnes Al>bey, Eritn, and 
Mount Alascall, Bexlev, co. Kent, by his wife Elizabeth (daughter 
and coheiress of John ]Sichols), and widow of Clement Bare of Dart^ 
ford CO. Kent, by wliom she had two sons and a daughter, i he hrsi 
man'ia'-e of St Thomas took place two months after the death of his 
wife's first husband, m her father's house, diu-ing the absence oi her 
parent^; t bv a strange minister, contrary to the law of tne Church, 
which iiiade it obligatory for the couple to be married in the pari.^h 
chui'ch of one of the parties, by the vicar or rector thereof, or by ncence. 
Because of these circumstances both bride and groom wore excommu- 
nicated, f nd the sentence of excommunication was not removed until 
1 5 Oct 1500 I Sir Thomas v.-as knighted by King James 1 on 11 xviay 
1C03. He lived at Torrcll's Flail in Vvilliugale-Doe, co. Essex, at 
Littk-port in Lhe Tsle of Elv, co. Cambridge, m 1022, and probai^ly 
also on his second wife's property in co. Kent. He was appomre .toy 
Sir Ferdinando Gorees deputy-governor of all his possessions in Aew 
England, and sailed" to Now England in the ship Xicbolas, arriving at 
Black Point, in what is now the State of :\rauie, 14 July iboil.s lie 
returned to England before 3 September 1G39. . . .^ 

Cluidren by first wife: 
i TonRELL^' b. 2S May 1590; of Moyncs IlaU, HolywelI,_co. Hunt- 
ingdon', hi l'J4n, when he had a lawsuit v.-ith two ci n'S sister 
/nne's cliildreu and their hu.sbands; rn. (1) in IGIO Ei.t:/..\b^>:tu 
Bkooke, b. m 15UG, d. 21 Oct. 1C22, dau. of Sii" llich.srd o;. Nor- 
ton, CO. Chester, Knight, by his wife Joan Chaderton dau. o_I \\ lU 
liam, Bishop of Liucolu;ll m. (2) at Stepney, co. Middle.sq.K, o Mar _ 

• Inquisitions Post Mortem, Ch,Huo»ry Series 2. vol. 224 fo. 44 . The Tre!.c.^-oey 
Papers sav th-.i he was 78 ia lt5:W. a statement which would pl;>ce his mih ui l-ool). 

t Chancery Proce.-iiug^ EU.abeth, Bundle I. 12. no. IS, and Bun-ile J. o. no. oO. 
(Public Record Otfi.'e,_London.) 

± Vide 3upra, p. 227. 

Il p'earin- t^v^?sh(^ would' not survive her child'd birth (she lived only nine days 
there-fter^ FiWihcth (Bruoke) Joi=L4vn %vrotc a tnuchinu' letter to her unboru child, in 
wldch s.he'penilv hut earnestlv exlmrtod her son or dau-ht-r topictj and good couuuct. 
To thuj .v,..^ pjc"d^-d a letter to h-r husband. ^Wuv^ ium sensible udvioe on brnyan- 
MP the chUd. In 1G24 these letters were publi..hed under tlu. ti le: i he Mother , I e^- 
a'ietoher [Jrboiae Cliilde. and other editions followed. Cf. Dictionary of Naiionil 

1917] ■ Genealogical Research in England 210 

1632/3, hy licouce of that dat(% ELiZABEiif (Jacob) Wii,mkh of 
Stratford-by-Bo\v, co. MiddU.'Scx, b. abt. ITiOG, dau. of Abraham 
Jacob of London and widow of Thomas WHnier of Stifford, c(j. 
Essex, and Stratford-by-Buw. Child by first wife: 1. Theo- 
dora,-- b. 12 Oct. 1G22; m. Samuel Forirey, to whom her half 
uncle, John JosscK n (25, xiv), dedicated his book entitled '* New- 
England.^ Ilarjiod Ui.scovcred." 

ii, DoRf)Tnv.", b. ftbt. 1592; d. s.p. in 1G13; bur. in the cliancd of tu^-^ 
church of WilHngale-Doo, co. Essex; m. Tno.M.A.s BRt;w.STER of 
the Middle Temple, Lor.don, and of Biu-vrell, co. Lincoln, s. of 
John and Tamsen (t'eireo). 

iii. Henry, b. abt. 1593; d. yoiing. 

iv. Ilr-NTiY, b. abt. 1594; d. young. 

V. Anxk, b. abt. lo'J5; m. Sir. William. Mildmay, Knit^ht. Children: 

1. RoJierl. 2. Jokn. 3. . 4. Anne, m. (1) — 

Bigg; m. (2) Herir}- Gli^son, physician. 5. Elizabelh, ra. Samuel 
Peck. 6. Jane, d. j'ouTig. 7. Dorothy. 

vi. Thomas, b. abt. 1596; d. s.p. at Bergen op Zoom, Holland, in 1C35. 

vii. Eli?,abi:th, b. abt. 1597; m. Fraxcis Neilr. Cfaildren: 1, 
P'rancis. 2. John. 3. Marij. 

viii. Mauy, b. abt. 159S; d. .'.7). 

ix. Fkaxce-s, b. 2G Mar. 1000; m. Rkv. Clement Vikcext. 

X. Edv> akd (twin), b. abt. Jan. 1601/2;* d. at SrujTua in 1G4S; m. in 
the Kingdom of Georgia a native of that country. Child: 1. 
I xi. Bexjamix (twin), b. abt. Jan. 1601/2; living in Feb. 1022/3.^^ 

I Children by si-coiid wife: 

I xii. Theodora, bapt. 25 Sept. IGOl. 

I xiii. Henry, b. abt. 1606; d. in Maine in New England shortly before 

I 10 May 16S3; m. Margaret Cammock, widow of Capt. Tiioma.3. 

[ his intuuote friend, who in JG40 conveyed to him, at bis death, all 

save five hundred acres of his lands at Black Point, Scarborough, 
\ Me. Margaret Josselyn was living as late as 12 May lO'iO, 

I* Henry Josselyti wa.s a student at Corpus Chrisii College, Ca.iu- 

bridge, in 1623. lie was sent by Capt. John Mason to New 
England, where he arrived as eariy as 1634. By 103^! he bad 
settled at Black Point. In 1636 he was appointed b}^ Sir Fcrdi- 
i nando Gorges steward- general, and in 1615 bec:ioie dc-puty- 

I governor of Mai'ie. He tool; tlie oath of allegiance to the Mussa- 

I chusetts Bay government in 165S, and in 1651 ^i'as appoiuted by 

I ' Iving Cijarles 11 one of tlie commissioners to have charge of the 

i . Province. Owing to the Indian raid-- he moved from Black Point 

I to Pemaquid, Mc. He is not known to have had any children.! 

i xiv. John, b. abt. 1603; d. s.-p. after 167 '». Ho was a traveller, wTit-^r, 

i -•■ • and natui-alist. He sailed with his father for New England in the 

{ sliip Nicholas, ahas the Nfw Supply, arri\ing in July i63S, 

I visited lijs brother Henry at Black Point, and rctiu'ned to Engiand 

j • ■ in Oct.- 1639. He made the voyage to New England again Ln 

t 1GG3, slaying with his brother until Dec. 1671, whca he went back 

I * In Feb. 1022/3 Boujamin and Edward, sons of Sir Thomas Josselyn ry hi'' wife 

i D')rothy Frr.nk., .sjod the exociuor of their uuole, Pef^r Frank, for a bequesn left to 

i tlicin, beinp; tvso of the nine children of sjid Dorothy. They statt-d that they'i of 

f ane " a!>out a month atro, " and therefore thoy were bora about Jan. IGOl /2. (Chaiicory 

r Proccedlii^?, Jaciios I, Jiai^dle I. 2, no. 13.) "Thi> d-ae t9 .May 1602 is ?;ivt:i in tiit; itiiro- 

I ductiou by Professor Tuckemian to his edition of John Jossolyu's Xew-Fai-'landa 

} Kaiitiea Discovered, puhlishod in Boston in 1805, bat, if their mother died 17 May 

I 1002, this can hardly be correct. 

{ t for Utury Josselyn (25, liii) vide Rkgistf.r, vol. 2. pp. 201-200, vol. 11, pp. 31-34, . 

^ and vol. -10, pp. 290-2'J3. Cf. also Dictioa.iry of National Biography. 

!A Heurj J,,--..elyu married (I) at Gloucester, Mass., 4 June 107S. Bridp;et Day, 
v.Lo died 7 ?. ,jt,. I0si4: ruarriod (2) at Glouccsrcr, '.) Nov. iOS5, Mary Lambert. He 
wai hvmj; at Cilouoester as lato as 1721. Children: 1. IL-ury. 2. Friouexer. ;}. 
' Marcarot. 4. Mary. 5. Couscautine. 0. Bctirmua. 7. M.'rcy. Uis paroutaso 

r IS uiiknowrj. 



250 Genealogical Research in England . ' [July 

to England. In 1672 bo publi.^;lied his book entitled "New- 
Eriglands llarifio.-s Discovered: in Dirdj, Be.xsts, Fishefi, Serp&utHi, 
and Plants of that Counlvy."* lie also wrote ''An Account of 
' " Two Voyages to Nev.-Engiand," of v.'hich two editionci (in 1074 

and 1G75) were published in his hfetime.t 
X-.-. Teomazi.\j;, b. abt. IGIO. 

2G. Ralph-" Josselyn (John^^ Ralph,''- Raljih,''' John,''' Jtjfrcn,^'' Jtifrff'}, 
cf Koxwfll, CO. I's^X's.. yeoman, the testator of 1620, born probably at 
Chigniii-Suicaly, co. Essex, about 155n, ^vas bmied at lloxwell 10 Tvlar. 
1631/2. He married first, at Koxwell, 21 May 1583, I^Ury Bright; 

and secondly Doi'.othy , ^vho survived him and v/as buiied at 

Roxwell 16 Oct. 1634, 

27. i. John," b. abt. 15S4. 

il, ^TART, bapt; at lloxwcil, co. Essex, 4 Sept. 15SG; living May 1622, 
when she is mentioued in a Chancery deposition ;§ m. (1) ThomjlS 
Seaklk of No;thweald Basset, co. Eisex; m. (2) before 9 .May- 
1C22 John Benton of co. Norfolk. She had \e:Alc b>- her second 

iii. Agnxs or Anne, bapt. at R-ox-well, co. Essex, 25 Aug. J5SS; Uving 
IP 1042, when she ivS mentioned in tLic will of her brother Joscpb: 
ni. (1) at Ruxv,-eU, 30 Jan. 1010/17, Samtjel HriT; in. {?.) 
Daniki. HunsoN of Epping, co. Ersex, clothier, who wao living 
in 1640. Children by second husbiiiid: 1, Danid. 2. Simon. 
3. WilUam. 4. ElAzahelh 5. John. 

iv. Ealpk, of Morelon, Rox\yc11, and Cranham, co., yeoman, tho 
tastator of 1056, bant, at Roxwdl S .iulv 1590; d. between 21 ]\Iar, 
1656/7 and 23 Dec' 1657; m. at BobblnicsTorth, co. Essex, 29 Xcv. 
1626, GiiACic L}:;ggait;, whom he st'rvivcd. He lived at Mor'jton 
for a few years afier his raania'^o; but after h;.s father's death, in 
accordance with the lattei-'s Aviii, he returned to RoxvveD, wheve }ie 
. " and Ids family in his father's house, with bis moiber, his 
uncle Simon, and hl.3 sister Ehzabeth. Aftci- his p'soth'^r'3 death 
he ietnoved to Cranham, whcvo he occupied Cra;x1iaui Uall untii 
his death. In 1646 he v.-as engaged in htigation with hi:; broiher 
Eichard and b^'other-in-law Daniel Hudson, the executor-: of his 
brother Joscph'.s vnll, regardijig eome of their father's lands 'n\ 
\: Roicvv-eUJi in 161S be wa.; an elder clocted by the coagtepation 
for the parish of Cranham. Children: 1. Ralph^- bapl. at Mcrr;- 
ton 14 Dec 1630; bur. there 15 Dtc. 1630. 2. Samud. bapt. at 
Moreton 19 Mar. 1G31/2; bur. at Roxwell 20 Feb. 1634/5. 3. 
Anne, bapt. at Koxwell 9 Aug. 1633: bur. there 7 Apr. 1635. 4. 
DoToih'j, b., p.'obably at Cranham, abt. 1635; living unm. in 
1656. 5. Cfracc, b., prnbabh at Cranham, al>t. 1637; m. be- 
tween 27 Nov. 1G56 and 21 Mar. 1656/7 Robert Jolmson. G. 
riuabeth, h., probably at Crauhanj, abt. 1639; perh-ips the Eli?- 
pbeth -it ho m. at Chelmsford, co. Essex, 23 Oct. 1657, Robert 
"V 2S. v_. 'I'HOXfAS, probabl.^- b. at Roxwell, co. Estex, late in 1591. 

vi. £iii:oN, of East ITarniufrQeld, co. Essex, veoman, the testator of 
1649, b. abt. 1594; d. between 2S S.^ot. 1640 and 6 Teb. 1655 /G; 

iQ. (1) ; m. (2) at Roxwell, co. Essex, 2 Feb. 1629/30^ 

An>-£ A\i:cROF'r or Ecuorr, -i^honi he survived, dau. of Petei.V 

• Ncv:-ELi('landi Earitius has been leprinted with notes by Edwju-d Tuckcrmaii, 
Boston, l6G5. 

t An Account cf Two Voyi.i.;os has been reprintedl by the Maasachusetts Historical 
So>nety \3 Ccili<-Unns, vol. 3) a:.<l aLraiii at Boston La ls65. 

I Lack of evidence makco it imiKiooiL-lo to cIf;t--Tir.!i:e which wife wiiS the mother of 
each chLld. 

§ \ -.if supra, p. 232. 

'I Vi'U' t'.iijra, pp. l':i(>-232. 

i IV .III th'< w:\l t){ r^iuK/u To^-r!}. n (n'.V ^if-nrn. p. .10^ it ;s to bs inferred that hf*. had 
two wi\ vr, and iha'. hi; :■( u Sia><. u u-.n: hi;- <:\::'J b- bir :i;-..t wife. 

r '. 

1917] - Genealogical Research in Eiigland 251 

He and hLs brother Ralph were sued twice by their brct.her 
lUchard and brothf;r-in-la\v IXinicl Hudson, \si)0 wore, cxecutora 
of the will of Hirjr.n's brother Joseph.* In 1648 he was im elder 
elected by the congregation for the parish of East HanniaD/ieid. 
Child by' first wife: 1. Sirnvn;-^ b. not later than l<j2o; living in 
1655/6, when he proved bi:^ father's will; devisee of the ariccstre.! 
farra cf Bolluighatch. Children by second wif'^, all living in 
1G19: 2. Pdt;r,.b. abt. 1631. 3. .1 nric, b. abt. 1033. 4. Sera':, 
b. abt. 1635. 5. GVoce, b. abt. 1G37. 

vii. DoiiOT.-iv, b. abt. 1506; bur. at lloxwell, co. Essex, 17 Jan. 1C06/7. 

viii. llicHAKK, of Roxwell and of Eppiug, co. Essex, yeonian, b. abt. 
1598; living in 1656; when he witnessed his brothe- Ralph's wUl; 

m. (1) AxNE , who was bur. at Roxwell 12 Nov. 1G39; m. 

(2) . In 1646 liC, with his brother-in-law, Danif! Hudson, 

brouvrht Fuit against his brothers Ralph and Siuiou Josselvn.t 
Child by first wife: 1. /•'ra;'.ci5;'^ bapt. at Row.-' H 14 Oct. 1637. 
Child by second wife: 2. Thcba, bapt. at Roxwell 3 Oct. 1643. 

i\, Joseph, of Cranham, co. Essex, yeoTna.n, the testator of 1642, bapt. 
at I'iOxwell, CO. Essex, 6 June 1000; d. s.p. between 1 and G Dec, 

X. Nathaniel, bnpt. at Roxwell, co. E.ssex, 29 Sept. 1G02; living in co. 
Norfolk in 1636 and 1639, when he is mentioned in the diary of hi-s 
nephew, Rev. Ralph Josschn (27, iii); overseer of his brother 
SiiDor's will iri 1649. 

xi. Elizai;eth, bapt. at Roxwell, co. Essex, 23 Sept. 1604; lirlng in 
1626, when she i? mentioned ia her father's will; probably d. 
before 7 No\-. 1642, as she is not mentioned in the will of her 
brother Joseph. 

27. JoHN-i JossELi-^ (Ralph,-° John,'^ Ralph,''- Ralph,'^ John,'^ Jeffrey,''-' 
Jeffrey'^), of Chalk End in Roxwell, co. Essex, Bishops-Stoitford, co. 
Herts, and Buijipstead, co. Essex, born about 15S4, died at Bunap- 
stead 28 Oct. 1635, and was buried there 30 Oct. 1035. He mornod 

first Akn'e , who was bui-ied at Bishops-Stortford 29 ^'ov. 

1624; and secondly, about 1630, Helen , ^vho survived hi:.n. 

His father gave hiin lands valued at £800. including Chalk ICud, 
which still exists as a name in Rox-well, but these he sold, .^iud moved 
about 1619 to Ei.shops-Stortford, v/hcre he was a maltster. About 
1631 he moved to Bumpstcad, where he engaged in farming and lost 
the rest of liis estate. 

Children by first wife: 
i. Mart,2^ bapt. at Roxwell, co. Es^ex, 30 June 1611; probably d. 

ii. DoROTiiy, b. probably abt. 1613; dying at SaffronA^'alden, co. 

]:]ssex, in 1645; perhaps m. HonsoN.J She had issuo. 

iii. Rev. Ralph, vicar of Earl's Colne, co. Essex, the testat-jr o{ 1653, 

b. at Chalk End in Roxwell, co. Essex. 20 Jan. iei6/17; d., 

probably at Earl's Cohie, between 29 July and 5 Nov. 1683^ 

m. at Oiney, co. Bucka, 28 Oct. 1640, Jane Con.atai'.le of 

Ohiey, who survived him. He was prepared for college by Mr, 

eigh of Biskops-Stortford, co. Herts, and entered Jesu.s Coilri?;e, 

auibridge, as a pensioner, in 1633. He took his degree of B.A, 

I 1636/7, wa.s usher in Mr. Neale's school at Dean, co. Beds, 


in , ., .. — - 

1637-1639, ciu-ate at Olnev, co. Buclcs, antl a.-sistaat, m the school, 
1639-40, was ordained deacon in Dec. 1630, and was made priest 
at Peterborough, co. Northampton, in Feb. 1639/40. He re- 
ceived the degree of M.A. at Cambridge in the spnng of 1640, 

• Tiflf Aupra. pp. 230-232. 

t Vuu f-u:'-':. pp. 2:iO-j:j2. A Rich-ird Jo'^.-lrvnd was a fronraan at Saybrook, Conn., 
in IfcG'.l. \' a- hi: id^ niic^-al vsitii lhi:< Jiivh.ird J(j-i:^i lyn"' 

X Kcv. Ka!pL Josicliu, her brother, in hid diary for 2o Oct. lOoo, mentions "broLher 


Genealogical Research in England [July 

preached at Crauham, co. Essex, the home of his uncle Ralph 
and taught sciiool at Upmin.tcr, co. Ls^ex, frora -^ov lO.J .J 
Mar. 1040/1, and w:ts then pn.<-nted to tho hviuc^ of Earl .■ Colie 
bv Richard Harlak. ndon of tiie Priory Earls Col.ic- Ihu 
Ihh.-r he retained u.Ui! his death, Ixnue also for part of the time 
master of the grammar school thore. 11 .s diary, vrluch he|.'ems to 
luiv.>l-run in Lit t, contain.-, much that i.^ mtere^tms:..! He raea- 
tioas Ihed^ath of the son of hi.-, cou -in ALrdvain (^->^ }'{'^'fj,'t^'' 
the vi-ii of Abraham to England. The letters v.-hu-n h^ tciis o 
vSitm^ to >:c.v E:.Tlaud were proh'^bly to his uncle fh-iaas <2?) 
and to hiscou^ius thore. He ma.le various col jCtious ror Novv 
Endand and for the education ol the ]uciau3 there. ^^'^-^ th. 
Te-.t of the f:uv.i:v, h- w:-.s a Puritan; hat he n^an.aged to c..cai)C 
the penalties for'^ to wear the ^urphee unti near t.;e ena 
of hs life, when he records that he v.-orc; the surplico, ^^;-^L J. 
see no .'in 'to use." During the Civil War he was chaplc^u to Col 
William liarlakenden's re-iment, preached the asiize be.nio.i at 
Che ra-fovci, CO. Es-.ex, iu 1616, and in ir.52 aiid It.oO/oO preacbKi 
ntSt Paul's Cathedral hv request of the lord nniyor of London. 
Th^ execution,-, of Archbishop Laud and King Luarles, trie siege 
of CnS or, the Great Plague, and the Great Five of Lon^ion 
are al.=^o mentioned by I'dm. He was involved m a la^.uu. ^i h 
his uncle-3 over a portion of the ancestral property a^ Roxv,eU, 
whi<-h h? iiuaiiy obtained by a con-.T>r.->misc ar.a by the paymeut 
if £100.1 One of his parishioners left hirn lanas and ov care- 
ful business dealings he amassed a con.-:iderable estate, so tnao he 
wa^^ able to ii;ive to his dautrhters generous p. Jruous on ihcir 
miriaoi Children, b. at Earl's Colne: l-^arij^h 12 Apr 
1642 and bajA. 14 Apr. 1612; d. at Earl's Colne 2< May l.;oO, 
bu' in the <.hancel of the church of Earle's Colne 2S Mav lo-.O. 
t' Thomas, a shopkeeper at Earle's Colne b. 30 Dec. o4o and 
bapt. 14 Jan. 16i:s/4; d. Earl's^Colne L. J^^«^ -^^ - 

at Earl's Colne 21 leb. 16-1/ />5. .0. n^ipn, "■ ■ r .i ' i ^ X-' 
at E^-l's Cohie 2 Jiuv^ 10.50; bur. in the chancel o -th.. chureo o. 
Ead's Cohio 4 June 1650. 6. John,b. 10 ^ept. ^^^^^^^ 

^i. father; m. 16 Oct. IGSl • /• Anne, b. lb Jan. .b^^-zo 

d at Earl's Colne :U July 1673. 8. Mary, b. in l6o. ; ^urviv.d 
her fithpv m. 10 Apr. 168"^ Edward Day, a tallow chandler ot 
SL lElanin in the FiJlds, London. 9. Elizah.:>n. b. 20 June DbO; 
'survived her father; m. at Lcxden, co. Ess.% o Jum^ lo<., 
Gilbert Smith of London. 10. Rebecca. b..20 Nov. It^oo) sur- 

vi'vrd hcT; m. 6 May 16S3 bpicer. . 

A:^NVor llixAH b. abt. 1017; llvim; in" 1642, when she u. meu- 
tk>n5 in her uncle Joseph's will; m. , and Uved at .-agr >a. 

^IISfa^afBao.SlSco Herts, 12^0c. l£0^.u. 
in 1650; waiung woman to Lady Ilarlakenden a. the 1 ricrv , 
Earl's Colne, CO. E.: -ex. i- ,., oc Vr>v ir'.M- 

Rebecca, bapt. at lJi:ihnps-Stortlord, co. lieits, 2S Ma. io-i, 
probably d. youn?. 

Child by s'^co ad wife: , ,, j 

vii Rfbf.cca, bapt. at Bi^hops-Stortford 20 Jan. 1630,'l: l^^ffj^ f; 
young, as she is uol menlioaed in the will of her uncle Jo.,cph m 

• Ki hard Har! was l-.roth.-r of Ho^cr Harlakcnden. tho cmi^raat to New 
EngiraLd S^Mabd. wife of Gov. .loha Hayuos 1;^^]^ ^;^r^^ll ^^ I :<""' 
and of Coruunicut. and L.- wa. Lim-.;'.i n proprietor of Cam.)ndL.c. M.ioi.. ... i 

t Vide siipra, pp. 2^Z-S\o, with looti.ute to p. Hi. 

t Vide niprii, pp. •2il-S.y2 auJ '-' M -.^■>- 


1917] Genealogical Research in England 2o3 

2S. TiiOMAS-i JossELYN {Rr'lph,-'^ John,-'^ Rnlph,^^ Ralph,^'' John,^'^- Jr-f. 
frcy,^^ JcjTrcf*), of Ri>\wcll, co. Ilsscx, and Barham, co. SufToik, 
Englmifl, and of Hin?;':!am and T.ancaster, Mass., prol>ahly t;C;rri al 
Koxwcll lak- in 1501, ni-.'d at La!ica.slor 3 Jan. 1660/1. 11^ married, 

iu l-]ngland, about 161.>, Rrbkcca '■, who survived him and 

^ married secondly, at Lancaster, 16 May 1664, William Kcrloy of 

\ Lanca.-.te]-, Sl\c evidf'ntly cu^d l)eforo lier second hu.^band, as iu 

j tiio wjil 01 the latter, da;ed 25 July 1009 and proved 1\> July 1070, 

ishc i^ not n)ontioncd. 
Thomas Joslin, as ho spelled the name, i)roh;il.ily roceived h'S 
portion of his father's estate at the time of his marriage, a.? his 
father, in hi- will of 1020, l^cqiieathed to him only XT.. .As the l;:;p- 
■ tisms of his children are not recorded in the parish regioter.-5 of llov- 

j well, it is certain that lie was not li\iug tliere when In'.? childreri 

i , were born. He was of Barham, co. Suffolk, just before his cui:- 

I gralion to New England, and his daughter ^lary was bai)ti'.ed 

I at Barham 16 Mar. 1033/'J. In Apr. 1635 ho embarked for 'now 

I England in the Increase of London, the passenger list containin'.^ 

the names of Tho; Jostiin, husba?idrnan, a^ed 4.3, Rebecca !iis \%l''v, 
aged 43, Eii;ia: Ward, a maid servant, aged 3S, and the foUcv- 
iug c'lildren of the said Tiio: Jostlin: Rf^becca. aged 18, Dorothy, 
{).ged 11, Nathaniell, aged 8, Eliza, aged 6. and IMary, aged 1.* U:i 
his iUTival iu New England he settled iu Kingharii, where lie was a 
proprietor and town Oiliecr, rmd boagl.'.t, land of liis so';-iri-l:\v,' 
Thomas Nichob in 103S. He and hi.-. ;>'.>n Nathaniel sold tivir lands 
at Hir.gham 11 Myr. 1G52/3 to George Lane anil Mcses Coliier, a^id 
reu'oved to Lancaster, where Thoinac5 .signed the civil comnact 
12 Nov. 1654. In his v.-iJl, dated 9 May 16t;0 and pio^-ed 2 Apr. 
IGCl, he appoints his wife Rebecca exeeutri", and mentions hi.^: sons 
Abraham and Nathaniel, grandson Abrahaia (son of Abraham), aral 
(laughters Rebecca Niohoi^, wife of Thouijs, Mary S'luur/T, wife of 
Roger, and Elizabeth "Emons." 

It h'js been supposed by some widters that tlie kinship l/ci\-ern 
Tliomas Joslin or Josseiyu and the more noted Henry Jc:rsi!yn and 
John Jofselyn of Maine was very close, one writer reiHer.enting 
Thomas as ihe elder half brother of Henry -cWki John.-r Although tins 
k'Uihi]-) was a somewhat distant one, in old histo-lc fainili.\s Ukt; the 
Jo.-selyns the lies of bl-:»od %vere strong, and as Torrclhs Hall, the 
anct•^tral home of rienry and John, was Lu-l. a mile from BoUinghato':. 
ill liexwcU, wheie Thr>mas Joslin passf d his 3'outh, it seen.i.s cctain 
that they were well known to one another. Ii also seems jirohalde 
that, having no children of iiis own to inherit his property, ileJuy 
Josselyn induced hi-: Thomas to send to him his cld^'st son 
Ahialnira, intending to make hun his heir. Abraham certainly went 
to S;'arb. irough, Ale., and lived there for seven years. Wiiether h*:; 
quan oiled with his kirisman or tired cf the wildc-rness is not clear, 
but ho returned to hi^ relatives in Lancaster. He died seveial years 
before his kinsman Henry, and it is not known wiiat disposiliou was 
mad(> of the pro7)erty of the latter. 

• Cf. Drake's Fouuiiera of New Enyland, p. 20, and Hotton's lA^a, 
p. 5.^. 

t In ]R8G Mr. Williiim M. Sur^^crit romrr.unirfitoij to the Rf.gistkk (vc!. 40. p. :",>•{) 
the conjv'-turo of a nu-mhor of th'.- JcsHi-lyn family of Ipswioh, co. ^^nflolk, Kij,',., tliuv 
ThorKi.s Jo.-Hi-lyn, .i'>n of R-li^i [In] of ll'ixwi'll. co. h'svrx, v\;is i.liT.tif;'! wj'h the 
Th'>ri! I- J.---'-!vi ',v}i'. (Tiiv-ruN-,! i.. N'<_-w Eui^luud m IK]'>. (■.>rii.-ci'jr'\ Ivvwcvor, 
%■> I- at li;.'.; .i'li-- 'j:: i!iv,j(jrt.'d by proof, r.ud thi' nioiuDcr oi tLo fatuiiv 'v.'m tuu'lo it 
a li.iit ii.d :ii -.1. iii;ii Iu- could iiit tr'fu "• t!u> orir:iii of ib\^ hrmi'^ix of the Jo^iiAya. f.jrjiiy. 
nor Its coaiii-c-lion. if utiy, wiih the Torrrl s ilaU braa>'h." 

^T M 

254 Genealogical Research iyi England [July 

Children, born in England:* j 

i. Rerecca,^ b. abt. 161G; emipjatcd with lior parent.-; to New Eng- j 

land in 1G35; d. at l[inf^haui,, 22 Sept. 1675; m. abt. | 

1638 Thoma.s Nituoi.s of Sciiucilu in the Pl;)'Tnouth Colony aiid i 

of Ilinghani, Mas.s., farmer, b. in i^ufd-and, d. sX Hinpham 8 Nov. \ 

1696,; m. (2) 23 Sept. 16Si Dorcas , who d. 15 Oct. j 

1G94. Cliikiren, b. or bapt. at Hincrharn: 1. Thoma!^, b, abt. j 

.t6.?9: bapi.. in Jan. 1645/4; in. at Scituate, 25 Ivl;iy 1663, S>'f:th [ 
Y' hi>;on, duu. of John; nine children. 2. Rebecca, Y). abt. 1641: 

bapt. in Jan. 1643/4; m. at Sciiuate, 15 Mar. 1C64/5, Saoiiiei i 

Ho'jse, 6. of Samuel; five children. 3. Elizabdh, b. abt. 1643; \ 

■ ■ bfPt. in Jan. 1643/4; m. at llinjiham, 18 Oct. 1666, Robert j 

Greene; one cliild. 4. Hannah, bapt. IS J'eb. ' 1645/6. 5. ; 

Ephraim, of Hmghara, liapt. 14 May 1648; d. at Hingham 20 | 

May 16'.^3; m. at Hingham, 15 l'Vi>. 1675/6, Abigail ; j 

eifht children. 6. Israel, of Hin^iharn, v.-eaver, bapt. 1 Sept. I 

165U: d. at Hincrharn 24 Jan. 1733/4; m. (1) at Fllneham, 26 i 

Sept.' 1679, ?dary , who d. at Hingham 26 Mar. 16SS; m. ; 

(2) at Milton, iSiass., 10 Jan. 16SS/0, his first cousin, Mar_>- Siiro- ! 

ncr (2S, vi, 4\ b. at Lnnca.stor, IMai'S., 5 Aug. 1665, d. at Hinghaia i 
27 IVb. 1723/4, dau. of Roger aii<l Mary (Jo^-'-elyn); m. (3) at . ' 

Hingham, 24 June 1725, Ptobecca (Lincoln) Clark, b, ai Hintrham j 

11 jNir.r. 1673/4, d. there 4 Feb 1757, dau. of Sanmel and Martha I 

Lii!Coln and ^^'jdow of John Clark of Plymouth, Mass.; fi^'e j 

cldldreu bv first wife and ten children by e^'coiid wife. 7. N-i- \ 

thani€l bapt. 3 July 1653: d. at Pembroke, Mrss., abt. 173Cvi; I 

m. at Hingham, 16 Apr. 16?7, Sa^-ah Liacv.'in, h. there 7 Sept. j 
1664, d. at Pi'mbrolze in Nov. 174S, diiu. of Daniel and Susanna; 

he lived at Kingham until 1715, when he moved to Pembroke; { 

four children. 8. Mary, bapt. 3 July 1653. S. Sarah, b. 15. 1 
Julv 1655. 10. Charity, b. 3 May 1658. 11. Patience, h. 25 
Doc. 1660; d. at Hmgham 16 Oct. 1709; ni. (1) at Inngharn Jo\ud 

Andrew?, b- at Hingham 30 S.-pr . 165S, d. th.;re ? July 1695, 3. of ! 

Thomas 2nd Ruth; m. (2) at Hinp^hara, 12 r'cb. l'i>9o/ir Joseph i 

Bed, b. at Hingham 7 Jan. 1671/2, d. there 12 Sent. 1737, s. cf | 

Caleb an>l Elizabeth (Huct); three children. Viy nrtt hut^band and j 

one child by peeond husband. 1 

Ji. Abraham, mariner, b. abt. 161C; d. at sea, off the co.ast of Virginia, f 

in the ship Go- d ra77i.c of New York, betv.-een 16 xMar. 16;">9/'70. I 

v.'hcn he made his vvill, and 7 Apr. 1670, vrheTi hi? will v-.'i? proved \ 

at T'on Janes, Piovince of ?-\ew York;t m. Bk.vthici: Havi'Son, ' 

b. in Enfrland ?bt. 1623, d. in Bu?tou, Ma.=;5., and bur. JI Jan. j 

1711/12. aged 6S, daa. of Fliihp, cHizen and luerch-int tailor of j 

London, -.vt;o hi hia will, dated^ 2 June 1654 and proved 4 July j 

1654, ^,3^:0^ bequci>i3 to his dau^dater Beairice Jos?elyne, her i 

husband "^Ab^aham Jorselin, and their children Abraham and j 

I'hiUp, the of the latter ncHrly two years previou.=;iy and | 

ti:e bhlh ol- ;.nother t^oj' being apparetirly unknoT\^.l to him.t ! 

Ab.ahani Jo-Uii may have h^;! an earlier wife, the mother of his i 

fon whov- d',-;jth i-^ recorded in the diary of Rev. Ralph JosL^ehn, ; 

1 Sept. !644,§ and he may li-ive m.irricd Ikatrice Ifamp.son on his j 

trip to EnghiCid in the following ye.^.r. Kt-atricc tHampson) ! 
Jo:-'-elyn 6ur%-ived her husbind and ci. (2) at Lancaster, Mass., 

16 Nov. 1671.. Sergt. Benjami!i Bosworth. It i.? not kuowu v^-hen ' 

•— ' Abraham Jos?elyn emigrated to New England, but he lived | 

• Tl'C firtirles ah-xit the cbiidreti imd CTandchildren of Thoruai Jo?selyri (28.\ pul)- 
lished in Ui-GiiTKR, vol. 2, pp. ;{06-3l0, and vol. 3, p. 97, should '^e coriectcd by tlio 
statc-in^nta r.;ade in this article. 

* A ctiitilicd C0i\v <ji l.nia v.ill is in the Middlesex (Mass.) Probate Files. 

. * J: or .ib.?:r.'ict of thfs!l sor-. Rkgistei'., vol. 47, p. 419, or Waters'a Gene;do^cal 
Gl''.T:unf.- in Kn'^hind, v-il. 1, p. Vti.j. .Ai,.„.^ daL.'.;htor of ihc tostatcr'a lue brother 
H;cliard JIt:rt.,s.>ji. v,ho i.> morit.ionc:l in tho will, inny be the Ann Ifp.ropsou who wlt- 
ro'scd ibc w.Lti of Eaiph Jos.-elyu (20, iv). Abiab.i.-u'a uncle, in lOoo. 
§ Vidt K;iiyis, p. 233. 

1917] Genealogical Research iyi England 255 

first at ITinGiliam, Ma5^8., and when his parent? and brother rnov^-.vl 
to Lancaster, Mass., he moved to Black Point or Scarboroucii, 
Me., where his kinsman Henry Jcsclyu v.-as U\-ip-!;. About It. 5*? 
he sold hi.s property in Scarboroa-h, which iiieluded a hill reieiied 
■ ■ ■ • to in deeds as Abraham Jo?.sclyn';3 "KToat hiil," and rcroQved to 
Boston about IGGO. By 1GG3 ho baa rej.inedthe rest oi ih'i 
family at Lancaster, which was his residence until his death.. In 
hi.s will he mentions his wii-e, his eldest .son Abrah.arn, au<l his ?'iii 
Honry, whom he desires to be good to his brothers and to t&rze 
one of them to karn his trade Cliiidreu: L A sovP (perhap.s 
by an earlier maniaj!;e), d. before 1 Sept. 1044. 2. /^braiMiu, 
bapt. at Hinghafh S May lC-19; killed by Indians in the uttacK 
on Lancaster, 10 Feb. IGT-'i/G, a-rod 26 years; m. at I ancaster, 2\) 
Nov. 1G72, Ann Iliicjion. b. at Lajicaster 1 Jan. 10 lS/9, dau. ol 
Daniel, v?r'.;* she and her two-year-old dau. Beatrice, hm- oulv 
child, were carried into captivity by the "Indians aft.-r the attack 
ou Lanca'^kT, ard both were subfHrqaeutly killed. 3. FItihp, 
bapt. at Rh)i;ham lb Dec. IGoO; d. in Boston 2 Aug. 16-52. 4. 
Il.^.ru, blacksreath. b., probably at ScarboioU';^h, abt. lG.o2; a. 
a^ Fariovor, Ma.s., 30 Oct. 1730; ir,. at b'cituate m the liymouth 
Colonv," 4 iSov. 1G76, Abip-aii Stc^dcbridire, b. at Ch:ir)csto-A-n. 
Ma<s." 24 Feb 1660/1, d. 15 JuJv 1743, dau.. of Dea. Charles and 
AbiR'^il (Pierce); perhaps ho ^'fs left behind at Scarborough with 
Lleirrv Jossclvn. the kinsman for v horn he was named, when hid 
paVc-uts returiieci to Massachusetts in lGv5&, for Le is said to have 
moved to Scituate from Scarboroui'h in 16G0; fourteen children. 
5 Rch'cca, b.. T;ro'iablv at Scarborough, ber.>veeu 1C54 and 16oS; 
d'. in Mar. 1712/13; m". (1) -John Cro^.-kham of Boston, who d.i^n 
lG7^;"m. (2'. in lfi79 Thorno^ Harris oi Bo.=.tou, butcher; m. (3) 
in Boston, S'Oo; . 1700, Edward Stcven.s of Boston; e; gat children 
by second hiiib..Qd. 6. Thomns, blacksn:itn, b., probably f.t 
Scarborough, bf*v-,-een 1054 and luoi>; a juror at Plymoath , Jtuy 
K-S'J; li\'L'ig 6 Jidv leSG in the constable-,vick of Liitie^Ccmpcon 
(now in Rhode Islaud), win:" sued for debt; living in beaconuet. 
jslass. (novv Li-tloCornnton, R. I.), 2o Jan. ]6C3/4, when he jo.aed 
with his brothers, Henry of Sciluate. blacteimth, and Joseph ot 
Hin-diain, miller, in quit'clniminir to their brother-in-Uw, Tuomas 
Harris, all their rights in land at Lancaster; perhaps ne cr uw 
sou was H'S Thomas Josling v.-ho w?s made freeman ot ivia.-TStowa, 
R. I., in 1722. 7. NalkaJiid, b. in Boston 4 July IGGO; o... pvob- 
abiy at Lancaster, 8 June 16G7.t S. Joseph, of llmgnatn^ 
Bridiie water, and Abingt.on. Ivlass.. niillei-, b. at LancuEjier .-Ij 
July'lCGS; d. at AbLit^toii :aass., 5 Sept. 172G: m. (I) l<,^;i-^'-- 
1G;^G/7 Hannah Farrow, Hinviham S Dei:. it•G^ dau. ot JoaP. 
and Mary (HiHiard); ir.. (2) at Bridftcwater, Mas.s o Mar. 
]701/2,-Sara\i Vord, b. ac W^,vraouth, Ma-ss., 2S Jviay l!)72, d. at 
Abin^lon o Deo. i'JZi, dau. of Andrew and Eleanor; h^„y',^3 
captiiied bv Ladians in the attack on Lanca.ster m l<eb. l'.w.-?/b, 
in w?iich his brother Abraham was kilied, acd witu his. .sistei-m- 
]isv and little niece was carri-d Into captivity, bui he was rcleaseLl 

t Tho Maddl-.-Js: {llois.) court recordj (.nve this diafch as t£iat of ^atbauiel .-ton ol 

Darned £. yoiingr.r gor\, who lived until lV2t>/7, N'ath:\iJiicl, then tai-s youiisrcr 
bo.-u probiiblv as J^r.^t a voar after 8 June-- 10(37 (nnle=s ho were twin- with Thodau.^ater 
Eh7sb{-tli, wiio war. horn'7 .Jui:o ICiiT), v-ould ix' too yoiins f.> many r->tEor Morae oo 
8 Fro. 16S2/3. IVt i<c ii cerr;i;ti rhfit tho X-ith.iincl w!ui rit-.Tn.-d EstheT Morse waa 
BOD of NAlhtinifa (2S, iv) cad darah (Ki.ijb for in ITOarl Natb.%Gicl aud K5tht;r fr'U lanil 
forn:erlv b»^!oi;v;ic^ ^o tl.vir grandfather Thomas Kin^. it. ^co;us. thf-rotore, clear ihat 
it wad .V.^.:>-:-.a;.l s.-n of Ahrah;i.m wlu) died ^ Juno 1007, csptcailly us tbcrp. i.-. no oUi-ir 
re -Mfd cf i.i;:; a:r-T his hirth rccc-rd siri a? ho do»a not wdih hu brothers in cne 
UuitfiaiKi Uci'd Ol U»"J1.4 (.(.-■itf supra, 2S, is. 6). 

256 Genealogical Research in England [July 

by Bomc friendly Indians, who took him to Norwich, Conn., oO 
M;iy 1G76; three cl>ildren by first Avif(! ami four (.hildreii by second 
wife. 9. Mary, h. at L:uu,istcr 1-1 Doc. IGOG. 
iii. DuuoTHY, b. abt. ICl'3; broufiht bv her jjariMits to New Ei::jli.nv in 
1G.S5; d. iinni. at Iloxbury, Mass., 2 Dec. 1045. She eiiterc-i tne 
service of Guv. Thomas DudLy of tlic Mas.sachusctts liay L'clj.ny, 
with whom she remauied until her death. 
iv. Natiiamei., h. abt. H1?G; brou-^ht by h"s parents to New E'/.r^aiid 
in 1035; d. at j\Iarlburoiit:h, Mass., 8 Apr. 1604; m. in 1G.5G 
S.Mi.Mi KiN-r;* who d. at Marlbnro!i<;li 2 July 170'o, dau. of Thomas 
and Anne. On .1 1 Alar. 1G52/3 h-'. joined with his father in a sale 
of their lands at Hingham, Mass., and tiion moved with his 
parents to Lanca.-t'jr, Mas.-, iic took the freeman'd cfith at 
Lancaster 8 Oct. IG72. After the massacre by the Indians there 
in ir-75/G he moved to Marllyjrouf:h. where he sjicnt the reroain- 
dcr of liis life. Children, the fust six b. at Lancaster: 1. A chilJ,-^ 
b. 15 Jnlv IG.')?; d. IG July lfif.7. 2. Naihxudd, weaver, b. 21 
June 1G6>.: d. at Marlborou<j,h h Mar. 1726/7;* m. at Marl- 
borough, R'Feb. 1082/3. Esther Mor.^e, b. 11 Sept. 1CG4, d. at 
Marlboron?,!. 27 Aue. 1725, dau. of Jo.scph a!.'.d Susauvva (i-'nal- 
tuck);hetook tl'eojthof alieLiiance at Marlborough IS Apr. 16'JO; 
fourteen children, '-i. Sarah, h. 15 Ju!v 1G60; livinp; unm. 10 
Mar. 1702/3. 4. Dorothy, b. -I ?Jar. 1661/2; m. John John.=:oa 
of Lancast'ei. 3. Feicr, b. 22 Feb. 1665/G: d. 8 Apr. 1759; bur. 
at Leoruinstor, Mass.; m. (1) Sarah How. who, wivh her children, 
was killed by li;dian.s at Lancaster 18 July 1692, dau. of John and 

Elizabeth; m. (2) Joanna , who d. at Lrincaster 2l Sent. 

1717, in her 44th year; m. (3) Hannah , who d. M Aug. 

17.39. in her / vear; m. (4) Martha (Prescott) Wheeler, who d. 
at Laiicaster 21 May 1748, in her GOth year, dau. of John Prescott. 
and widow o' Jc-ia'i V.'heeler; he lived at Lancaster, where he w"as 
captain and deacon; four children by fust v.'ife and at least seven 
children bv se<-aiid wife . 0. Eiiznhdh , b. 7 June 1 GG 7 : li-^'ing nam. 
IGMar. lk!2/3. 7. 7?t6cc/:a, b. 14 May 1672; d. at Marlborough 
/ 22 Sept. 1731; rn. Jolm ri.)w of Afarlborough, who d. there 19 
May l7o4; at least ten children. S. 7(/ar^').a, n;. at .Mariborough, 
1 Mar. 1698/9, Isaac Temnlc of Concord, Mass., b. at Concord 23 
Feb. 1G78/9, s. of Abraha.m and Deborah (Hadlook!. 
V. Fi.iz.MAKTH, b. abt. 162S; brouirht by her parent;; ro New England 
in 1035; ra. (1) in Boston, 21 June 1652, Yeom-'Ss or 
Emx!o.vs; m. (2) in Boston, 9 May 1662, Enw.^nu Child 
bv first husband: 1. Edv:ari, b. in Boston G May 165(.- 
vi. M.\KY, bapt. at Barham, co. Suffolk. Eng., 16 Mar. 1633/4; brou&.ht 
by her parents to New JCnghuid in 163.5; d. at ^lLlLon, Mas.?., 21 
Au^j;. 1711, in her 7Sth year; ni. in IGoO Dk.4.. Kogeii SrM:-:i;K, b. 
at Bicester, co. Oxford, Enix., m 1632, d. at Milton, Mass., 2(5 
May IGOS, agerl 66, s. of William and Mary. After her morriuga 
Mary (Josselyn) S-.nnner lived at Dorchester, L;u-ica=*-»:r, and 
Milton, I^K'iss. Cliildren: I Ahiric-lt, b. at, Dorchester 16 Nov. 
1657; d. there 19 Feb. 16")7/S. 2. Snmvcl, b. at Dorchester 5 
i-'eb. 1658/9; probitbly d. in 1690 in the c:q;e;litleri against 
Canada, in which he served as ensij^i in Capt. Wir!'.ingto.'i*3 
coinijany; m. at Milton, 15 Mar. 1683/4, Experience Blake, diu. 
of WilUani and, who m. (2) Carver of Ta.Tip.ton, 
Mass.; three children. 3. WaiisWJ, of Milton, b. at Lanra.ster 
20 Dec. ir.'U; ,1. 19 Mar. 1748/9; m. at Mdton, 29 Dec. 1670, 
Dea. Manass'h Tucker of MUton, who d. there S Apr. 1713, ui 
his SOth vear: six children. 4. Mar<j, b. at Lancaster 5 Aus. 
1665; d. at iliiiLdjam, 27 Feb. 1723/4; m. ^t Milton, iO 
Jan. 16.88/9, a.s his .second wife, her first cousin, Israel Nichols of 
Hi'.^.gir'm, v.-eaver (2S, i, G, q.w), bap.t. at Ilingham 1 w8ept. 1G50; 
d. there 24 Jan. 1733/4, s. of Thomas and Kebcca (Ji^sselyu) ; 
ten children. 5. Jauzuiaah, b. at Lancaster 11 .\\^r. lOOS; 

• Vide iupTu, p. 265, fooni.T.'i;. 

1917] Descendants of Jonalhan Hyde . 257 

probribly d. in 1090 in the expedition nj^ainst Canada, in which 
he served as a private. G. Ri.-fxcca, h. at Lanoastor 9 Oct. 1G71; 
m. (1) at Hin^ham, iMass., 27 .Ian. 1G9G/7, Aaron Hobart, bapt. 
at Jliu-rham 25 Au^. IGGl, drowned 3 Mar. 1704/5, a. of Thcuiari; 
m. (2j IvJwaid Derby of Weymouth, Ma.-^s., wiio d. 6 Jan. 172.'J/-1; 
fciur ehildreu by first husband and at It'ast one child by second 
hu-bund. 7. Wiltiam, of Milton, b. at Lancaster 2G Jan. 1673/^; 
d. at Koxbnry, Mass., 22 Dec. 173S; la. at Milton, 2 .Juno lo07, 
Esther I'lifier, who d. id Milton 27 ^-une 17 -iS, dau. of Maithiai 
of Dorchester; seven cliildrcn. 8. Ebenczer, of Milton, b. at 
Dorchester 28 Mav 1G7S; d. at Milton 12 I'cb. 1752; ni. at Mil- 
ton, 14 IMar. 1700/1, Etirabeth Chipp, b. at Dorchester 22 May 
1G7G, d. at Milton ;? Mar. 17C3, dau. of Nathaniel and Elixabctb 
(Smith); seven children. 

— El.I Z A B ETH Fk E N CH . ] 

[To be coDtinued] 



By Hon. Wiixiam Hlkhy HAnRi:-.o:s Stow^ll of Andier.^t, Mfi?;^ 

1. SF.Rvr. Jonathan'^ Hyde, younger brother of Dca. Samtiol Hvde, 
wbo^c descendants for four gcncndions form the subject, of an article 
in the Register of April 3017,* was born, probably in England, 
about lG26,t and died intestate at NeNvton, Mas.s., 5 Oct. 17'11, a^'cd 
8-5. In Apr. 1G39 he embarked in the ship Jonathan, bound from 
L-ondo.'i for Boston, his elder brother Samuel cro.-;sing the Atlantic 
in the same ship with him, and in 1647 he settled at Caml'ridge 
Milage (now Newton), INIass.t He married first Maey Frexch, 
born in En2;land about 1G33, died at Carabri(lo;e 27 T\iay 1672, aged 
39, daughter of Lieut. Vvilliam and Ehzabct}i_ of Bitleric-j; ar\d 
secondly, at Cambridge, S Jan. 1673/4, Mary Kediat, bcTi prob- 
ably at"'Sudbun,- ah-oul 1050, died at Newton 5 Sept. 1708, dnughU-r 
of J^hn and Ai.n (Dolt) of ?iIariljorough. 

A\ith his brother Samuel he bought 40 aoes of land in 1047 froni 
Thomas Danfonh and 200 acie.^; in 1652 from the heirs of Natlianiel 
Sparhawk. "J'bi;:, land was lield in conunon by the tv:o brothers until 
3 May 1661, when it was divided between them. (iVliddlesox r>eed?, 
vol. 3, fo. 321.) He and his first wife, ^Nlary, were received into full 
communion in the church 8 Jan. 1661/2, and he was admitted as a, 
freeman 27 ISIay 1663. He made a marriage contract with John 
Rediat, the father of his second wife, 2 Jan. 1673/4. {lb., vol. 6, fo. 
160.) In 1691 he was selectman of Newton. On 7 Mar. 1707 

• V{de sriTwa, pp. 14-^1.5r-{. The introcluctcry paraE^raph of tlic article on Ue^cend- 
r.Litr- of Sanivel Uydc is applicable a!;^o to this o.rtiolc on Dcscoudant? cf Jont\thao 

t According to Pope's Piot'oers of Massachusetts he depo.eed 2 (1) J 673, aRod 47 

J All {.'■•.'■(-: i;i>i!'ioricd in thi^ ^.rtide iire situated within the present: lirsii'..- oi" tbc 
StfiK i.-f M ;-.-;;'|.uy -j's, up.lcss un^jiacr St.-^ite or n-piou is ijuJicaied in tii<; tcxi or luay 
I r fii^ily iiiftrrci from the context. 


258 Descendants of Jonathan Hyde ' [J>ib' 

[? 1707/8] he conveyed land to his son-in-law John Osland and the 
lattcr's wife Sarah. On 7 Dec. 1710, less than a year before \ih 
death, he conveyed lands in Newton to his children John, Samuel, 
Daniel, Joseph, and Jonathan Hides, and to the widow and children 
of Jchabod Hidrs. (76., vol 16, fo. 290.)* 

Children by first v\afc, born at Caml^ridge: 

i. JoNATUAN',= b. 1 Apr. 1G51; probably d. young. 

2. ii. Samukl (, b. 23 May IGaS.f 

iii. JosHXJA (twlu), b. 2;-? May 1653; prob.ibly d. in infancy. 
iv. Joshua (twin), b. 4 Apr. 16o4; d. at Cambridiio 21 Apr. 16oo. 
V. (cr Bktv) (twin), b. 4 Apr. 1854; probabiy d. in 

3. vi. Jo^'/^THAN, b. 1 Apr. 1G55. 

4. vii. Jo^rx, b. 6 Apr. 1G.5G. 

viii. Adraham, b. 2 Mar. JC57/S; d. at Cambridge 22 Feb. IGoS/O. 

ix. EuzAncTH (or Hety), b. 4 Sept. 1od9; d. at No^vton 20 June lo99; 
TO. CAr-T. Isaac ^\'ILUA^fs, b. at Caiiibriu:^,:- 11 Dec. 1501. d. at 
Roxbury 27 June 1739, s. of Isaac and Martha (Paik) WilUasos. 
He m. (2) before 1702 Mary (Grifdn) Ilammoud, widow of 
Nathaniel, probably the "Ant Williams" of Ilieut. Wiiliam 
Hyde'.s private record (vide infra, 13), who d. in 1732; and m. 
(3) Il'iimab . Children, b. at Newton (formerly Cam- 
bridge): 1. Isaac, h. 1 Nov. IGSG; d. at Newton 1/ Sept. 1757; 
m. at Newton, 1 Feb, 170S/0, Martha Whiteruio [? Whiting] ; ia 
his will he mention'^ sous Jonathan and Isaac and daughters 
Ehzabeth Reed, Aingail Fuller, islary Miller, Hannah Rogers, 
Martha WiUiams, and Phoebe \Villiams. 2. Jomdhau, b. 
5 Nov. 16S7. 3. Mary, b. 27 Feb. lGsS/9 HcL 4. John, b. 
30 Apr. 16S9 [sic]; m. at Newton, IS Jan. 1712 [? 171 2/] 3]. Mary 
Gcun; three children. 5. William, b. 19 Sept. 1G30;' m. at 
Newton, 27 Sept. 1721, Experience Wilson; five children. 6. 
Ebcnezcr, b. IG Oct. 1G91. 7. Snnnid, b. II Feb. 1692/3. S. 
Marina, h. 12 Sept. 1C94. 9. Da7iid, b. 22 Oct. 1695; m. in 
172-'' Hannah Holbrook of Ro.'iibury; five children. 1.0. Eliza- 
beth, b. 23 Sept. 1G97; living in ITCO; she v.'a? housekeeper for 
her first cou?in, John' Hyde {vide infra, 4, iii), and recsived 
bequests from lurii and from her uncle. John- Ilv.Ie (i). 

X. Daniei., b. 2 Aug. 1CG1; d. at Cambridge 3 Oct. 1U61.' 

5. xi. William, b. 12 Sept. 1GG2. 

6. xii. Eleazer, b. 11 INI^jr. l(jG3/4. 

7. xiii. DA^■IEL, b. in Jan. 1GG5/6. 

8. xiv. IcHABOL), b. 22 Sept. 16GS. 

9. x-v, Joseph, b. 27 May 1G':2. 

Children by second ^nfe. born at Cambridge: 
xvi. Mart, b. abt. 1674; d. at Stonington, Corn., 30 Jdv 1762; ra. 
Eleazer \Villx.\m5,J b. at Carnbridge 22 Oct. iGo9, d. ai 

• Much iDfonnation tibout Iu3 lands mav be found in Jackson's HL^^cv nf Xewtoa. 
pp. 3ie 3]S. ' " " 

t In tiie \'ittil K^corda of Caruhrii^KC (prmtod) the birdi record of a S.imuL-i Hide, 
6on of Jonrabr.n and M-.jiy, born 24 M.iy 16.52, ia given; bui this seems to bo unc'her 
record of the binh of the Saniuel (twin) who was boii! 2.3 May 1653. 

t.^'here has ben-n rnuch ccntrovt-.-sy abuut the pareutacc of Marj-, v-.-ife of E'e.H^.^x 
Wilhams; bur, tho deeds of which brief abstracts aru given below prove thj.t there rvere 
two Eloiizers, each with a wife Mary, and show which Eleazer Wiiiiums niarned Mar^- 

Neheminh Hobart of Newton convovs, 19 Auk. 1712. property in Nt>vr,or. to his 
cLildreu. Lol-ckah Hobart, Mar>' V.iiliams. Abigail Hobart, and Sarah Iioban;, 
spin.ners, with rcifen-ation of a lite interest to hiin^-lf. (Middlesex D-^ed?, vol. Id, 
fo. ^.4.) 

Samuel Esiabrook of CfUitcrburj-, Conn., clerk, Reb^akah Estabnok, w.!".> of 
Saa-iupl. Ele.-.zer Williams of -Mv-nsSold. Conn., clerk. Miry Williams, wife M Eio;izer, 
and A.jigail Hobart and Sarah Llobarc of Newton, single women, sell, 1:2 Apr. 1715, to 


li .■